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  1. Interesting thoughts. Thanks for sharing. Ah, well, that sounds nice, but I did not state (or mean to imply) any opinion on this stuff myself. I merely took up your invitation to ask some questions, hoping to explore more of your own opinions.
  2. Well, since you invited any questions--and I guess this may relate to your moderator status as much anything else: Do you think that same sort of obligation (or at least encouragement) for a deeper level of respect and understanding also extends in the other direction? I.e., are the folks posting photos and videos and descriptions of themselves similarly obligated to consider the particular needs and sensitives of the people who view, comment, and otherwise engage with them on these forums? Do those viewing and commenting folks deserve to be recognized by content creators as complex individuals? Is there not a similar cautionary "objectification" tale for content creators, about the dehumanizing perils of callously treating viewers and commenters as little more than points, stats, and other trophies to be collected in service of a content creator's desire for attention, affirmation, or profit? To what extent can and should we strive for a deeper, more holistic, and more egalitarian dynamic between the viewers and creators of content, given that their respective roles may carry some inherent distinctions in both the ways they interact with the community and their goals in doing so?
  3. riptoryx

    Fat in the Family

    Well, I can't say that it's among my favorites, but the old "I Hate My Twin" series by Zarbon is on-point topically: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. While the mother-daughter relationship is the primary focus of @Maverick's Jean Therapy, there are some fun sister-on-sister dynamics at play in that story, too.
  4. riptoryx

    Bulking Up Steph (Illustrated)

    It's neat to see these kind of collaborative projects come together.
  5. riptoryx

    Cover art by Frank Cho

    Hm. I couldn't quite fit it all in one upload. Here's a little series of Frank Cho's Power Girl covers that I'd meant to include. That third one, in particular, seems almost tailored to match some of the character interactions in @Batman76's "Gaining Weight for Saving the World."
  6. riptoryx

    Cover art by Frank Cho

    I hadn't realized he was so prolific with things veering (to varying degrees) towards our niche. Thanks, folks, for reminding me to check out more of Frank Cho's work! There are a lot that can be found online quite readily. Here are a few more that I particularly enjoy (including another from his MJ/wheat cakes series).
  7. riptoryx

    Weight gain art, anime style

    Kinky! This one is my favorite of the bunch. The overall composition--posing, expressions, and sizes--really sells the sense of power dynamics. For many of us, power dynamics are among the most alluring aspects of weight gain and fatness.
  8. riptoryx

    Whatever happened to CGV? (Chubby girl videos)

    I agree that she's quite a gem. While I (or others) could offer our own semi-informed assessments, it's possible that @chubbygirlvideos might decide to answer, herself.
  9. riptoryx

    Weight gaining cartoons

    https://www.curvage.org/forum/index.php?/forums/forum/31-your-drawings/ ❓
  10. riptoryx

    Liv Tyler

  11. riptoryx

    Liv Tyler

    Oh, and for anyone who might've missed it back in the day when Liv was more of a household name, Swordfish wrote this nifty weight gain story: Liv Tyler Takes a Break. I give it bonus points for including the also-underrated Mia Tyler.
  12. riptoryx

    Liv Tyler

    And here are some of my preferred photos of a "curvier" Liv.
  13. riptoryx

    Liv Tyler

    I agree. Liv Tyler is on my list of gals with curiously underappreciated beauty. While generally quite slim and leggy, Liv definitely packed on a few pounds from time to time. And when at anything other than her slinkiest of slimness states, she seemed to be intriguingly prone to developing a plump little tummy. Cute stuff! To not come to the party empty-handed, I'll tack on some old photos. First a few of Liv in model-slender condition--circa the "Empire Records" era. Then, in the next post below, I'll add some that captured her looking a bit curvier.
  14. riptoryx

    Question about Going Down in Size by Vader7476

    Well, we could try asking @Vader7476 directly. Judging by his profile data, it seems like he's visited Curvage as recently as earlier this week. If my understanding of Curvage systems is accurate, name-dropping him in the thread as I have done here should ping him with an alert to check out the thread next time he visits the site. For what it's worth, the version of the story on his DeviantArt site, posted several years after the version on Dimensions, leaves off at the same place, and includes the following commentary from @Vader7476 himself: So, even if he hasn't written a conclusion to the story, I imagine he would appreciate knowing of your interest. Most writers are pleased to hear that folks are (still) enjoying their creations.
  15. riptoryx

    Correct tone vs humiliation

    See this thread for an example of some of that "self-reflection" in practice. There have been other, similar threads, before and since.