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  1. Chapman

    Bryce Dallas Howard

    You find it insulting? What?
  2. Chapman

    Bryce Dallas Howard

    If the rumours are to be believed, she is with child.
  3. Chapman

    Diana Sirokai

    Great Scott...
  4. Chapman

    Charlotte Church

    From earlier this year...
  5. Chapman

    Yoshida Miki (吉田実紀)

    Very intriguing and deeply confusing. Can anyone with a grasp of Japanese shed light on what’s going on?
  6. 1987, according to her website. http://www.delightdulce.com/en/sobre-raiza-costa
  7. The final scene will make your day.
  8. Chapman

    Julia Sawalha

    If memory serves, she looked particularly good in the final series of Faith in the Future, as well as the 2001 Jonathan Creek Christmas special. This was true, I believe, up until Herring uncovered the content of her head.
  9. Chapman

    Nadia Sawalha

    I have long had a fondness for her sister, in spite of her being somewhat insane.
  10. Speaking personally, 01:10 and 03:12 have provided today's internet highlights.
  11. Ahem. Gentlemen, may I draw your attention to this? In particular, 17:40:
  12. Well I never..... https://instagram.com/p/BiewLtCh03I/
  13. http://gnt.globo.com/receitas/receitas/torta-caramelada-de-tamaras.htm 😍