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  1. aplbtmbtw

    Do YOU like to be fat?

    Recently, I got fat. Gained over 40 lbs. Used to think of myself as a dominant feeder/FA type. Liked seeing pics of girls plumping up. Now that I’m fat and can’t hide the gain, it’s like a switch has been flipped. Now I feel super submissive and love being picked on by female feeders. Being teased and humiliated for my gain gets me going like crazy. So, do I like being fat? Yes. I’m having a great time. But have my tastes changed since my gain? Absolutely.
  2. aplbtmbtw

    Has anyone else gained weight since joining

    I’ve put on 50 lbs recently. Went from 160lbs to 210lbs. Though she says she’s not a feeder, wife loves feeding me and calls attention to my round belly with glee. She’s been buying me new clothes, since my old ones no longer fit. I’ve mentioned that I should probably go to the gym with her and start working out. She just giggles in response, saying she’ll believe it when she sees it. I had always thought I was just an fa/feeder type, but I think I’m a feedee now. Never thought this would happen, but I’m blimping and I’m not sure when it will end. I noticed that others in this thread were/are in similar circumstances. Any updates on your situation? Also, what should I expect to happen over the next few months? You think I’ll plateau for a while or will the number on the scale continue to rise?