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  1. docroxxo

    Habituating my wife to weight gain [updates]

    Doesn't sound like her diet is going very well
  2. docroxxo

    Trying to gain belly fat, advice?

    Beer tends to do the trick, but you really just gain wherever your body says you do. By your name I am assuming you are male, so you're likely to gain more in your belly anyway.
  3. docroxxo

    How to fatten my husband up

    Need some more info to help you fatten up hubby. What kinds of foods does he like? Big meals or lots of snacks? What is his routine like?
  4. docroxxo

    Heavy cream alternatives?

    You could try adding a little cake mix to a shake.
  5. I feel you on not wanting to sound weird, but there's nothing weird about just telling her that you find her attractive. Just saying.
  6. docroxxo

    Office Co-Worker eating her way to immobility

    Hope you're bringing donuts to work to help out this work in progress.
  7. docroxxo

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    I remember the first time I told my lady that I liked her belly. She said, "but it's all flabby!" I said, "that's what I like about it." She then said that was weird, so I added "you can think it's weird all you want, I'm still gonna like it." When I compliment, I don't separate fat and pretty, and whenever people do that in language it just mirrors what society thinks. You want her to know that fat = pretty in your mind.
  8. docroxxo

    Success Stories

    I think that the best way to handle things is to have an open discussion about kinks, including feederism, and also a discussion about expectations. I think what frightens some people about being a feedee is that they believe you expect them to gain weight for you. The reality is that you'd just really, really like it if they did gain weight. If you DO expect someone to gain weight for you, then that needs to be discussed pretty early on and you'll probably get a more rough reaction from anyone who is not a hardcore feedee. If you really want to stick things out with the girl you are with, be open about your preferences and kinks. You're never gonna know what will happen if you don't clear the air about it. The risk is that she reacts poorly to it, but if she does just be clear about your expectations, or lack thereof, for her.
  9. docroxxo

    explain it to me like I'm simple, why do you like me fat?

    To me, the gaining of weight means a woman is becoming more womanly, because she is growing into her figure more. I love the softness, the added weight, and I love the fact that I feel like I'm not going to break or crush my lady when getting on top of her. I love having my hands full of fat belly, tits, and butt, like more than I can easily grab. And I am very into being a caretaker so I like feeding too. I've always had a thing for pregnancy and pregnant bellies, and a stuffed belly reminds me of that. I've had people ask me before if I liked bigger girls because there is less competition for them. Do they really think no other guys are attracted to fat girls? Really? It's like they've never been out in public before cause loads of guys are with girls bigger than they are. I'm not really a jealous person, and I'm confident enough in myself to be with the kind of woman that I like, not just what society expects that I should like. It has nothing to do with competition for me. Personally I'm not that much into humiliation either. If your bf is, that's a separate kink from feedism so that's a separate conversation as to whether you'd be up for it or not. I also think it's important to note that just because your bf is a feeder, that doesn't mean that he expects you to gain weight. Just because he likes it doesn't mean that he thinks you have to do it. He'd just really, really be turned on if you did. If nothing else, it's a free pass to get laid whenever you enjoy yourself on a cheat day or something.
  10. docroxxo

    the complete guide to belly shapes & body types

    This is really nice, thanks
  11. docroxxo

    Thread Deleted

    Yeah, she def needs a chubby buddy to eat with.
  12. docroxxo

    Getting my husband on board

    If your husband likes you bigger then there's a good chance he'll be on board with fattening you up. I mean, he knows HOW people get fat after all. Keep us posted!
  13. docroxxo

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    You can also shower her with compliments about her body, just in general. Somebody posted it on this site and I can't find it now, but imagine your girl kept going on about how good you'd look with a mustache. Then you grow one out and she doesn't say boo about it. Not good, right? Even if she knows about your preferences and doesn't like them, it's hard to argue with all that positive attention.
  14. docroxxo

    looking for help describing belly

    Her lower belly bulged out and hung down in two soft orbs. Just enough of a cleft between to look like two scoops of ice cream that melted together. Best I can think of, I'm not a creative writer by any stretch of the imagination.
  15. docroxxo

    Lying in bed hugging your fat girl

    One of my absolute favorite things to do is spoon my gf and feel how much she's fattened up by measuring how far out I have to extend my arm to get around her.