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  1. scissortooth

    The attraction for fat in the various countries

    I guess it's sort of in the middle in my country (Poland), although I've often heard that the region where I live (Silesia) is more accepting of plumper women than the rest of the country. Probably because of the "Silesian woman" stereotype - curvy, busty, down to earth and feisty.
  2. I have only one piece of advice then.
  3. Man, if you think she's what you've been dreaming of based solely on her looks, then you're either very young or, pardon me being a blunt asshole, not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  4. There's one more thing. When we were having a stroll with our little one 2 days ago she said she wants to have her insulin levels checked. Why? Because she said she wanted to go back to the mild food restrictions she set for herself before pregnancy (little to no "white" carbs, little to no sweets, moderate portions, and so on), but she said that if it turns out that the results improved, she will have no reason to go back to it. She did not mention the weight aspect at all, so I guess she really does consider it secondary right now... Which bodes well for her further gain - if those results turn out well! And I guess they will, because like I said, any symptoms of insulin resistance she had (darker patch on the back of neck, "hangriness", etc.) have gone away.
  5. scissortooth

    satisfaction with slim women

    Jesus fuck, can't you just go for whatever sports you are doing and take your hypothetical girl along as company? To cheer you, provide company when you're tired and regenerating? Whatever? And on other days you can participate in whatever she is interested in? Like, a bit of a fucking compromise? If you can't do that, then suffer with whatever option you choose, just don't make the girl suffer too.
  6. Hey guys, long time no see (in this thread anyway). Long story short, I'm now a dad after my wife delivered my son in August. As for my wife, she basically basically ended up 2 lbs lighter than before pregnancy, so any expectation I had in that department did not come to fruition... However... For the first two weeks post delivery she was careful with food, also on account of her C-section wound healing - she did not want to have to full a belly because it was potentially painful. She had a bit of short supply of milk, so she started drinking barley malt drinks and zero-alc beer, both of which are supposed to help with that. And it did. 2 weeks later she had all the milk our little one needed. And the side effect to that? She started getting VERY hungry. I mean, she now gets hungry twice as often as I do, so snacking is commonplace and her meals are bigger than mine. Now, I know some of that gets burnedd off for milk, but during the first month post delivery she kept checking her weight, but once the hunger kicked in, she stopped. Which means one of the two things, either it started going up and she adopted an "out of sight, out of mind" approach, or she just decided she's not going to try curb her eating if that has even a smallest chance of hurting her milk supply (which may happen) as she is very adamant about going all natural until the baby is weaned off. I'm not certain, but I think I noticed her rounding up a little again, so both these situation mean that if I noticed right, this is going to remain a trend for at least half a year more, and maybe full year if I'm lucky. Also, pregnancy seems to have cured her insulin resistance. Seriously. She no longer has any "hangriness" when she is not eating for a longer while (she is damn hungry and once she can get some food she will start eating like crazy... but she does not get angry because of it and has no sugar spikes or drops). Which is probably another reason for her not watching her eating so much. And then there is also the fact that she seemed to have gotten much more confident during the pregnancy and that stayed! All in all, life is good! I have a healthy son and a wife who is at least not getting any smaller and at most... we'll see :). I'm looking forward to this winter. Also, we plan 2 or 3 kids in total, so that might not be the last time she gets that nursing weight gain!
  7. scissortooth

    My wife and the slippery slope of FA-ism

    Ditto. Out of my recent experience, at first I was a little disappointed that my wife did not end up bigger after pregnancy than prior to it - she actually lost 4 pounds - but she now has this super-hourglass figure, with big butt and thighs, wide hips, quite big breasts (now with a bit of extra thanks to nursing) and a quite narrow waist with a little bit of a soft belly in front. I mean sure, I'd still enjoy it a lot if she got fatter and even more so if a lot fatter, but when I see her with that 115-90-120, I really don't feel like anything's missing .
  8. scissortooth

    BBW admiration entering the mainstream

    You know, it's like being a vegan and feeling bad because people stop eating meat and there will be no chicken death camps to protest in front of Now, don't take the above as a jab, I know what you mean and I understand the feeling. But don't let it linger, it is a good change and it will definitely make any potential fattie you'll be dating in the future a tiny bit happier. Also, this probably means more fat chicks in minis and crop tops ;).
  9. scissortooth

    Witcher weight gain shorts

    It's dirt cheap on sales nowadays, but yeah, it's VERY taxing on time.
  10. Seems to be a trend among young women, considering that I've seen at least several teenage chubby girls wearing such clothes when I visited a mid-sized city in my country (Poland). I guess we should thank body positivity bloggers for that
  11. scissortooth

    Why do I think pretty girls still look cute in glasses?

    Fat shorthaired round-faced girl with glasses in sexy outfit and makeup = attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion with C-beams glittering in the darkness near the Tannhauser Gate.
  12. scissortooth

    The world would be a better place if girly girls had power!

    I'd hand power to cats, but that's me.
  13. scissortooth

    The truth is out there (in Google and porn)

    And why would that worry you? It's your life and you who's going to bang that waddling sex-bomb. Why would you care what they think?
  14. scissortooth

    The truth is out there (in Google and porn)

    @ MasterOfHisDomain - perfect! Thanks a bunchie :)
  15. You are so gonna love this... https://www.vox.com/conversations/2017/6/27/15873072/google-porn-addiction-america-everybody-lies Please pick out the best quotes for me, because I'm on mobile now and it'd be a pain in the ass to do it. Enjoy!