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  1. Yeah, my #16, one of the most softcore clips I have ever created was shut down after someone sent a complains about nudity witch wasn't there. Thank you, my dear. Learn more about carma

    1. rambler


      and yt rejected any claims

  2. Models especially!


  3. rambler

    Weight Update 4

    Great! What is your goal!? I mean final goal?
  4. Full version with post production added :) enjoy :)



    1. sbrooking


      Awesome video! Do you have a link to the full video of the catwalk session in this one please?

    2. rambler


      all clips included in description at yt

  5. Hello!
    Here is the new clip. This time something different! TayTay agreed too record something for me and you guys. Thank you Tay!
    A compilation as usual but this time Tay only. And her weight gain ;)


    1. Taytay


      Oh my god!! @rambler its absolutely perfect i love it so much!

    2. rambler


      You're the one perfect in the clip:) I have more ideas to come :):):)

  6. Okay, had problems posting yesterday but here it is:

    Still waiting for something special to be finished!

  7. As ususal: reposting with color corrections fully ready :)


  8. Waiting for a special clip to be finished... meanwhile ThinCurves #9 goes online! Enjoy!


  9. I am creating something special this time :) 

  10. Enjoy!


    1. adecourv


      Ellana is absolutely lovely - a true gem

    2. JellyKat


      Sexy but I still want to see her fatter :P

  11. With color corections ect.


  12. Tribute:



  13. For gainers:


  14. Was I bored or something? :D


    1. JellyKat


      Why does it say thin babes are better? Obviously WRONG

    2. rambler


      of corse wrong... it's irony on youtube. Thin shit always wins there and is not blocked. Plus size - the oposite. Same insta, twitter etc.

  15. WIth some post production corrections... enjoy!


    1. S77


      very hot

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