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  1. grabamo

    Catherine Li

  2. grabamo

    Ju Romano

  3. grabamo

    Geneve Benatar

  4. grabamo

    Esmee Biesterbos (weight gain)

    New lingerie photos (and some others)
  5. grabamo

    Bree Kish

    Two more before pics And now some recent ones / at her fattest. I'm particularly surprised how untoned her legs are... and also her nicely her gut sticks out when sitting (esp. in the group pictures)
  6. grabamo

    Isabella Forget

    Great that you bring back attention to her! Could be merged with this thread though:
  7. grabamo

    Brace yourselves: Curvy Buena

    I thought this is a nice comparison.... Didn't realize how fat she got from the middle-pic to now - not even speaking about the before pic.
  8. grabamo

    Hunter McGrady

    Looking fat in this one
  9. height 179 bust 114 waist 98 hips 133 size 50-52 (!) shoes 41-42 hair dark blond eyes blue Before and after (first one is Sep 16 vs Jun 17): 2017: 2016:
  10. Dutch model, data from her agency: Name: Esmee Height: 180 cm Size: 48 Bust: 115 Waist: 97 Hips: 133 Lingerie: 80E Shoe: 39 Haircolor: Brown Eyecolor: Blue Hairstyle: Curly Age: 04-1993 But the best is, she has gained a LOT. Before: After:
  11. Model, originally from Columbia, but has lived in Europe for a long time. Development: Before (bikini photo is from January 2013): After:
  12. grabamo

    Carina Behrens

    It's getting better and rather unbelievable. Look at her belly. She is a professional model and this is REAL plus size.