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  1. bbgirllvr

    picture perfect blonde in bikini

    Such a cute plump belly...and you can see the potential here with how she looks at the empty food container...
  2. bbgirllvr

    soft blonde coed in bikini

    She looks so nice and soft all over, and looks great in her bikini because of it.
  3. bbgirllvr

    Kelly Brook

    Wow she looks deliciously fat in that red dress!
  4. bbgirllvr

    Big boobs and belly in bikini

    sorry no video
  5. bbgirllvr

    Well built blonde in blue bikini

    She looks great in the bikini...sure she turned heads on the beach.
  6. bbgirllvr

    Big boobs and belly in bikini

    She looks really good in that bikini top and those shorts...
  7. bbgirllvr

    For the Sake of Science

    nice crisp writing!
  8. bbgirllvr

    Yoshida Miki (吉田実紀)

    That's what happens when you go from skinny fat to slightly chubby...start with no muscle and just add more soft fat
  9. bbgirllvr

    Nicole Hampton - bikini model

    wow great find and post...I think she's a bartender. And I can't think of anything better than a hot girl like her competing and nearly winning bikini contests, and then gaining what 30lbs and just keep right on competing!
  10. bbgirllvr

    Yoshida Miki (吉田実紀)

    totally a fan of soft slightly chubby Japanese girls...and she fits that bill. Really like how she's plumped up so far!
  11. bbgirllvr

    Selena Gomez

    oh yeah she gained...she's so skinny fat
  12. bbgirllvr

    Eva Longoria

    no way she loses all the weight from this pregnancy
  13. bbgirllvr

    Cute Cheerleader Girl 2014 + 2015 (getting chubbier)

    She's realized some good potential already. Her brunette friend with the big boobs was about the same size she was back in 2014...maybe potential awaits her too.
  14. bbgirllvr

    No Hiding the Belly!!

    excellent dress choice...accentuates her fabulous curves