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  1. Cause why not?






  2. Snowy day so just relaxing 


    1. A Saucerful Of Harry

      A Saucerful Of Harry

      So soft and cuddly, stay warm pretty girl;).

    2. Saralizzy29
  3. All comfy for the night ;)




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    2. regbill


      I have to say you have really nice legs,young lady.:)

    3. A Saucerful Of Harry
    4. Saralizzy29


      Thank you both!!

  4. Learning to love my curves

    Yeah it was nIce and i'm glad that even after he'said gone I still have the sa.e confidence in myself. There'should plenty of them out there though, it's just finding the right one!
  5. Plus Size Clothes

    Also torrid carries plus sizes
  6. Did I dream it or did I make it up in my head? Did I create something that wasn't there?Guess it was all just make believe. I wish I could tell the difference anymore. How can my head be so cruel to my heart? How can you just leave without saying a word?

  7. Decided to make a change and feeling pretty good ?






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    2. Saralizzy29


      Might try that next @scissortooth

    3. scissortooth


      I'm sure looking forward to this :D. It's definitely the only way of losing weight I would wish you ;)

    4. Saralizzy29


      Thank you :) well I don't plan on losing any other weight so don't have to worry about that lol

  8. Learning to love my curves

    Thank you
  9. Learning to love my curves

    Haha yep
  10. Learning to love my curves

    I would @Loveinthebellybut i'm not all that comfortable yet. Maybe someday!
  11. Learning to love my curves

    Yeah sometimes some things just aren't meant to be. It all works out as it should in the end, at least that's what I keep telling myself live and learn and try something else. it's always hardest when we want something to work out so bad and in the end it just doesn't. But we finally figured it all out eventually. And best to be upfront about how you feel rather than not. Truth hurts but it's better than not telling it or saying nothing at all.
  12. Learning to love my curves

    Thank you! I'm trying I love your confidence
  13. Learning to love my curves

    Exactly. Everyone is different and it's definitely better thathan way. It would be.completely boring if everyone looked/acted/and did everything the same and liked the same things as everyone else. As long as you realize that you're awesome being yourself that's all that should matter, not what others think, but sometimes it's hard not to listen to the negativity that surrounds us. I hope that your friend finds a way to become more comfortable in her own skin. It's definitely a challenge but it's worth it in the end and i'm sure she's glad to have you as a friend. And as for not telling her, we'll all I can say is you can't let fear get in the way. It has a way of keeping us from being truly happy...something else I have had to learn with being more confident with my body type. I honestly don't think that's something to feel guilty for. You just know what you like. Sometimes it's not always easiest to tell the ones we are closest to how we feel because of what it could change. It's never really worked out for me telling how I feel towards someone but it's helped me deal with my fear issues somewhat. Thank you for your kind words and I hope your friend finds her confidence as well. And I hope you are doing well also