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  1. Amy Schumer

    Not sad I watched the trailer.
  2. What were the cheerleaders at your school like?

  3. Is weight gain the driving factor to your arousal?

    Whereas it sounds like she's kinda...all pooched out.
  4. What were the cheerleaders at your school like?

    I see you, stealin' my lines!
  5. What were the cheerleaders at your school like?

    Hm. Reflecting back on my high school days, I don't think I really even knew who most of the cheerleaders were. They definitely existed, and I was aware of them on a conceptual level, but my circle didn't seem overlap with any of theirs--whatever those might have been. I don't recall anyone in any of my classes during the entire four years being a cheerleader. The only times I do recall encountering them was during football games, basketball games, and pep rallies, when the band (of which I was a member) and the cheerleaders both would be participating. Even then, I didn't have any meaningful interactions with them sufficient to get a sense of their personalities as individuals. About the closest those interactions got was that the cheerleaders had some dance routines coordinated with songs that we would play--particularly the school "fight song" (a version of "On, Wisconsin" which for some weird reason seems to be the official "fight song" for roughly half of the high schools in the United States). Just to be jerks (typically at evening basketball games, when it was a smaller group of us with little to no teacher oversight), we would sometimes radically slow down the tempo in the middle of one of those songs, which usually had the humorous consequence of totally throwing them off step, and sometimes literally off balance and onto the floor. ...In hindsight, maybe that was kinda mean. Anyway, not really being familiar with any of them even at the time, I have even less idea what might've happened to any of them since then. Sorry, that probably wasn't a very satisfying response.
  6. The Death of Venus

    If what I've previously heard about this work-in-progress is true, we're in for a bumpy ride along the road of avant garde noir feedist perversion
  7. Deepfakes Discussion

  8. Deepfakes Discussion

    Not sure what your sources for that legal analysis might be, but this sounds like pretty a pretty standard sort of "derivative copyright" issue to me. Unless a "fair use" defense applies (unlikely), I think the copyright holders of the original works used to make the new combined material would have pretty good footing to get that material removed via DMCA takedown notice, or to exercise other legal remedies for protection of copyrights.
  9. Well, you've gotta calibrate your expectations. Curvage has never really been a dating/hook-up site, first and foremost. At its heart, Curvage is a forum for sharing photos, videos, stories, and opinions. In that--its primary function--Curvage is very much not "a dead site."
  10. Gaining the Weight for Saving the World

    Are you referencing "Wonder Woman: Willpowerless" by @maxymumspyder? Not to take this thread off-topic, and you're certainly entitled to your opinion, but I don't think the "downer" ending of that story made it a disappointment, much less "a shame." Disempowerment through the subverting effects of weight gain is a big turn on for a nontrivial subset of readers (myself included). Applying that to a superhero icon is an easy way to amplify the reversal fantasy. Based on my familiarity with @maxymumspyder, I'd say playing up the destructive aspects of weight gain as progressive, uncontrollable, humiliating, unwanted, and irreversible was kind of the whole point of that story. If at the end somehow it all got undone, or it didn't wind up having much effect on the character, or it did but for some reason she didn't really mind--that, I think, actually might have made the ending a disappointment by virtue of undercutting the story's own theme. Of course, @Batman76's story, while also involving superheroes and weight gain, has its own notably different tone and feel. I think that there already is (and definitely should be) plenty of creative room and audience appreciation here at Curvage for authors to feel not merely allowed, but encouraged, to share both stories that have "happy endings" and stories that don't.
  11. Spinnerette

    Tubby Spinnerette is still a thing.
  12. "Craving Control" - a small serving of new content!

    Lalia's certainly got some chunk on her these days.
  13. how do girls want to be talked to?

    Heh. OK, then...
  14. BBw chat room

    Well, the Curvage chat is certainly topically-compatible. While it could be a bit livelier in terms of active, open conversation, that just means it needs a bit more love. https://www.curvage.org/forum/index.php?/curvagechat/ It's also integrated directly into the Curvage website architecture, so you can still be actively in the chat room while navigating the rest of Curvage as usual.
  15. Temple of Elemental Fatness

    Sounds like the usual situation to me.