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  1. Who remembers this outfit?

    Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 10.11.20 AM.png

    1. James89


      I do!! My how you’ve outgrown it!

    2. Photosynthesis
  2. Are any of my followers on here artists? I would love for someone to draw me :)

    1. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      I am, but I got two roommates 😒

    2. missinlinc1


      Yep I am... DM  me if you want 

    3. padroid77


      You're already art. 

  3. So eager to write I didn't see your postings...sorry:)

  4. Before and After 😮2015 Vs 2018







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    2. pjotr91


      Wauw. Eerything got bigger.

    3. extra_m13


      3 years, and one amazing evolution!!! i can only wonder if the joy for eating persists for you, how sexy you will look for 2021 my dear... please, never leave us ! 

    4. bozak


      A-MAZING!!!  Beautiful at any weight, but you've grown even more gorgeous as you've gained more weight.  A true beauty queen.

  5. Want to know how much I weigh? Curious to see how much I have grown? Want to see if I am bigger than my biggest ever Bigcuties weight? Want to see what I think of it all and how it has effected me?  Find out right here!


  6. Version 1.0.0

    In this video I start out by describing the changes I have made in terms of what clothing I can and cannot get as well as some of the contributing factors to my weight gain...Eventually I weigh myself and the results are pretty shocking! This is by far the biggest I have ever been in my life and considerably bigger than I ever could have even imagined getting...Do you guys think I should keep getting bigger? I hope the answer is yes because I feel like at this point I can't stop 😳


  7. Ever wanted to see how deep my belly button is and hear about all my new stretch marks?





  8. Version 1.0.0

    In this video you get a close up look at my belly. I start off by showing my belly button and how deep it is within my huge fat stomach. I also show off all of my new stretch marks which are fresh and red from all of the pounds that I have been packing on. This video is great if you like a detailed view I honestly was surprised by how deep my belly button was


  9. Bravo! 😍 I on the other hand...




    Zac Efron and Seth Rogers.jpg

  10. Does anyone know what my old measurements were? I know I did a measurement video way back in the day and want to do another one but theres no point if I can't reference the old ones

    1. alde


      bigcuties set 32:

      thigh 29 inches

      arm 16 inches

      butt 48 inches

      boobs 47 inches

      upper belly 40 inches

      belly 46 inches

      Can't wait for the new numbers 😍

    2. xxcandisheaxx
  11. Literally soooo gorgeous!

  12. I am literally so huge 🐷



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    2. Gabbo


      Fuck Candi, you really have ballooned. Don't think that bra has long to go, looks ready to pop off any minute.

    3. David_I


      This is so freaking hot

  13. I need someone who is good at making before/after pictures to message me please!!

  14. I'm thinking for my next video....... A workout video.....Or a weigh in.....

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    2. jarhead78


      Gotta be a weigh in! 

    3. bbwrgreat


      I personally prefer to see that body bouncing and jiggling all over the place.

    4. bozak


      Would love to see a weigh-in/measuring video.


    You guys think I'm an SSBBW yet? If not how much bigger do I need to get?

    1. JesusofSuburbia


      At *least* another 50lbs before SSBBW (probably closer to 100), but you're getting there, and I think we're all enjoying your journey :)

    2. bigirlover


      Yeah, 50 lbs. you’re relatively short? I think that’ll do it.