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  1. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

    Okay, here we go again with some fun s**t

    You mean CJB/JS5? Yup, he's the one. I've give either of my testicles to force that guy into the same (locked)room as my Canucky life-partner and have the privilege of witnessing what ensued. The term, "breaking the internet" is used all too freely....
  2. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

    Okay, here we go again with some fun s**t

    No, same guy(the Quebecker). The only other guy(ever) used to be a prominent member on a past iteration of the site. Most of the old-timers know all-too-well who I'm referencing.
  3. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

    Okay, here we go again with some fun s**t

    PSA: Some time ago, I started a thread here describing a psychopath who had been stalking me and trying to get me killed(no, his name wasn't 'Skywalker'...I'm actually starting a Serious Discussion in 'Serious Discussions'). The thread was deleted, as too much personal information was revealed...this time I'll try to make it as vague and succinct as possible. The individual I had previously referred to now knows about this account...that part I don't care about. Anyone who performs the most fundamental of online sleuthing can easily find my full name and identity via the info ascertained on this profile. I don't mind any of that one bit. What I am concerned about is that he has recently sent a legitimate threat to KILL me - as opposed to the previous relentless thinly-veiled incitements. I'm not seriously worried about my own well-being, as he doesn't know where I live(anymore). However, I've finally been able to make progress with both the law enforcement agencies in both his and my jurisdictions(out of country)...so some sort of legal action can finally be taken after a decade and a half of reigning terror upon myself and others. A number of his other victims have finally come forward and filed formal charges against him - because in the past they weren't even aware of who he was, and were under the impression that he was actually multiple characters. That being said: If some random anonymous user PMs you with information about me, please PM me and forward exactly what was sent. You may call this paranoid, but that's exactly what he's done with my family members and friends on social networking sites. Fortunately, they all have Intelligence Quotients superior to that of a pine cone, so his proclivities in that respect didn't adversely effect me. I can only presume the same of those here, but I'll also be happy to answer any further questions via PM(even if he doesn't contact you). I'm simply in the process of amassing as much evidence as possible. I already have several metric tons of rock solid proof of his harassment and criminality...but, as they always say, you can never have enough to fully secure a case! Others have also reached out to me and showed me what he's done to them, and all of this has been passed on to the appropriate outlets. A vast number of complainants with a copious amount of damning evidence. He might even pose as me(as he has before), so if you see some random stranger identifying himself in a very bizarre circumstance and possibly talking about some of the things described above...please let me know. I could care less about what jokes you make about me as the designated magnet for drama and insanity. Sure...the loonies gravitate to me in my galaxy far, far, away. Would just appreciate some help, if it can be provided. Thank you, and 'tis all.
  4. Making amends.

    donut grab her.jpg

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      what is this i dont even

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      The person in this picture is the best person ever. 

    4. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

      Jabba Desilijic Tiure

      @Thatguypgh Way to fail my Litmus test.  ☺️

  5. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

    Deepest, darkest, sickest fantasies

  6. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

    Who is this?

    Corie Elizabeth She's big.
  7. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

    Trisha Paytas

    Not smart enough to be Jessica Simpson... 😐
  8. I know I started this thread, but I clicked on three of those pictures and literally didn't even notice her because I was too enthralled by Rob Walker's epic John Hammond(the late Sir Richard Attenborough) getup. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a chubby chaser before a pop-culture nerd.....but Hammond from the Jurassic Park universe fucking played by NC's bro! Camera who?
  9. Not to skinny shame, but(t)...



  10. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

    2018 chubby & cute Bikini girls

    Then call me Captain Edward J. Smith, 'cuz I'd go down on with that ship(while motorboating). 😫
  11. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

    Trisha Paytas

    Oh, I wouldn't be able to if they were the only videos on the internet... 🙄
  12. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

    Trisha Paytas

    The monetization she received from those videos documenting her liposuction really paid for themselves. 🤪
  13. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

    Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan

  14. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

    Finnish reality star weight gain

    Who is this woman and why did she decide to eat Henna Kalinainen?
  15. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

    Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan

    I'm sick and tired of these glamorous, alluring Republican women gloating how they have all the hotties on their side. Bless your heart, Mallory! #TeamBlue