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  1. Olivia Wayne

  2. Olivia Wayne

    Big difference in her face as well, her legs and arms have blown up as well on top of her flabby belly!
  3. Olivia Wayne

    Also thought these pics were pretty glorious.
  4. Olivia Wayne

    She's defo having a chubby pregnancy compared to her fellow presenter Charlotte Coleman for example who was really slim apart from her bump.
  5. Olivia Wayne

  6. Olivia Wayne

    Got that one wrong then!
  7. Olivia Wayne

  8. Olivia Wayne

    I thought so too when she was sat down but then when you see her stand up I think it's just a really unflattering dress which shows her belly, the jury can decide:
  9. Olivia Wayne

    Literally everything has got bigger in the following months!
  10. Olivia Wayne

    Check out this video from 6 months back and compare it to now
  11. Olivia Wayne

    Definite gain from the picture to the videos. Got a cute pot belly going on and way boobier than she used to be
  12. Vicky PattisonVicky Pattison

    Think she's just really bloated rather than putting on the weight again tbh.
  13. Hayley Mcqueen

    Also this picture shows the lovely Olivia Wilde, she's far from fat but I'm 110% sure she's filled out a bit recently. Maybe worth a new thread?
  14. Natalie Sawyer

    Clearly getting bigger, amazing.
  15. Mariah Carey

    My addition to your photo set, just look how round her belly is!!
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