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  1. Just entered in a new video! McDonalds Burger stuffing! Hope you will all like it when it's approved! :D

  2. Version 1.0.0

    I am SO HUNGRY! Watch as I try to eat all 6 of these fast food burgers! Can I do it? They are so good! I can't stop until I'm super full and about to pop! And I HAVE TO continuously stuff my mouth with delicious greasy fries and wash it all down with some delicious soda pop. It's so good! Sorry my room is a bit messy, I'm such a pig, I even accidentally drip ketchup on my leg from loading it onto my burgers, hehe! Enjoy, comment and rate my videos! Thanks everyone for the support


  3. Sorry to anyone that has been missing me! I just moved and didn't have internet so I haven't been able to film or check on anything. Hope you understand. Will be back soon!!

    1. Chriskin8
    2. aussieyada


      Welcome back. Hopefully you've had access to lots of food on your absence! 

  4. Hope lifes treating you well!

  5. Version 1.0.0

    I've put on so much weight this summer I just had to show it off so I made a short clip for you. I'm pretty sure you'll be surprised by my growth, even I am. It's getting to the point where I'll need an entirely new wardrobe none of these bras or pants are fitting anymore. I think my food obsession is getting the best of me XD


  6. Hello everyone! Hope everyone has been filling their bellies nice and full!!

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    2. bsmith762001


      Hope you've been eating well 

    3. Quietwaterjml


      I'd rather send you my food!

    4. Chriskin8


      Welcome back


  7. Can you do a belly sound video pls? I'd love to see that❤️❤️❤️

  8. Do the girls earn a good living modeling?

    I gain more of a hobby than to live by but I'm sure if I released content more often I would make enough to pay rent amongst other things. Other girls for sure live on it. I have easily made 100$ in a day by posting one 5$ video on curvage.
  9. Just put up a new video! Small Shirts! I pop my buttons on the last shirt! Check it out if interested ;)

  10. Small Shirts!

    Version 1.0.0

    I try on some shirts that used to fit me perfect! I don't remember them being so hard to pull down or hard to button up!? My belly is so big and protruding from my shirts, I don't remember being this big? I can't even keep the last shirt closed!! Keeps popping open from my growing belly! Watch as I CAN'T fit into these shirts properly anymore


  11. Just posted a new video! Hope everyone gets some time to watch and rate! :D

  12. Booty Worship

    Version 1.0.0

    I tell you you're making me fat and my ass big. I slap my thick ass, and my thighs clap as I jiggle it. So much noise from my fat smacking together and wiggling my huge dimpled buns. Look at my ass, You are entranced in the ass, you WANT this ass! Tell me you want it, I cant tell you do


  13. I just took a really good booty worship video and I have to remake it because you can see the camera in the background hahaha :lol:

    1. regbill


      If I saw that video I don't I would be looking at your camera.:P

    2. JellyKat


      It's ok I am uploading the new one rn :)

    3. layan


      or you can save yourself the trouble of recording another one and upload the original for free, I'm sure the guys won't mind 😜

  14. Button Ups

    Version 1.0.0

    I decide to try on some of my favorite clothes, but they don't seem to fit like they used to heh. 3 button up shirts, and a button up dress that I actually get stuck in! My boobs are so big I am almost busting my bra! Watch me struggle to get in (and out) of these clothes!


  15. Sorry I hadn't uploaded anything yet! I couldn't get the videos to come off my camera correctly! >.<"

    But i got them on my computer today so Whoopy!

    Hope everyone is ready for Kat in some Button Up shirts :D