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  1. All the new girls look so soft and tasty :wub:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mrfatfatfatlover


      what about you ? still soft and tasty ? 

    3. JellyKat


      I am still pretty plush yes

    4. luggel


      please give us a picture of u we miss you

  2. Are you coming back soon?:( give us an update please❤️

  3. when are you coming back :( miss you

  4. @JellyKat I love seeing your profile pic and then looking a a current photo.  It’s spectacular how full your face has become.  Keep eating it looks like @Goddess shar is catching up with you.

  5. I also made this gif LOL


    1. regbill


      Somebody looks really hungry.:)

    2. Gusto


      So glad to see you're eating well!

  6. I made this gif of me eating! I have no makeup on but I still thought it was kind of cute :P Couldn't figure out how to speed it up hah


    1. regbill


      It's not kind of cute...it's damn cute!!!:wub:

    2. JellyKat


      Thank you so much!

    3. regbill


      I call them the way I see them. ;)

  7. Made some delicious food and scarfed it down! Now I need Egg Nog. I wish they sold it in gallons. Maybe I should try to make my own? It's my favorite <3


    1. StuffitInn


      Nice work! Looks very nutritious :)

    2. Gusto


      Yum! Never thought about making eggnog at home - if you do let us know your recipe!:)

  8. Feelin a little seasonal sad lately, please send me cute messeges or pictures to cheer me up. Thank you for all your love and support :)

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    2. JellyKat


      Thank you guys soo much all the pics are very uplifting :)

    3. regbill


      I hate hear that your feeling down right now. I hope things turn out for better.


    4. Dx20


      I have the same thing each year I just tell myself that I have people who love me and that this will pass 

  9. JellyKat

    new art

    OMG Your pictures are so cool!
  10.  I am craving ham today! Yummy yummy

    1. Gaining Girls Lover

      Gaining Girls Lover

      You are what you eat ;)

  11. My video was approved! Hope everyone likes the Bad bat lady ;) Eat lots of candy this week!

    1. Tankazoid


      Oh man why can't I follow you? 


  12. Waiting for my Halloween themed video, Eating Cream/Bad Bat video to be approved! It was my favorite one yet! Please watch and rate :) I really do love sweets! I can't wait for Halloween! I already got into the candy I bought hehe

  13. Version 1

    I am a very hungry bat, hungry for sweets! Hungry for CREAM! I eat 37 servings of whipped creamy goodness and tell you I am getting so very fat and that I am a bad bad fat bat. Everyone just letting this little bat get so fat and plump indulging on delicious cream and sweets. Ass wiggles and moaning while I eat all the yummies! I even start to sweat and my face becomes red from so much in my growing belly! Oops I dropped a little, but I wont let it go to waste


  14. Just entered in a new video! McDonalds Burger stuffing! Hope you will all like it when it's approved! :D

  15. Version 1.0.0

    I am SO HUNGRY! Watch as I try to eat all 6 of these fast food burgers! Can I do it? They are so good! I can't stop until I'm super full and about to pop! And I HAVE TO continuously stuff my mouth with delicious greasy fries and wash it all down with some delicious soda pop. It's so good! Sorry my room is a bit messy, I'm such a pig, I even accidentally drip ketchup on my leg from loading it onto my burgers, hehe! Enjoy, comment and rate my videos! Thanks everyone for the support