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  1. scissortooth

    My wife and the slippery slope of FA-ism

    Ditto. Out of my recent experience, at first I was a little disappointed that my wife did not end up bigger after pregnancy than prior to it - she actually lost 4 pounds - but she now has this super-hourglass figure, with big butt and thighs, wide hips, quite big breasts (now with a bit of extra thanks to nursing) and a quite narrow waist with a little bit of a soft belly in front. I mean sure, I'd still enjoy it a lot if she got fatter and even more so if a lot fatter, but when I see her with that 115-90-120, I really don't feel like anything's missing .
  2. scissortooth

    BBW admiration entering the mainstream

    You know, it's like being a vegan and feeling bad because people stop eating meat and there will be no chicken death camps to protest in front of Now, don't take the above as a jab, I know what you mean and I understand the feeling. But don't let it linger, it is a good change and it will definitely make any potential fattie you'll be dating in the future a tiny bit happier. Also, this probably means more fat chicks in minis and crop tops ;).
  3. scissortooth

    Witcher weight gain shorts

    It's dirt cheap on sales nowadays, but yeah, it's VERY taxing on time.
  4. Seems to be a trend among young women, considering that I've seen at least several teenage chubby girls wearing such clothes when I visited a mid-sized city in my country (Poland). I guess we should thank body positivity bloggers for that
  5. scissortooth

    Why do I think pretty girls still look cute in glasses?

    Fat shorthaired round-faced girl with glasses in sexy outfit and makeup = attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion with C-beams glittering in the darkness near the Tannhauser Gate.
  6. scissortooth

    The world would be a better place if girly girls had power!

    I'd hand power to cats, but that's me.
  7. scissortooth

    The truth is out there (in Google and porn)

    And why would that worry you? It's your life and you who's going to bang that waddling sex-bomb. Why would you care what they think?
  8. scissortooth

    The truth is out there (in Google and porn)

    @ MasterOfHisDomain - perfect! Thanks a bunchie :)
  9. You are so gonna love this... https://www.vox.com/conversations/2017/6/27/15873072/google-porn-addiction-america-everybody-lies Please pick out the best quotes for me, because I'm on mobile now and it'd be a pain in the ass to do it. Enjoy!
  10. scissortooth

    Face gains

    In my opinion, face gains tend to look best on women who had softly curved face shapes to start with (round, oval) - they look adorable then.
  11. CHAPTER 37 - Where Mary’s all plump, poofy and squishy. Tom stood behind the moaning and panting Mary. He gently put his palms on the sides of her head, so that his thumbs were resting on her bald nape and his index and middle finger on the shaved part of her temples, the ends digging a little into her chubby cheeks. The remaining two fingers of each hand were partially covering her ears. He placed them gently but now held her firmly and she did not seem to oppose it. To be safe, he also rested his chin on top of her head, touching the perm rods. Meanwhile, Monica took a bit of numbing cream on her finger and spread it on Mary’s lips. In her current state she did not even notice and thanks to it she would most likely not even feel the pricks of the thin injection needle. “Just do it reasonably quick, please,” Tom said. “I’m used to the smell of perm, but from this distance it’s giving me a headache…” “I’ll do my best,” she said and produced the syringe. She gave Tom a sign to be particularly watchful and started pricking Mary’s lips. Normally, the procedure could be done in such a way as to minimise swelling to last for 24 hours only, but Monica purposefully did it in a way, that would keep the swell for up to a week. Also, while she used a popular hyaluronic acid filler, one providing the most natural effect, she employed a new formula that provided extra stimulation of hyaluronic acid production in lips (some of which is a standard and usually welcome side effect of HA injections), making the effect last permanently with a very slight decrease in size after a year or so. It was a premium grade formula and the price for it, as well as the less reversible effect, discouraged the majority of clients. Mary, however, was receiving it for free. Monica smiled at this fact. She was doing her a sort of favour, but at the same time she was doing it for Mary to look more like what Monica considered her to be. She was still surprised how easy it was for Mary to just ditch her old life just to get some extra immediate pleasure and thrill, and the wine she drunk exposed that conservative side of her strongly. The fact that she semi-consciously made Monica get a fivehead did not help either. She liked Mary. But she was a slut and she deserved to look as much as one as possible. According to Monica’s standards, anyway. As expected, Mary basically ignored the pricks and Tom held her head secure enough to avoid even the smallest accident. It took a while but Monica finally finished her job. The swell was already setting in and while the effect was at the level of Jessica Alba’s lips when Monica was doing the finishing microinjections, now they were definitely porn-grade. Not ridiculous but clearly unnatural with increased pout. The only thing that somewhat countered and balanced it was their proportion to Mary’s rounded, plumped up face. Monica was almost putting the syringe away when she noticed it. She stopped, bit her lower lip, and glanced at Tom. He was holding Mary’s head, but his thumbs were gently rubbing her bald nape. And his eyes were fixed on her big sagging breasts below. That was all that Monica needed. She moved the syringe in again and did a few more microinjections. No, you won’t look ridiculous, she thought, and after a year you will have your Jessica Alba lips for the rest of your life and enjoy them, but when your beau comes back to you in a couple of days he will see what you really are. And for a year he will have a nice enough reminder. She retracted the syringe. Mary’s lips have swollen some more and had that typical pout associated with lip jobs. They were still not at the point of ridiculousness but they definitely crossed the point of trashiness. Monica smiled, knowing that they would not shrink much within the next few days and then they would go back to that slightly trashy look that would only fade away within a year, and even then they would be at best called “Jessica Alba plus”. Satisfied with herself, she stood up and looked at Tom. He looked back and met her somewhat chilly stare. “Yes, Tom, you can stop staring at her boobs and let her go. I’m done,” she told him. Tom opened his mouth but definitely could not find any right words so he just closed it back. Mary’s was behaving as if she did not notice anything, still moaning and panting, sounding more and more exhausted after prolonged pleasuring. Tom glanced at Mary’s lips and opened his eyes wider. “Wow. I’m pretty sure it’s not exactly what we’ve mentioned before…” he commented. “It will be, in the end. As in, maybe in a year,” she informed him. “With only a tiny extra.” Tom nodded his head slowly. “In a year. A tiny extra. Wow.” Now, she shook his head. “And all of this because i dozed off starting at her tits. Couldn’t you just kick me in the balls?” “What, you are now so sympathetic towards her? It’s not like she wouldn’t want this if you told her she’s now going to suck Ed’s cock with double fun for at least one party involved!” she exclaimed. Tom took a deep breath in. “Listen,” he started gently, trying to calm Monica down, “I know you are upset about this whole laser and blowjob thing, but it was not her fault. It was everyone’s fault. We drank too much, got carried away… And for the major part we enjoyed it, you too. Heck, Mary sure did, not to mention Ed. But you knew that she might get back to her old life after all of this is over, and now....” “It won’t be over. It fucking can’t! Speaking of which, the only thing they haven’t done yet is fucking! I mean, he fattened her up, he basically got in charge of how she looks, and now she saw her naked, touched her, got his cock sucked and now he’s licking her pussy!” she exclaimed again, very far from being calmed down. “You know that I’m not Ed’s biggest fan, but if he brewed that beer, he now has to drink it. And I’m really willing to oblige him. But when I think of her fiance coming back the day after tomorrow....” she stopped, bit her lips and shook her head. “You can call me a self-righteous cunt all you like, but I think she shouldn’t be allowed to cover this up! It’s wrong!” Tom took a deep breath and rolled his eyes. “Geez, Monnie… I get that, but it should be her OWN decision. I mean, ever since she got here she’s been first tipsy and then downright drunk. Not to mention that she is basically a food addict now. She was going to have a lot to process once her completely sounds mind gets back and from what I’ve seen and heard from Ed I’m pretty sure she is not the kind of girl who could live normally hiding this. Heck, how do you think she was going to explain all of this?” Monica opened her mouth, still angry, but she didn’t say a word. She looked at Mary, then at her hair, her lips… and her hair again. “Oh fuck,” she said. “Weren’t you supposed to deactivate that perming solution by now?” Tom looked at the perm rods on Mary’s head and went to get the deactivating liquid quickly. He took a towel and started squirting it all over the rods generously, using the towel to make sure none of the liquid reaches Mary’s face, especially eyes. Meanwhile, Monica calmed down and was now looking at Mary with a mix of concern and guilt. She realised that the alcohol and the forced change she went through made her do something she now knew she would regret. “You are right. I went too far…” she told Tom, working to piece the chemical structure of Mary’s hair together. “Too late to fix it now…” he said, focusing on his task, and for a moment Monica was unsure whether he referred to Mary’s hair or Mary’s lips. “How is her hair?” she asked. “I don’t know… We’ll see. It should be ok, we basically went above the normal time consciously but then there was this extra time that the injections took and then us quarreling… But it wasn’t very long. Still, after bleaching and leaving it now for so long… I’d say it’s going to look quite damaged after a week at most. I can use Oilflex, boost the surface condition a little… But sooner or later it’s going to show.” Monica knew what he meant. She overprocessed her hair once in late high school and it got so frizzy and damaged that it was looking like very dry hay and was not much more resilient. She went very short then. Very very short. Ironically, it’s how she got noticed by Tom back then. A curvy girl with a buzzed head was not a common sight. “She might just have to clipper it all off at some point,” Tom said, as if in tune with Monica’s thoughts. And suddenly Mary let out a couple of high pitched moans and flailed her chubby fingers squeezed the armchair’s arms. And then she let out a loud cry and basically fell into the chair powerless, exhausted, panting. She was breathing heavily and very slowly returning to normal. Ed lifted the cape and stood up. His whole face was wet. “It took a while,” he said, taking a paper towel to wipe Mary’s juices off his face. “I heard your conversation, you know.” Monica looked away, her face blushed. Tom looked at Ed and brought the basin to take the rods off Mary’s hair and rinse it. He said nothing as well. “You were right,” he said, looking at Monica. “I should drink the beer I’ve brewed.” She looked at him, and he noticed her eyes were wet. “What do you mean by that?” she asked him, but in a somewhat surprised gentle tone. “Well, I let it all happen and I wanted it to happen, to be honest. Even when I heard what you’re doing to Mary’s lips. I… I wanted her to look in a way that Dan, her fiance, that is, would find unacceptable. It’s on me Monica, don’t lose sleep over it. I could come out from under the cape earlier. I heard it all. But I liked it. I was only anxious that you’d truly overdo it, but... “ he stopped, and looked at Mary’s chubby and currently blissful face. “Well, I guess if they come back to more normal size in a year, and a manageable one in a week or so, I guess that’s not the end of the world.” “I wonder what she’s going to say about that once she returns from outer space back to Earth,” said Tom. “Or about this.” Both Ed and Monica approached the basin, where Tom was slowly unwinding Mary’s hair from the rods. She was slowly opening her eyes, exhausted, trying to anchor herself to reality once again. Three rods were already lying free in the basin and they could see the job they did together with the perming solution. The unbound strands of Mary’s hair were coiled tight, close to her head. As he was slowly removing the next rods, her head turned from a rod farm to a mop of tight coils. Below which there was her pale naked skin, temporarily hairless. And since the curls were so close to the head, they did little to hide her new hairline, exposing her high forehead in full. “Wow… That looks… severe,” said Ed, but judging from his excited tone, it was actually a compliment. “I don’t think she’s ever going to look again like the girl she was when we first met her,” Monica added, in a reflective tone and looking a little concerned. The talk she had with Tom clearly made her see things differently. Tom finally released all of Mary’s hair and started rinsing it. He applied some more neutraliser and then rinsed again. He took a towel and started absorbing dampness out of her freshly permed hair. Ed and Monica were observing this with interest, especially Ed, while Mary seemed to still be knocked out and not caring much for the world around her. Tom plugged the hair dryer with a diffuser in, but it was not before he turned it on that Mary started to come back to full consciousness, albeit still quite tipsy. “Uhhhh…” she groaned, feeling a little groggy. “Are… are we done?” she asked, confused, and then immediately noticed: “My lips feel strange.” “They are a little bit swollen,” Ed explained immediately, although Monica was in the middle of opening her mouth to speak too. Meanwhile, Tom started blowing warm air through her hair, using his fingers to loosen up somewhat the tight coils that formed. “Oh… swollen?” Mary asked and she licked her lips. She stuck out her tongue, as if trying to assess the swelling. “But… what happened?” Again, Monica was going to say something, but Ed gestured her to stand down and said: “Well, I decided that with you having bigger and more exciting everything, you could also try some boost to your already sexy lips,” the told her, smiling gently. “They are still a little swollen from injections but soon enough they will look wonderful.” Mary looked at him and blinked. It surprised her and he could see that some anxiety was showing through her tipsy enthusiasm, as she kept on licking her swollen lips. “They feel big. Really big.” “Just swollen, honey, they will be bigger but not as much as now,” he tried to calm her down. And it seemed he was successful for the moment. “I trust you,” she said and smiled back, although faintly, because it made her feel her large lips again. Soon after, she became fully aware that Tom is drying her hair and looked at Ed once again with a mix of excitement and anxiety. “And… my hair is now done? It feels different.” “It looks different too, but really hot. You’ll see in a moment,” Ed reassured her. Mary slipped her hand out from under the cape to reach her nape. When her fingers touched her bare skin, she made the skip to the sides and up and down a bit, trying to feel the hair. She finally stroked her nape down and then back up, and the lack of any friction shocked her. “Oh my god….” she uttered. “You look extraordinary,” he agreed. “But I can’t take my eyes off you. I can’t wait for Tom to finish styling so I can see the whole beautiful new you.” Mary smiled to him, appreciating his appreciation. Yet, she couldn’t help but feel anxious feeling how high she was shaved and that it was done on the sides too. “This is not permanent, is it? It’s so smooth… Like my forehead.” “No, not permanent. Just shaved very close, to be nice and smooth,” he explained. “Was it your idea?” she asked him. “Well… Technically yes. I mean, Tom did not ask me directly but he knew I’d love to see something like this on you.” “Oh, ok. Well, hair grows back. Most of it,” she said, touching her enlarged forehead and more-than-usually-exposed temples. She was slowly starting to realise that while she could reverse some of changes, some would be very difficult to reverse, if possible at all. Tom switched the hair dryer off. He took a comb and teased her hair a good bit, to stop it from coiling back so tight, and then applied some mousse and used a healthy dose of hairspray. A small halo of coils turned into a larger halo of white curly hair, even whiter now as it gained some volume and space for hair to let through some light. It had some visible frizz to it now that it was dry, but it was to be expected after bleach and bleach and perm added to the mix. At least hairspray provided some healthy shine to it. Tom made a few finishing touches and Mary was ready, at least hair-wise. “There you go, lady Mary,” he said, smiling. “It’s a strong look but you pull it off like nobody’s business.” “Do you want to see it already?” Ed asked her. “Or do you want Monica to give you some makeup first?” “I, uh…” Mary took a moment to consider this. She was beginning to realise consciously just how far she went with that ‘little’ makeover and was actually a little anxious about seeing her new self in full. “I think maybe after makeup,” she decided, wanting to reduce the shock. Monica, who was standing on the side with a somewhat troubled expression, understood that it was time for her to step in and do what she did best. She wheeled in a small make-up cart, sat on a high stool next to Mary and asked her to turn her face towards her. “So, what are we doing?” Mary was almost opening her lips, but she realised she has little idea what would be fitting. She turned her big eyes towards Ed, asking for support. Seeing this, Ed smiled, considered it for a few seconds, and turned to Monica, who was now looking at him too. “Here’s what I’d ask you to do for Mary…” he said and started the litany. As he enumerated the wishes, Mary’s eyes went wide with surprise, with a touch of anxiety, but also a glimmer of excitement. Excitement that she already felt before, when she was leaving home that day. Monica sighed slightly. “It will take a while,” she informed him. “But obviously we have time.” “We do,” Ed agreed. “Are you ok with all of it, Mary?” he turned to his muse. “I think I am…” she said, her voice betraying a mixed bag of emotions. “No one will recognise me,” she added after a moment. Ed smiled. “Probably not. Which provides some interesting possibilities,” he said and went to the other room to join Tom, leaving Mary in Monica’s care. “Let’s do it then,” she said to Monica, who reached to the cart to start working.
  12. CHAPTER 36 - Where Mary experiences a few surprises She opened her eyes and saw blurry image of nothing specific. He heart was still racing. She blinked a few times. The image got clearer. The ceiling, with a couple lamps. “Mary?” she heard Ed’s voice. “Are you ok?” She realised her mouth was open and that still felt Ed inside it. She closed it and swallowed. Meanwhile, he gave her a hand. She reach for it and soon she was standing up again, although she felt as if her legs were made of cotton. “I… I am ok, yeah. Wow.” “Uh-huh,” said Tom, sitting on the table with Monica. “That deserved a ‘wow’.” “What happened?” Monica asked her, a mix of curiousness and concern in her voice. “I think I orgasmed. Like, out of thin air. I heard that this can happen, but…” “Never happened to me for sure,” Monica told her. “But judging by the way it shook you it must have been overwhelming.” “Yeah…” Mary confirmed slowly. She looked at Ed. He was still holding the laser device. She recalled everything, or at least the majority of what happened. With her arousal temporarily at bay, this recollection was now making her anxious. She raised her hand towards her forehead, assessing the damage, he noticed her big forehead but she immediately started checking further back, to see how much damage she caused to herself. But she could not find anything. “I took the finger off the trigger,” Ed told her and she did not understand at first. “What?” “The finger. I stopped activating the laser the moment I came. I was afraid I might lose control of it and point it at someone where I should not. I’m not sure what you wanted to do, but although I might need to do one more cleanup pass, that’s about it. You still have most of your hair intact,” he explained. This time Mary understood and her relief was almost palpable. Tipsy as she still was, when she recalled her thoughts right before the finish he was shocked. She could not imagine herself thinkin that for real. And yet, it was exactly what she did. “So, do you want me to make the finishing touches?” Ed suggested. “Yes,” she nodded after a moment. “Just please, be careful.” He looked at her puzzled. She just wanted him to ruin her hair forever and now she was asking him to be careful. “Sure,” he said. “Close your eyes and give me a minute.” She obeyed. Once again she felt the warmth and occasional sting of the laser working. She was hoping it was not too much, that she will still look decent enough not to have to resort to ultimate measures. Tom and Monica left them alone for a while and gone somewhere. In the silence that appeared, she started reflecting upon what happened. How could I be so reckless, she thought. And immediately, she realised how stupid a question that was in the context of this day. Either the alcohol was wearing off or the recent experience provided her with more clarity. And this clarity was now stinging at her conscience. The blaze of the burning bridges was hurting her eyes. She tried not to reflect on it, focusing more on what she is going to see when she takes a look in the mirror. The fact that Dan was returning in 3 days to find his fiancee a different woman, both in look and in mind, was staying in the back of her mind and if it could stare, it would have stared coldly. “Pass me a bottle of wine when you finish,” she told Ed, deciding that she wanted the presence gone, or at least hidden deeper. “Sure thing…” he said, being close to finishing. “But are you going to be ok? I don’t want you to feel sick.” “I’ll be ok,” she said, “but I guess you could bring me something to eat too, to be safe.” There was actually another thing that returned now that her arousal has cooled down - hunger. It seemed to disappear while her focus was elsewhere, but now it was back with full force. She saw no reason to hide it, especially from Ed. “I’m starving.” “Well, that’s good. I was almost afraid that you wouldn’t ask for another pizza for the rest of the evening, and we still have plenty of them left,” he said enthusiastically. “Hey, I know I changed a bit recently but not THAT much,” she joked, trying to relax again and fall into the right mood.“ “Glad to hear that,” he said and immediately added: “There, it’s done. Check it out while I bring some pizza and wine.” He went to do as he said, while she approached the mirror. She brushed her hair upwards and gasped upon seeing her new hairline. After six passes that Ed did, five during the blowjob and the one she forced with her arousal-fueled madness, her forehead was really big. Not ridiculously big maybe, but now it was a feature that no one could ignore when looking at her. So was the bareness of her temples and the immaculate and quite steep parabola running upwards from her sideburns and the roundness characterising the whole framing of her face. There was something regal about it, and if it was not for the permanently surprised look that the new eyebrows gave her, she would probably look somewhat scholarly. She looked sophisticated indeed, as well as artificial. But most of all, with her forehead and face now all widened, she looked almost as moon-faced as Monica, especially with her bangs down. It was also clear, that if she kept gaining, her growing double chin and increasingly chubby cheeks might even give Mary the lead in terms of that. She realised she would now be quite difficult to recognize. She wondered if Dan would recognise her at all. “Here you go,” said Ed, bringing her a bottle of red wine and two large boxes with pizza. Mary took a large gulp first and went for a pizza slice immediately, trying to banish the thoughts that wanted to take over her mind. “So, what do you think?” “It’s alright,” she said, smiling. It was honest, especially when she compared it to what she would have do herself with his hands. “But I can hardly believe that this is me in the mirror.” “You changed a lot,” Ed admitted and Mary was unsure how wide a meaning he had in mind. “But I want you to know that this only made me want you more.” Mary nodded, smiling. She knew he would say that. She was also wondering how he would react if her mad idea came to fruition in whole. Would it make him even more enthralled with her? Or would it turn out too freaky in the long run? Maybe it’s good that I won’t know it, she thought. The door opened and Monica came in, dressed in a fake leather mini and a tight low-cut white sweater. She wore platform heels and had low-density black stockings on. She looked business, and definitely more contemporary than at the beginning of the day. Her look was complemented with some eyeliner and glossy fuchsia lipstick. Tom followed right behind her, in jeans, a casual black navy jacket and a white t-shirt under it. Ed looked at them and suddenly felt a bit out of sync with the dress code. So did Mary. “I didn’t realise we were supposed to get dressed,” said Ed, with a bit of reproach. “That’s because you were not. Not yet, anyway,” said Monica, smiling. “You lost the contest, remember?” “Ah, true,” he agreed. “So are we going to stand naked while you are are dressed? Is that your first task for us?” “Well, no,” Tom spoke and turned to Mary. “I’d like to invite Mary into the chair, we still need to give her a nice new hairdo.” Ed’s face brightened up. “Oh, right, we were supposed to do that… I haven’t given it as much thought as needed, I think, with all of this happening, but…” “No need, you won’t be choosing it,” Monica told him, to his utmost surprise. “He won’t?” Mary asked, also surprised and sounding a little disappointed. Ed’s face was showing that he was more than just a little disappointed. “I will, actually,” Monica said cheerfully. “But don’t worry, I’m pretty sure Ed won’t be complaining.” “Really?” Ed asked. “What makes you so sure?” “You’ll see,” she answered him mysteriously. “Anyway, that’s the task number 1. Mary gets a hairdo of our choosing. Deal?” Mary considered it for a second, but although she was a bit disappointed that Ed won’t be choosing the look, she knew that a deal is a deal. “I’m ok with it,” she said. “Well, so am I, then,” Ed concurred. Tom turned to chair toward Mary and invited her to sit. She complied. “So can I… can we get dressed?” Ed asked. “Not yet. I decided that Mary deserves some fun too. Why should the men have all the fun for themselves? Am I right, Mary?” Monica turned to Mary and asked. “I… guess so,” Mary answered, puzzled. “What fun do you have in mind?” “Well, sit comfortably and spread your legs, ok?” Monica told her. “Don’t be afraid, you’ll like it.” Mary did as instructed. When she was seated, Monica approached Ed and led him in front of the chair Mary was sitting in. “Now, Ed, I hope you won’t feel offended if I tell you to kneel in front of your new goddess and pleasure her until she is ready. And without going into details, I’d just like you to know that it is in your best interest to keep her fire burning, but not too fast. I think it should be easier now that she has already climaxed once.” Ed listened to that, surprised but not at all discouraged. “Ok, then,” he said. He kneeled and dove between Mary’s legs, finding her hairless pussy quickly.” “Put your legs on his shoulders, Mary,” Monica told her. Mary complied. “And you Ed, hold her butt, passionately.” Ed gave her a puzzled look, but complied as well. They were now joined, with him holding her by her soft ample butt and her clamping him in place with her soft thighs. Mary felt him lick his lips, His tongue touched her down there as well. Ed’s forehead dug into her lowest belly roll. Tom took a cape and put it around Mary’s neck, fastening it in the back. Only the legs peeked out from underneath it, Ed’s as well as Mary’s. “Well, Ed, you can start the task number two.” A moment later Mary’s breath sped up and so did her pulse. She might have climaxed not long ago, but she was ready enough for more pleasure. She started moaning silently. “Just don’t overdo it, Ed,” Monica told him. “We need Mary sitting still.” A muffled ‘uh-hum’ came from under the cape. “Good, be nice to her.” As seconds passed, Mary’s mind was once again flooded with arousal. And with it, the wild thoughts came back. No second-guessing, no regrets, no anxiety. Monica asked her if she wants some pizza. Mary nodded impatiently and made her mouth available for feeding. Meanwhile, Tom was working on her freshly bleached hair. She was half-aware of it at best, maybe less, but he was winding her hair onto small rollers or, to be precise, small perm rods. Hidden under the cape, Ed was even less informed. Tom was doing his job methodically, while Monica fed pizza to the semi-conscious Mary, enriching it with an occasional gulp of wine to wash it down. Soon every hair of Mary that grew more than one and a half inch above her ears was wound onto the perm rods, giving Mary a crownful of them. The hair below that line was left loose. Tom applied the perming solution. It had a terrible smell, but Mary was too high on Ed’s tongue eating her out to care. She moaned with her mouth full of pizza. Monica already fed her two and had to go for two more from Ed’s supply. Mary also drank half a bottle of wine, which Monica deemed the limit, so she switched to Coke. It was flat, but it was for the better, since Mary would definitely prefer being full with pizza to being full with gas, if she could make a choice. Tom left the solution to do its job and took something from the side. Even Ed realised what it was, when after a short click was filled with the already familiar hum of clippers. Mary heard it too, but she barely registered it. Waves of pleasure combined with the fresh dose of alcohol made sure her mind was elsewhere. And it seemed as if the sound of clippers motivated Ed to go more intense on her, as her moans got quicker and stronger. “I think Ed’s enjoying it already,” Tom commented, grinning. “Well, I have good news Ed, those clippers are now going to have a meal,” he added and placed the clippers at the base of Mary’s nape. The cold vibrating metal must have made an impact, because Mary opened her eyes wide, keeping on moaning. Monica silenced her with another slice of pizza soon enough, while Tom moved the clippers upwards, high up, to the line where Mary’s shortish hair was now wound on the rods. Mary kept moaning, albeit muffled, with her mouth full of pizza. “You might want to know, Ed, that I have not put any guard onto the clippers,” said Tom, enthusiastic. Indeed, the strip created by the first move of clippers on Mary’s nape had only a velvety stubble left. Tom made another move and the strip grew to the left. And one more, to the right. Mary’s moans were getting more intense, which Ed definitely had something to do with. Tom continued buzzing, up and down, until Mary’s whole nape was almost devoid of anything but stubble. He made a few more passes to remove any potential leftovers and then started doing the sides. The narrow sideburns that Mary retained after the lasering almost disappeared, leaving only thin strips of stubble and the hair over her ears got buzzed up to the rod-line exactly the same as on the nape. “Wow, Ed, you’d definitely want to see this… Mary is so buzzed that with her white hair it almost looks as if she was shaved to the skin. I’m pretty sure you will enjoy it!” he informed his friend and Mary’s moaning got even more hasty and loud. “Shaved to the skin… You’d like that Ed, wouldn’t you?” asked Monica, taking her turn at teasing him. “Well, lasering Mary off that high might be a bit harsh, but an innocent lather shave… That’d be something acceptable, right? “You want me to bring the razor?” Tom asked, grinning. “I don’t know…” said Monica, with artificial hesitation. “Maybe we should ask Mary!” she exclaimed and turned towards her. “What do you think, girl? Are you up for us balding you up to those white curls you will be getting?” “Yes… Ohhhh…. Yes…” Mary answered impatiently, clearly focusing her ecstatic tipsy thoughts elsewhere. Monica was not even sure if Mary heard her. Ed clearly started doing overtime between her legs and she looked and sounded very close to climaxing. “Well, Ed seems to want it too, so I guess we have all of votes on yes… Are you ready Tom?” she asked, feeding Mary another slice. The more excited she was, the more efficiently the slices disappeared, it seemed. “Oh yeah,” he said and spread some gel foam on Mary’s nape, and then some more on the sides, covering all of the stubble under the hair wound on rods. Soon it was done and a razor appeared in his hand. “Monica, hold her down a little, we don’t want a single cut on that lovely plump nape!” he told his wife and she gently held Mary by her shoulder and chin so that nothing she or Ed did would cause any hazardous movement. Tom placed the razor at the bottom of Mary’s nape, same as clippers, and started moving them up, shaving her against the grain, as smooth as possible. Mary was barely conscious of what was happening around her and even though the feeling was completely new and alien, she barely registered it. Monica giggled and gestured towards Tom, asking him to switch places. She grabbed the razor he passed her and she rode it up Mary’s side, removing the last traces of her left sideburn, and then she proceeded to shave her side smooth up to the rods, and then the nape, to connect with the bald strip Tom made. She was clearly enjoying herself. “You’re going to love this, Ed, your cute fat lover is getting slippery smooth all below that crown of white curl’s she is going to get…” Tom said towards Ed, hidden under the cape and working his tongue magic between Mary’s thighs. “Now, the better you work the more eager she eats, so you might want to continue while I stuff her with those two pizzas I have handy and Monica makes her alluringly bald all around below the curls.” Ed did not have to be told twice. He intensified his cunnilingual activities while Tom started feeding Mary at increased pace. She seemed happy to comply, maybe because eating distracted her a little from the waves of please that Ed was sending towards her brain from down below. Meanwhile, Monica shaved the other side and made sure that there was not a single hair left below the rod-wound hair. “Done!” she exclaimed and stroked Mary’s bald nape with her fingers. “Oh. My. God. It’s so smooth!” she added, partially out of sheer excitement and partially to tease Ed further. It definitely worked, since Mary started moaning and her breathing accelerated. “Say, chap, if you think we’re all good here, just send our plump princess here up the small heavens and I can start finishing the perm,” said Tom, in approximate direction where Ed’s head was supposed to be located. “That is, unless you want us to play with her a little more while you two keep having fun,” he chuckled. He waited for twenty or so seconds, but Mary’s hastened breath and moans did not seem to change. “I guess we have some more time to play then!” Monica exclaimed, surprising Tom, who was going to wait a little longer for a sign of any sort. “Will the perm be ok, though?” “It’s not going to get any less curlier, I’d say. Might cause more damage but it’s not like her hair isn’t seriously fried already,” he shrugged. “Any ideas, though? I start running out of them, to be honest.” “Well I have that lip job equipment I ordered…” Monica said, with a rather devilish grin. Tom looked at her with an eyebrow raised. “You really want her to be a guinea pig for all you new equipment?” he asked, clearly more amused than critical. “Why not, if she’s so eager to please. Plus, I’m pretty sure Ed here will appreciate those pouty lips closing on his cock,” she said and chuckled naughtily. “Right, Ed?” Ed obviously did not answer, but Mary sort of did it in his stead, letting out a loud moan. “Just don’t overdo it, Monica, because I know you’re in almost too playful a mood now,” Tom said, this time a little critically. “Don’t make her look ridiculous. She’s already going to attract gazes.” Monica nodded. “That she will,” she said, appraising Mary’s new look, perm rods still in her hair. “Don’t worry, I know the difference between slightly embarrassing and ridiculous. I’ll make sure she only has the former, and only until the swelling subsides,” she said with a tone as if she was making a solemn promise. “Fair enough I suppose. Any particular reference?” “I was thinking Angelina…” said Monica, her index finger touching the upper of her chins. Tom made a sour face. “Please, be more original. Plus, I’m pretty sure Ed would not be that enthusiastic about this option.” “You are pretty sure? I wonder how.” “Men talk,” Tom said, cutting the topic off. “I’m sure they do,” Monica said, nodding with a half-smile. “How about... Ugh, I don’t know. Jessica Alba?” Tom nodded with approval. “Yeah, that one she can pull off easily, especially with her doe eyes,” he said and Mary let out a loud moan again, or rather a combo of three, but quite continuous. “See? I’d count this towards Ed’s enthusiasm.” Monica laughed. “Jessica Alba it is then. But obviously that’s going to be the final effect after a couple of days. Today they will definitely have a porn look too them. And I suppose tomorrow and the day after tomorrow too, at the very least,” she noted referring to the inbound flight being of great interest to Mary. Tom shrugged. “That wouldn’t be a bad thing if I was seeing you for the first time after a longer while, so I guess her guy won’t be complaining.” “Are you sure you know who her guy is now?” Monica asked him, words dripping with irony. “I guess we’ll see,” he nodded in semi-agreement to her observation. “Ok, take the equipment, I’ll make sure she remains still.”
  13. scissortooth

    My ED is Ruining My Relationship

    Try magnesium supplements. Try red meat. Try seafood. If there is any fantasy that turns you on and still is able to make your hard most of the time, make her a central part of that fantasy (even if it's hardcore or plain evil) and try focusing on it when having sex. Try not focusing on sex when having sex. Yeah, sounds counterintuitive but if you focus on sensations and physical contact (like feeling her weight on you, her soft parts, her jiggling whatever, etc.) things seem to get on easier. Try weightlifting. Also, if a girl makes dick jokes, that does not really bode well.
  14. scissortooth

    bigger ladies look more mature (?)

    Well, take also in the account the fact that I live in Poland - things are a bit different here in terms of beauty culture and food as well (there was basically no fast food here until early 1990s). Still, it's definitely true that tanning is a major contributor to looking "dry" in old age but basically most of slim women I've seen about 60 have somewhat stringy necks which often betrays their age even if they do what they can to look younger, tanning not being a factor. Can't be sure about how many of them smoke cigs though. Still, my perception is that plumper necks fare better then - and being plump does the trick then, not necessarily fat, but obviously both give the same effect. Also, I think it may depend on WHEN a given lady got fat. I mean, I'm not 100% sure but I think that women who were plump/fat all their lives or at least already before menopause fare better in terms of looking younger - mostly because they have more subcutaneous fat. Meanwhile, ladies who were slimmer before meno but got fat during or after it tend to gain differently, a bit more like men, which means more fat around organs and in the belly and less under the skin, thus not providing the effect of making the skin less wrinkly. And storing more toxins because AFAIR it's mainly the visceral fat that stores toxins and is pro-inflammatory. Also, not sure how it is in US but here many men, as they age, tend to have an increasingly pro-chubby preference regarding women, unless of course they ignore their peers completely and focus on teens and 20somethings. But even then they often focus more on chubby ones - still, it may be related to perceiving them as an "easier" prey, maybe. Again, can't be sure.
  15. It is quite often that I hear or read statements that bigger ladies tend to look more mature, as in looking more "womanly" than "girly" earlier (even in late teens already) and being perceived as middle-aged earlier as well. What do you guys think about it? Personally, I think there is a grain of truth in this, but it's sort of double-edged. Out of my experience - and in my perception - BBWs tend to look more womanly earlier and sometimes they indeed can be taken for being, say, in their 40s when they barely entered 30s, but I think this is actually because they also tend to look younger later on - I mean, plumper skin does not wrinkle that easy and overally plumper face and body looks more youthful in comparison to the slightly "dry" look slimmer women get when they get older. So while a 30 yo skinny lady may look somewhat younger than a 30 yo fat lady, a 50-60 yo fat lady is very likely to look younger than her slim counterpart. At least that's how I see it. Would you agree with that? And if so, do you actually like this effect? I have to say I do - I especially like the body of a BBW looking more "matronly" so to say, with bigger and more saggy breasts and similar features...