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    Subversive weight gain!

    Check out the linked post in my "about me" section for a detailed explanation.

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  1. You should post more often! Observations from mischievous fat-ogling gals like yourself are a special treat.
  2. riptoryx

    Jessica Simpson

    The whole situation kinda gives an old scene like this added connotations. It'd certainly have a different "vibe" if redone today.
  3. riptoryx

    Weakness and weightgain

    Definitely. I find reversals like that extremely arousing. Even relatively subtle hints of something like that going on are usually enough to catch my attention.
  4. riptoryx

    Emilia Clarke/GoT Daenerys

    Her arms are her fattest feature in some strange way! That does seem to be a rather less "lean" physique than the look they had her sporting back in her not-so-distant "Terminator" franchise days (though there may have been some photo manipulation "assistance" for the latter).
  5. riptoryx

    What do you enjoy most about girls gaining weight?

    This is my self-assessment, to which I usually refer folks when answering this sort of question.
  6. riptoryx

    Kirsty Alley

    Wow so she was in her thirties when she started gaining? Nice! I'm pretty sure she even mentioned a bit in interviews around the time the final episode of "Cheers" aired, but it's difficult to find stuff of that vintage online. Still, here's an article from 2005 that discusses some references she made about weight issues during the "Cheers" run: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/3644253/I-always-thought-I-was-too-fat-to-have-sex.html I've pasted the most relevant snippet below.
  7. riptoryx

    Kirsty Alley

    She gained a noticeable amount of weight during her run on "Cheers." To the point that it was even written into the plot of an episode or two.
  8. Hey! Hope you're well - drop me a line at mackieleadstheshow@hotmail.com - be good to catch up! (And my Curvage inbox is still broken alas!)

  9. riptoryx

    Do you know any gym girls that got fat?

    Hmm. Allison Stokke (briefly)?
  10. riptoryx

    Witcher weight gain shorts

    Delightfully awkward!
  11. riptoryx

    Haley's Gain

    Cool--a nice multi-media collaboration! For any folks who might be wondering whether it's worth their trouble to investigate the links, I've attached a copy of the first image in the series for your potential-interest-piquing preview.
  12. Interesting thoughts. Thanks for sharing. Ah, well, that sounds nice, but I did not state (or mean to imply) any opinion on this stuff myself. I merely took up your invitation to ask some questions, hoping to explore more of your own opinions.
  13. Well, since you invited any questions--and I guess this may relate to your moderator status as much anything else: Do you think that same sort of obligation (or at least encouragement) for a deeper level of respect and understanding also extends in the other direction? I.e., are the folks posting photos and videos and descriptions of themselves similarly obligated to consider the particular needs and sensitives of the people who view, comment, and otherwise engage with them on these forums? Do those viewing and commenting folks deserve to be recognized by content creators as complex individuals? Is there not a similar cautionary "objectification" tale for content creators, about the dehumanizing perils of callously treating viewers and commenters as little more than points, stats, and other trophies to be collected in service of a content creator's desire for attention, affirmation, or profit? To what extent can and should we strive for a deeper, more holistic, and more egalitarian dynamic between the viewers and creators of content, given that their respective roles may carry some inherent distinctions in both the ways they interact with the community and their goals in doing so?
  14. riptoryx

    Fat in the Family

    Well, I can't say that it's among my favorites, but the old "I Hate My Twin" series by Zarbon is on-point topically: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. While the mother-daughter relationship is the primary focus of @Maverick's Jean Therapy, there are some fun sister-on-sister dynamics at play in that story, too.