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  1. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    @aspartamedoublesgains yeah she has a good supply of leggings. Her butt looks great in them. Tuesday we took a little Valentine's day trip and spent a large part of the day shopping. New bras, jeans, and tops. However, it didnt really go how i thought it would. It was like pulling teeth to get her to shop for herself instead of the kids. She doesnt like acknowledging that she has gained weight and feels fat in everything. She was in a bad mood the whole time and at dinner she out right blaimed me for her being fat. Now at every meal she acts like i'm sabotaging her, trying to fatten her up. All though its kinds of fun hearing her say "you're the reason I can't fit into my pants. You're the reason i gained 30 pounds!" It also sucks having her resent me. Do i enable, sure. Have i snuck a little extra butter into her eggs before, yeah. But she is being delusional blaiming the 5% effect i have on her diet and activity. Seems like we always bicker in February so i am just waiting for everything to blow over and her to adjust to new larger clothes. Hopefully now that every morning isn't a struggle to find clothes that fit she won't be as mindful of her weight. According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, women between the ages 25-44 gain about 5.2% of their body weight each year. If she ends the year 210+ i would be a happy man. Now if she wanted to gain another 30 pounds in 2019 like in 2018 that would be even better.
  2. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    Yeah my current priority is establishing her current weight as a baseline. Get rid of all the clothes that remind her she used to be thinner. Gone are the S and Ms, It's size L or XL now. All the new stuff she is buying is size XL. She needs room to grow. I also loaded up on wine. Nights when she sticks with a lighter drink like a vodka soda she tends to make smarter choices. When the wine flows she gets hungry and then i have a chance to fill up that belly right before bed.
  3. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    Cleaned out the closet this weekend and it wasnt a super fun experiance for my wife. She kept dwelling on how much weight she has gained and making comments about "never being able to fit into that again". I tried to keep it upbeat and encouraged her to keep anything close to fitting but even by those standards she is in dire need of new threads. "Keep your cardigans, those are lose fitting. No my arms are too fat for the sleeves now". Im taking her shopping this week so she can get new stuff to fit her expanded frame. She made alot of comments about needing to lose weight but that didnt stop her from eatting pizza and drinking wine all weekend. She finished a large by herself between friday night and sunday lunch. I really think she accepts on some level that her bigger body is here to stay. Friday, after some love making that was esspecially good as she was pretty full of pizza, i was showering her with compliments and she seemed receptive. However, as i was pouring on the praise thick, she stopped me to clarify that she doesn think she is sexy and pretty and that the only reason i think she is sexy is because "I like bigger girls and now SHE is a bigger girl"
  4. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    Last night my wife was complaining about how hungry she was so i offered to make her a snack before bed. Unfortunately she was not receptive. She said "you're just trying to make me fat. I don't need food and you trying to fatten me up is not cute or funny". Suffice to say she is on to my game and not happy. Realistically, given her activity level and diet, she isnt going to lose weight but its still frustrating. She is so close to 200 i can taste it! I want those two pounds! I'm sure when she has a belly full of food she probably is over the threshold but it's not the same.
  5. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    The past couple of nights my wife has been walking around in just panties and i have been able to really appreciate her legs. They are just so damn big! In her normal stance her thighs touch all the way to her knees. They are so big the top of her thighs partially obscure her panties in The front and stick out several inches on the side, these are XL panties. They jiggle so much! Every step she takes causes a quake across those thighs. The front back and sides are covered in cellulite too which makes it easier to see the jiggle. Her legs are legitimately heavy too. When she throws a leg over me in bed its like a sandbag and not easy to move. Not that i would want her to move, i love those legs!
  6. This process takes serrious determination. Great attention to detail in your posts. Also lots of helpful ideas. I know we wont ever see a picture of your lovely wife but is there anyone you think she looks similar to. You said she has a square shape.
  7. oatmeal

    When did you find out about your fetish?

    I remember really liking that old Pigs is Pigs force feeding cartoon when i was young. The expansion scene in Leprechaun 3 got me into BE. However i think it was Anna Nicole Smith and her lovely expansion that got me into fat girls and weight gain. RIP Anna
  8. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    As January draws to a close it seems dueting is off the agenda. She has been holding steady at 198 and over the last two weeks her attempts to reduce her portions and make smarter choices have stopped. The catalyst for the change was me being gone out of state for a wedding. She had to watch the kids by herself all weekend. She drank a box of wine and judging by bank statements lunch and dinner each day was fast food. Since then carbs are back on the menu and she has been chowing down at dinner time. Last night she ate an entire plate of mac n cheese. She also drinks close to a bottle of wine in the evening which sometimes leads to 4th meal. Its been two weeks since she weighed in and im ki d of hopeing she ignores the scale for a while. Maybe she will sneak over 200 by Valentine's day.
  9. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    Not sure how i would capture that with a photo. Would need like a hi-def slow mo video camera and her help recreating. Considering she doesnt know i make these posts me providing video evidance seems unlikely. I dont really feel comforrable posting other pics. If she ever found out then she would be super mad. Sure people here might appreciate it but i know she wouldnt want a bunch of guys gawking at her thighs. I would love to show her off but i would feel guilty too.
  10. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    Delectable observation: standing she turned 90 degrees and her thighs rotated closer to 100 degrees. Its hard to explain exactly but her thighs are so big and wobbly that the momentum of simply turning caused them to rotate past 90 and then jiggle back. I could tell by watching the cellulite. In other good new we have a weekend planned where she is going to clean out the closet of everything that doesnt fit her. Some might say thats decluttering but i think its a step towards acceptance. "Im never going to be this thin again so might as well make room for more fat clothes"
  11. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    Been trying but she has been on to my game. Dosent let me fix her food. Thankfully she hasnt cut out drinking so i do my best to maximise her liquid calories. Trying not to over play my hand and let her give up on her own accord. I just dont want her to break all her bad habbits like late night carbs. She bought a shit ton of vitamins to start taking and i tried to add feunelgreek but she caught that shit. Would opt for some higher cal protein powder but she does smoothies so rarely it wouldnt be worth the trouble. We have some events coming up, birthday party, garage sale, valentines trip, and i hope the stress of making everything mom perfect gets her less focused on dieting and more on living life.
  12. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    She has been working hard a eating less and making smart choices. No real scale progress, just some fluctuations between 197 - 199. Hopefully she will get frustrated soon and return to 3000 cal days as opposed to 2000. According to her fitbit she has a BMI of 33 and 43% body fat. Her lean mass is 111 which means she has 86 lbs of body fat. Lots of softness! If she gained 25 pounds again this year, similar to last year, then she would be 50% body fat, perfectly balanced as it should be.
  13. oatmeal

    Spouses and weight loss / gain

    Yeah similar boat. She is at 199 at 5 ft 4. A few years ago i would have given my left nut to have her gain 50 pounds. Now that she has im greedy and dont want her to lose an ounce. Even when she has a pig out day that would sabatoge any chance of her losing weight that week it still hurts watching her refuse a second helping or drinking water instead of wine. I want more of that women not less.
  14. Yeah I'm not into immobility but it is kind hot when they have trouble doing basic things. Visable proof they aren't the same fit girls they used to be. My 2 year old chased my wife from the bedroom to the kitchen and back and she was visably winded. It really drives home what a lazy pamppered life she lives.
  15. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    So January has been interesting, lots of talk of losing weight and a few days of eating healthy / smaller portions. She even did a work out video sunday. She didnt make it all the way through and she is worried her resting heart rate is too high, low 80s. Ive been supportive of her getting more active but is sometimes cant resist tempting her with food. She has kept her resolve, mostly, but the scale still says 199 lbs. She has called me out for liking fat girls alot and said she doesnt even want to be skinny, just down to 160. I reminded her she thought she was fat and 160 and even 120. I think she is beautiful and persuits of arbitrary numbers wont mske her feel better. She has to figure out how to love herself and ill think she is smoking hot regardless. Some days she seems set on losing and others embracing her body. She asked about getting her rings resized because her fingers are fat (embracing). Last night i held her belly and told her how much i like it. "Well thats because you like fat bellies" but then she placed her hand hand on top of mine as we drifted off to sleep. She clearly doesnt love her belly but seems ot be growing used to it.