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  1. i'm so excited! A japanese fashion site has chosen me to model their D.Va themed lingerie because they liked my figure and my photography:wub:

  2. two more weeks until I am reunited with my bff RavenTripleX and eat all the food together!!!

  3. Version 1.0.0

    My first weigh and measure in my journey as a gainer! I talk with you about the current state of my fat body while discussing my gaining goals. I measure my chunky thighs, my butt, my bloated belly, my bust, and my big fat arms! I then weigh myself... Can you guess where I'm starting?


  4. looking chubby and adorable today:)



    1. jonkroll
    2. regbill


      You speak the truth,young lady!:)

  5. found this awesome morph of myself from a video I did with Laughing Latina! goals!!


    1. Gabbo


      Imagine if you really did get that big.

      You'll need someone to roll you around.

    2. StuffitInn


      Oh man....😍🙏🏼

  6. My Fat Bikini Body

    Version 1.0.0

    Join me by the pool while I relax in my bikini! Why would I hide my big sexy belly in a frumpy one piece? Watch as I drip baby oil on my stomach and rub it into all of my squishy fat! I also put oil on my thighs, squeezing and jiggling so you can see just how chunky they are! I take a quick dip to cool off and splash my belly with water. It feels so good running down my chubby gut! Lots of angles and full body panning for you to see just how perfectly fat I look in my bathing suit.


  7. Version 1.0.0

    My first POV feeding video! Watch from my feeder's point of view as I eat bite after delicious bite of yummy fast food in my burger top and burger panties! I eat two cheeseburgers (one with onion rings and bbq sauce *drools*), a ten piece nugget, a medium fry... and last but certainly not least, a slice of creamy cheesecake. I just love cheesecake.... I can't help but suck and lick every last bit off of his fingers! All washed down with ice cold soda A ~2000 calorie meal in 13 minutes! With lots of great belly angles and close up shots of me being fed. I just love fast food cheeseburgers. My belly balloons in this video until I am almost bursting! I am amazed I could eat so much so quickly! but when someone is shoving handfuls of fries and burgers in your mouth, you just open wide and take it all!


  8. jelly donuts, beware!

    Video 200.00_00_23_11.Still002.jpg

    Video 200.00_02_29_01.Still008.jpg

    1. jonkroll


      why aren't there more chubby vampires in this world?

  9. Filming some Halloween videos :)


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    2. K3nny5


      Sexy, very sexy 😉😘😍

    3. xcrunner503


      Gonna rip out of that costume by the end im sure 😉

    4. ylledeuce


      Hmmmm....who ate all the Halloween candy???

  10. can't wait to see all my fat fetish friends in NJ in a few weeks! :D

  11. about to have a sexual experience with some steak and potatoes lol... will post updates later!

    1. KyraKane
    2. lovelymeow555


      That's pretty rare, I hope it's well done.

  12. New video coming soon!

    pants from last year2.gif

  13. Version 1.0.0

    I’ve really been putting on weight recently! While taking out my cold weather clothes from storage, I found a pair of fleece leggings I absolutely LOVED last winter, but I’ve gained so much I doubt they will still fit! I show off my belly and fat rolls so you can see where I have gained in the last year. Then I struggle to even get the leggings over my calves! Once they are on, it’s definitely a tight fit. I even rip a hole in the bum! Watch me tear the leggings right off my jiggly butt cheeks. Guess I’ll have to get a bigger pair!


  14. McDonalds Burger Stuffing

    you look incredible!!
  15. just did a naked pizza photoshoot! check my thread for pics!