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  1. eatup fatty

    Sara Jean Underwood - slight weight gain

    Yeah its only a few pounds and when her whole career is based on showing off your body, you know she's going to want to lose them and fast. We can always live in hope though that Sara is beginning to tire of or starting to relax on the requirements of maintaining that slim, toned models body and that these are just the first of more pounds to come as new fat continues to accumulate over that body of hers. You can at least dream cant you?
  2. Sara jean Underwood former playboy playmate of the year has been flaunting her extra slim lean body and her perfectly toned little ass for dollars for years. Lately she has been cashing in by posting pics of her scantily clad body on Instagram every few days for protein world nutritional products. Unfortunately for Sara this deal had coincided with a recent holiday to italy where she, in her own words "put on more than a few pounds", her body particulary liked to store that extra fat on her back and ass. Fortunately for us she kept on putting up revealing pics of her body to spruik her products. The extra couple of pounds looked very good on her. On return from her holiday she of course went straight on detox diet using her nutritional super products. They looked to be having an instant effect, but a few months down the track and her body, while still slim is looking softer than ever and that perfectly toned little ass, ain't so little anymore.
  3. eatup fatty

    Victoria Silvstedt

    After watching Victoria flaunt that body of hers for what seems like forever, while doubtful it will happen, it would be enjoyable seeing her have to deal with getting fat
  4. eatup fatty

    Kelly Brook

    Atkins, ha. Fat chicks are always talking about what diet their on and that seems be what Kelly is on her way to becoming, another fat chick. How long ago is it now that she was last sporting that slim model body that made her famous?
  5. eatup fatty

    Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan

    She's a soft fat warning sign to all hottie's thinking of saying yes to dessert
  6. eatup fatty

    Selena Gomez

    Looks like she's really enjoying her food. Keep this up and her career is gone