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  1. dale28311

    Dreamy Talks Her Gain!

    Love you Dreamy but the music drowned you out. Loose the music.
  2. dale28311

    Girls who freely show you their fat

    I had a regular customer come in my store after I hadn't see her for a while. I asked MS "Smith" how have you been? She puts her good sized pot belly on the counter and says, "just getting fatter and fatter!" She was slim the last time I had seen her.
  3. dale28311

    Angelique Winters

    She closed her clips4sale site which is where that is from.
  4. dale28311

    JellyKat Video

    The mp4 worked, Thanks
  5. dale28311

    JellyKat Video

    Tried the two you mentioned and Quicktime. none worked
  6. dale28311

    JellyKat Video

    Just purchased JellyKat's weigh in video and it won't play. I wasn't sure where to post to get it fixed. I downloaded it twice and it said file is corrupt.
  7. dale28311

    More Sue For You

    Sue, I missed you too. A long time ago you said you were going to Southern Charms but you never showed up there. You had a great story about your gain and I hope all is still well with you. Big fan.
  8. dale28311

    2nd Fattest Wife

    Has some potential. This actress is up a good bit since 2009
  9. dale28311

    Marilyn Monroe

    I read a biography on her once and her seamstress said she had to keep letting her outfits out more and more at one point until she had nothing more to let out. She said it was epecially bad in the seat.
  10. dale28311

    Amy Schumer

    In Hollywood term 160 is an SBBW!
  11. dale28311

    any more videos of Krystle?

    Stuffer 31 will sell you plenty. She was on there for a while.
  12. dale28311

    Office weight gain

    I once had a grievance filed against my company by a woman who gained a lot of weight in a short time while working for us. She blamed the company because we had a snack machine in the break room. Rather than just bringing her own healthy snacks or not eating snacks at all, she was a great customer of the candy machine. She put on between 30 and 40 pounds in a year and felt it was our fault. She was really thin when she started. It really was fun to watch her get wider and wider as most of her new weight went to her hips. Needless to say her lack of self control was not a sound basis for a corporate grievance. I left that company as did she and I saw her a few years later she was a full fledged BBW. I wonder who's fault that was?
  13. dale28311

    An Id please

    Also FF GGcal from her Myspace days.
  14. dale28311

    Need Id's on these girls

    Last one is on FF as GGcal
  15. dale28311

    HI..... new to this site!

    Very very pretty.