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  1. curvyloverman

    Camila Cabello

    Fucking hot. Curvy celebs is the new trend and we dig it!
  2. curvyloverman

    Taylor Swift

    Agree. Thin is the new anorexic, hence curvy is the new thin and chubby is the new curvy. Only obese women are considered fat, and its forbidden to call an overweight woman fat. This gives confidence to women who are gaining weight and they don't go back to the "thin" state. Once they have a fat lifestyle, it becomes progressively very hard to switch back and nobody tells you you should because it would be "fat shaming". Once again you don't and voilà, you wake up one morning and you're overweight and you need like 3 years of training to go back to a thin shape. Since nobody tells you you should because it would be "fat shaming" you will never get to that point but always lose like just one size and then indulge back. This is happening to everyone worldwide and women are getting fatter in every country. My girlfriend has gained 16 kgs since we are together and went from kind of anorexic to chubby and nobody tells her anything. A couple of her family do tell her she looks better and I just enjoy it. And her friends are going on the same path as well. This is a nice time to be a feeder.
  3. curvyloverman

    Kelly Brook

    In my opinion Jeremy Parisi is not only a feeder, but he even knows this forum (like all feeders) ☺️ the more she stays with him, the more she will get fat (already +2 stones)
  4. curvyloverman

    The Freshman 15 lands Ryen Lilli a modeling gig

    This is really hot.
  5. curvyloverman

    Demi Lovato

    Look at that ass and thigs spilling out of pants one size less! When i told you she would shortly become very fat nobody would believe me. That's a 40 pounds weight gain in 3 years, but 15 have been gained in the last 6 months!
  6. curvyloverman

    Demi Lovato

    This is reality! A fat girl. The hottest on the planet maybe.
  7. curvyloverman

    Demi Lovato

    Yeah sure. 15 lbs ago maybe!
  8. curvyloverman

    Demi Lovato

    Chubby Demi is reality ❤️ My prophecy became the truth!
  9. curvyloverman

    Demi Lovato

    She fractured her foot in Bali. I'm very sorry for her but hey... guess what might happen now that she can't even walk.
  10. curvyloverman

    Demi Lovato

    When she will be back on stage on the 24th of may she will be so fat. Just wait for it.
  11. curvyloverman

    Demi Lovato

    look at that chubby girl dancing
  12. curvyloverman

    Demi Lovato

    the undeniable difference between the pictures that got photoshopped and the ones that don't get photoshopped... one size less!
  13. curvyloverman

    Demi Lovato

    Fat legs
  14. curvyloverman

    She did all by herself!

    Yeah, of course. If she weighed 48 pounds she would be dead!
  15. curvyloverman

    She did all by herself!

    Not so long ago I started a post about my girlfriend's gain. She's 1.70 and when i met her she weighed just about 46 pounds: almost anorexic. I loved her first sight and I still love her as much as my life and I want to marry her, six years later. A couple of years ago I confessed to her that I would have liked her bigger. She really liked the idea and started packing right away to make me happy. She just told me that her body is like mine, and she will be exactly as I want her because she only wants to be with me. I didn't confess the whole truth though, because I was ashamed of my sexual preferences, ashamed to the point where it was a secret: I just told her that I would have liked her to be a size 12. She packed some pounds in this two years and got up to 60 kg. I really loved the journey. But in the last year I found myself more and more attracted to the idea that she would finally be like I have always desired her to be... Just plain fat. This had an impact on our sexual life because she was not gaining much anymore and I was less and less keen to go to bed with her and when I did I just never came. I could go on for hours, with not much of an erection. I spent hours on this site watching Lucy Collett and other models grow into beautiful fat ladies, and when she was getting naked I just couldn't pretend I liked her thin frame anymore. That's when my new story starts. As she noticed that I was lacking sexual desire, she started asking questions. I stil couldn't tell her, couldn't confess what was the problem. She would ask me if I were sad, if i didn't like her body, and stuff like that. One night we were having sex but I couldn't get it up. At some point she just told me out of nothing: "Do you want me to gain weight?". I answered "No", but my dick just became immediately hard and she noticed it right away. She started masturbating me and told me these words: "Then why do you get aroused just when I say the word? Why are you ashamed of this thing? Say it, do you want me to gain weight?" and I finally said "Yes, please" and she said "How much." "I don't know" "Just give me a size number." "I don't know" "Give it to me now." "14" I lied. I was in total shame. "So i'll be a size 18. Tomorrow I start eating like a fucking pig and I will get fat, so fat that your friends will start to ask you questions and you will have to admit you like fat girls and be in peace with yourself." I came so much that day. It was one of the best moments of my life. After that moment, I told her it was not true, that what I said was not true and I didn't want her to be fat. I was in total denial. I am so afraid what the others would think of me. But from that night (two months ago) she totally changed her eating habits. Now, every fucking time I see her she's fatter. And I mean, really fatter. We get to see every 4/5 days and she is spending the whole day eating. I think she's up to 65/66kgs by now because she told me no pants fit her anymore and I will have to help her buy new ones because she has very little money. Some nights ago I was in her house at dinner with her cousin (she's a girl too) and they were both making jokes about getting fatter. Her cousin just knows! And I was so embarassed by the fact that they were joking about the fact that I am ashamed of my fetish. They were both eating so much and joking about the fact that they had to grow and at some point my girlfriend told me in front of her: "What's the problem? I means, every man likes chubby women. My cousin is with a fat girl, my other cousin is with a fat girl (it is true), my friends (she named two of them that actually have chubby girlfriends) like fat girl. What is your fucking problem? Just get over with it.". That night we got naked in bed, I put my hands on her thighs and noticed, for the first time, that I was about to be with a fat girl for the first time of my life. She had gained so much in such a short time and she was really starting to get plump. For me is like being born again. It's a new sensation, a new life. I had the best sex of my life. I wanted to share this story with you. Luckily it is all true. Sorry but I won't post pictures. I wanted to thank all the people in this forum for leading me through this hard time with myself admitting that i like fat girls. I don't know when I'll be ready to tell my friends and family, but I guess that if my girlfriend keeps on gaining at this rate, next year she's gonna be so plump that I'll just have to admit it in front of everybody. This scares me so much. Thank you, really.