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  1. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    So last night i played with her belly durring sex. I started kind of subtle but eventually put both my hands on her belly and gave a deep squeeze. I was expecting her to move my hand away but instead she put her free hand on mine and gave a squeeze. My first thought was "holy shit! Is she into this?" I gave the rest of her body the attention it deserves but kept circling back to the belly and she seemed to enjoy it. It was amazing to really feel how soft and squishy her belly is and hot that she liked me touching it. However, i could have misread her body language and maybe her putting her hand on mine was a cue to stop touching. Maybe she was just caught up in the moment and let me squeeze her chubby belly becuase she was on the verge. Who knows. Sure was fun though.
  2. The fattest person i ever met was my high school geography teacher. Nobody knew her actual weight but i would speculate it was over 600 lbs. She had to use a motorized scooter to get around and could only take a few steps, while leaning on her desk or useing a cane. I think part of the reason was that she was very top heavy for a person that size. I think she suffered from a serrious eatting disorder. Under her desk she had a cabinet and a mini fridge. I remember one day she left the classroom to get something and one of the jerky kids in class went under her desk to look inside. The cabinet was full of snacks and candy and the fridge had two whole pies. Two freaking pies! Who has a mini fridge full of pies? The other crazy thing was her habit of falling asleep in class. She claimed to have narcolepsy and would, about once every two weeks, fall asleep mid lecture. Like mid sentance she would pause, lean forward on her desk, and lay her head on her breasts and go to sleep. She would sleep for five minutes or sometimes until class was over just laying on her boobs like pillows. I never had a thing for her because she wasnt nice to me and didnt have a cute face but it still was pretty amazing. I especially remember her massive pale boobs pressing out of the top of her huge cotton shirts.
  3. oatmeal

    wife getting chunky

    It can happen. My wife maxed out at 195 on pregnancy #2. Dropped down to 170ish then has gained about thirty pounds over the last year and a half. I have a post about it. Im not sure what caused the pounds to stick around and make new friends but it is possible the same thing could be happening to your wife. Good luck!
  4. Long dense read but proves FAs have been around since fat women existed.
  5. oatmeal

    Weight gain effect on libido

    @BindsThatTie yeah my wife is in no way enamored with her body inside or outside of the bedroom. However, i think she enjoys sex more now that she is bigger. Our sex life is pretty vanilla, no foreplay, just grind it out with her on top. Thats how she likes it and now that she has more weight to use she really uses it. Harder thrusts and letting her belly spill and squish on me. I dont think she gets off on her body but she likes me squeezing all of her soft bits, even her belly and thighs. Back when she was 150, before kids, we had more frequent sex but she wasnt into it about half the time. "Lets make thus quick" Now when we do have sex she is 100% into it but doesnt need it or initiate. Its confusing but better then nothing.
  6. oatmeal

    Weight gain effect on libido

    Yeah i guess my post came off kind of whiny. I love my wife and things are great. Would i like more sex, yeah but its not the end of the world. Im thankful for what we have together. Although it is a bit of torture that the point in our relationship we have sex least frequently is also the point where she is the biggest and in my opinion sexyest. I was just trying to figure out if part of the decline was due to her weight gain. Trying to isolate the issue. I mean its not like i would trade these new pounds for more sex anyway. Im sure its just typical married stuff.
  7. So as you may know from my other post my wife has put on about 80 pounds since we met over a decade ago. In that time her libido has significantly declined to the point where she claims not to have one. Now i am sure most of it is age, familiarity and two young kids but when i researched online almost every article mentioned weight gain having a negative effect on sex drive. It sounds like typical fat shaming medical advice, ears hurt? Lose ten pounds, but wondered if anyone else had a similar experiance. Does anyone have solutions that worked for them? That being said, the times we do, maybe 4 times a month, the sex its better then it has been in years. Mutual simultaneous climaxes and i can tell she is into it as opposed to just getting the thing done.
  8. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    Yeah thats my plan. Support her but remind her what an absolutly gruling slog of a process weight loss is. So much hard work and self denial, and for what? Lossing 20 pounds will take months of work and then what, your still fat just a little less so. Oh you want to lose 80? Thats going to take years and then at the end of the day nobody will care. Not like you are going to take up marathons or do anything you cant do now at your current weight. Your not missing out on anything by being this weight except maybe salads. No point in being skinny, esspecially if you cant enjoy food and wine.
  9. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    Yeah it was very half hearted. I dont think she really knows how anymore. Back in highschool she was active in dance but hasnt done much since. Sure she would run a mile on the treadmill or do a work out video once a month but nothing consistantly. Its the classic i need new cute work out gear or a new video/yoga mat/whatever before starting a new workout schdule. Once its bought it sits in the closet. Despite owning a treadmill, she has used it three times in the past four years. I also suspect that she is so jiggly and woobly now thay public exersize would be uncomfortable. Not wanting your bits to jiggle keeps alot of people on the couch. Hopefully the fitbit will encourage her to walk a little more, she was sore from walking up a hill , which although its kind of hot, is not good, and then reward herself if she makes her goal. Hey have a bowl of ice cream you got your 10,000 steps. Im super excited for the posibility of a 200+ new years day. Hope i can handel it correctly so that 200 becomes the base weight instead of a start of some lame weight loss journey.
  10. Yeah seems like you should find an Advent calendar filled with cakes. 25 days of chrismas cakes!
  11. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    Finally got her to go through her pants draw and get rid of the jeans, pajamas and workout pants that dont fit anymore. She kept saying how sad it made her to see all her old clothes that dont fit anymore. I told they are just clothes and that we can get new better ones. She seemed down and talked about how a friend of ours, who gained 100 pounds with twins, had lost most of her baby weight. I reminded her how long it took her and how she was a stay at home mom with time for exercise. My wife dropped the baby weight plus more after our first. It was just her body getting messed up by getting pregnant so quickly the 2nd time. I mentioned tons of examples of moms who kept the baby weight plus more and how thats normal. She seemed to feel a little better and mentioned getting more active after the new year. I told her i was down with whatever and that she looked great. She mentioned that realisticly she wasnt going to give up wine or good food. I think she is slowly accepting her new fat body. She still doesnt love being "totally covered in fat" but she is a smart practical person who isnt vain. She knows it would take a massive effort to lose a significant amount of weight. She knows i think she looks amazing and as long as i keep her in clothes then she might as well surrender to the status quo.
  12. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    @allgrownup sage advise as always. She loves whipped cream! I dont but ill figure something out. Dilemma: i want to buy her some new clothes for christmas. She needs some that actually fit so she stops feeling down on herself in the mornings. Should i just get her more clothes in her current size or go a size up. Most things she wears are kind of tight already so she could use some room but i dont want to cause her to be upset. Also, she is kind of in between the largest normal size and smaller plus size. I see tons of cute plus clothes but im afraid she will spot the brand from a mile away and freak out about being plus sized aka fat. The sizes she buys have gradually gone up as she has grown but she always buys them where they are already slightly uncomfortable, thinking she will lose weight.
  13. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    Ill do my best. I take care of the groceries so ill try buying more caloric items. If only i could come up with a reason for buying heavy cream.
  14. oatmeal

    Frustration/anger at girls losing weight

    The struggle is real.
  15. Love this! Smart idea too. There are a ton of different cakes and i would imagine you live in a town with atleast one but possible several bakerys. So many cakes to try and calories to consume. Good luck with her throwing in the towel and picking up the fork.