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  1. And here is a big deal :) Cooperation with quite well known Foodie Feedee.


    1. das Hirschlein

      das Hirschlein

      You mean the woman speaking and the woman in the videos are the same person ?

    2. John Smith

      John Smith

      I shall call the cops: I cannot bear such beauty...

      permit patty calling the police GIF

    3. Chevalier


      lol but there are healthier parts I swear.  This isn't dominant, but you're outta here if you don't put on more weight.  Informed decisions are better than lying. I'll just enjoy this like the burping girl on mute lol 


  2. She even seems to like it looks great that lady
  3. rambler

    new model Summer

    So it's you in deed hello 😘
  4. rambler

    Brazilian Plus-Size Models

    I wish to make a tribute to Mayara - are there any yt videos only with her suitable to use? Where I could as for it?
  5. rambler

    Hunter McGrady

    Omg! How much sexappeal she gained with that curves!
  6. rambler

    new model Summer

    Like her summer sounds and looks great to me
  7. rambler

    Adriane Lemos

    OMG! Does this angel have any yt channel?
  8. rambler

    My goal to 250

    Go get it! I can promote you on my yt channel!
  9. rambler

    Diana Sirokai

    Impressive wg! That's the girl who is definately into food stuff but still fighting... I am sure we'll se her as a bbw some day or even ssbbw!
  10. rambler

    Weight Update 4

    Great! What is your goal!? I mean final goal?
  11. rambler

    Recent status updates: can't use it

    i write, i post and nothing
  12. Hello, I can't use recent status updates at the very first page that opens when i enter curvage.org. WHy is that? Am I banned or what?
  13. rambler


    Hello Girls and Boys! As some of you noticed I create compilation on plus size theme. I'd like you to help me create another series of which the pilot #1 is in my profile links. I'd like you to send me some of you CLIPS if you wish to be included in such a compilation called BEST OF BBW! Please add "I agree to use my film in BEST OF BBW compilation series" and link included. Thank you! my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjcOvFVUX9JU8Je2o_r56PQ PS feel free to sub
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