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  1. What counts as chubby/fat?

    Nah, man. The notion I was trying to convey was: maybe it's less the labels (skinny, chubby, fat, curvy, etc) that are the problem and more the underlying compulsion to categorize and to rank. That's why I think maybe just trying to herd folks into following some different variation of those categories that better aligns with your own preferences (rather, than, say, encouraging a more self-assured laissez faire attitude towards subjective judgmentalism generally) isn't likely to be a game-changing solution. But, my own kinks tend to revolve around playing with some of these very taboos and their associated "negativity," so...what do I know? No doubt my ideas and preferences "disgust" plenty of folks. I'll just show myself out...
  2. What counts as chubby/fat?

    I'm just shooting from the hip here, but maybe putting overmuch focus on "standards" is part of the problem rather than part of the solution?
  3. Hi Everybody! I'm Ember Rose!

    Oh my. You look very fun indeed. I have a question, though, @EmberRose. Your Curvage profile seems to be set to "private." How come?
  4. Belly play, After Stuffing Pics and Dress Up!

    Uncommon beauty in a luxuriantly overindulgent package. Fantastic.
  5. Story Request

    This is a bit self-serving, but: gradual, realistic, unwanted, ineffectually resisted, disempowering weight gain in a young, athletic, female protagonist is exactly what my story, "The Slowest Champion -Revisited-" is about. You can read the fully-edited version of it on DeviantArt HERE, and there's also a Curvage thread about it with some fun discussion HERE. Another old classic in that vein is "My Athletic Friend." I've always been kinda curious if that story might have been even better in its original, untranslated German.
  6. New here

    Isn't it kinda chilly up there in Shakopee? Brr!
  7. "April Rules" Day

  8. Girls talking about their weight v2

    Sounds like the Starbucks and McDonald's aren't having much trouble sticking to her, though.
  9. "April Rules" Day

  10. Are we all just extremely sick? (trigger warnings)

    Well, my perspective is: A qualified "no," for various reasons, though I don't find this "moral quandary" issue to be nearly as fascinating as many others seem to, which leads directly into... A mere few topics below this new one that you have created, there already exists a lengthy thread about this exact issue.
  11. Unexpected "Weight Gain Content" in Literature

    Sadly, Kristin Chenoweth, who plays Easter/Ostara in the HBO adaptation of American Gods, seems notably less plump than does the book version of the character.
  12. Am I Hypocritical?

  13. Am I Hypocritical?

    Your situation doesn't sound terribly unusual to me, @biserious. I've noticed quite a few guys (and some gals) on this site describe similar preferences--myself included. I think you're in good company. And welcome to Curvage, by the way. I hope you'll chime in often! Oh, and if you're into stories about slim, fit college gals overeating, chubbing up into potbellied pears, and complaining about their situation all the while, you might enjoy this one that I posted last year: The Slowest Champion -Revisited- (The Curvage thread about the story includes some fun discussion, but the version on DeviantArt is a bit more polished, featuring additional edits I can no longer make to old posts).
  14. Unexpected "Weight Gain Content" in Literature

    Hm. Hence the Kate Winslet representation?