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  1. riptoryx

    Jessica Simpson

    For some reason, the "Baby Elephant Walk" song popped into my head...
  2. riptoryx

    Hunter McGrady

    She does seem extra chunky in the face, particularly. That double chin is quite prominently on display throughout the video.
  3. riptoryx

    Fattening the Personal Trainer

    'Ey, don't sell yourself short, @Batman76! I think there's a delicate and highly subjective balance to be struck when it comes to crafting something that's not just "a weight gain story" or "a good story," but "a good weight gain story." Having polished technical skills, organizational structure, engaging characters, subject matter expertise, and a well-planned plot are all great things, but ultimately none of that is really what I (and probably lots of other folks) am looking for when I set out to read a weight gain story. If it's not first and foremost "a weight gain story," then whether it's "a good story" or not kinda doesn't matter. And let's not undersell the "weight gain" part as just a box to check. There is a lot of subjective nuance that goes into getting that kinky appeal of the weight gain stuff "just right"--probably every bit as much as all those things that factor into the is-this-"a-good-story" equation. Just like a person can have a highly developed skill or natural talent for great writing, I think a person also can have a distinct (and, ideally, complementary) skill or talent for envisioning and communicating the things that are most arousing about weight gain and all its facets. As many examples as we all could dig up of stories that missed the sweet spot by being a weight gain story yet not "a good story," it's equally possible (and maybe even easier at some levels?) to miss the mark by making "a good story" that fails as "a weight story." In my estimation, @Batman76, your writing consistently strikes a pleasing balance between the "weight gain story" and "good story" camps. Speaking with self-awareness as a person who has written a long weight gain story himself, I think relatively short weight gain stories have a lot of merit and can be great. So, too, for a story that, regardless of its length, is paced to highlight and focus on the weight gain aspects. A story and author with that sort self-recognition and forthright approach respects the readers' time. That is a good thing. I think you tend to do that very well. Even though I think I appreciate realism and "slow burn" in my weight gain stories to a greater degree than do many other folks, and without intending any disrespect to @>_< 0_0 and his work, I still would not advocate emulating the pacing of "Fattening the Personal Trainer" as the universal secret sauce for weight gain story "success," either for your work, or for that of most others.
  4. riptoryx

    Gaining the Weight for Saving the World

    Aw. It suits her well--or at least better than her now ridiculously unwearable costume! And, as she astutely surmised, there are probably quite a few others from her past that would tend agree with the current situation being quite a delicious (and exploitable) turn of events.
  5. riptoryx

    Gaining the Weight for Saving the World

    I appreciate the way you've been perverting each character's particular strengths into mirrored glaring flaws and vulnerabilities. Fun stuff! 😈
  6. riptoryx

    Emilia Clarke/GoT Daenerys

    A shape she's had--and lost--before. Fluctuations are fun!
  7. riptoryx

    Fattening the Personal Trainer

    Especially when they're growing progressively and unintentionally softer, fatter, weaker, more vulnerable, and less in control.
  8. riptoryx

    Good long female wg stories?

    Sounds like we must have similar tastes!
  9. riptoryx

    Good long female wg stories?

    Hah. Fair enough! I'm glad Kara's suffering can bring continued amusement. ; )
  10. riptoryx

    Good long female wg stories?

    Maybe? Probably? I'm flattered that you enjoyed it enough to be interested in seeing more from me. That story was the product of about two years of tinkering, and I did it partly as an experiment--to see if that level of effort would yield a product I and readers found to be "worth it." I am not sure that the result of the experiment was a clear "yes." In any event, I promised myself I would only write this kind of stuff when it is personally satisfying for me to do so--i.e., when the right combination of inspiration, time, and energy align. That tends to be a rare thing with me, especially for projects as big as "The Slowest Champion -Revisited-." But with how modest the external rewards for creating this kind of stuff are, I think "personal satisfaction" pretty much has to be the primary creative impetus.
  11. riptoryx

    Good long female wg stories?

    I think the one I wrote probably counts as "slower-paced" compared to most. There's a little bit of slob-ish stuff woven in, too. https://www.deviantart.com/riptoryx/art/The-Slowest-Champion-Revisited-COVER-649231801 You might also want to check out the stories linked the "favourites" galley of my DeviantArt page. It's a small, non-exhaustive, but mindfully curated collection of weight gain fiction I've particularly enjoyed (limited to the subset of what is available on DeviantArt). https://www.deviantart.com/riptoryx/favourites/
  12. riptoryx

    Fattening the Personal Trainer

    I like the unhurried pace of your scene-setting. A quick continuity check: Candace has dark hair, no? So, when you describe her hair as "light," is that a reference not to color but rather to its weight and bounce?
  13. riptoryx

    Cosplay request

    Totally unrelated to certain creative projects in progress.