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  1. It will be so exciting to see you in your pantyhose/tights. Thank a lot for all this pictures from you. :))

    1. reiinapop


      soft tummies in tights are so cute, great idea for a photoset!

  2. Version 1.0.0

    Watch me try my best to squeeze into over 6 pairs of tiny, too tight jeans! I try on size 2, size 4, size 6, size 7, size 8, and finally a pair of my size 12 jeans that are my current size, and even they are too tight for my squishy belly. Think you can guess the smallest size I was able to button? Only one pair of my old jeans fit me... oops! When I buttoned them, it made my belly squeeze out the waistband of the pants so jiggly and round. I think I might need new jeans again soon!!


  3. I am so so SO excited to share these clips with y'all! I didn't even realize just how much my belly grew in that pizza stuffing until looking at these.. ha. can't wait until my size 12 jeans get added to the pile of pants that can't button. 

    Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 1.05.56 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 1.06.08 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 1.10.45 AM.png



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    2. zogul


      Your face hold well the fat you stay cute :)

      Do you know when you'll get your periactin ?

    3. reiinapop


      @zogul hopefully by monday! I'm obsessively tracking it and the last update was thursday, so I think it's making it's way to the states now. australia is a long way away!!

    4. babor123456789


      What a gain! I love the slightly chubby face you are getting! And that belly 😍

  4. Some cute chubby moments from my vacation in miami.. my bf took the first picture of me when I wasn't looking, I think it's super cute! Updated my forum with the results from my massive public pizza stuffing.. I had a mountain of crusts by the time I was done! I can't wait until my periactin arrives and I can really push my belly past it's natural limit. I was so full yesterday it was getting hard to breathe... 

    Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 9.05.01 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 9.07.00 PM.png

    1. berserker1


      What your bf thinks about your weight gain journey? You look amazing, reiina!

    2. regbill


      Both of these pics really capture your voluptous beauty in all of it's glory.:wub:


    3. Mr. Unkown

      Mr. Unkown

      Uh oh, looks like someone needs help getting out of that chair! The weight is getting harder and harder to move around. Pretty soon, your boyfriend will have to help you get up and down! 

  5. 15 MINUTES until I get to go eat as much pizza as I can physically manage to stuff in my belly ;w; ahhhhh I'm so so SO SO so excited, never done anything in public like this before! I'm so fucking hungry!

    1. TheBuck


      Cheese stuffed crust ? 

    2. eeucomisso


      Great Work little piggy!

  6. Version 1.0.0

    I just ate an entire large pizza and a couple cans of coke.. My belly is so stuffed but this is my SECOND large pizza this week and it's starting to show! My upper belly is round and tight but my muffin top is soft and squishy. Watch me rub lotion all over my growing belly and massage it (navel piercing out) while chugging ANOTHER soda and burping! I love my big soft tummy, won't you help me take care of it..? I'm getting so chubby and cute!


  7. check out my forum for a super fun guessing game that can win you a free video!~ so excited to film my first public pig-out stuffing today in my workout clothes!! I'm going to be waddling out of the buffet no doubt.. 

    Photo on 10-18-17 at 10.27 AM.jpg

    1. nitchbigger


      are you going to take before during and after pictures in you're workout clothes too?

    2. reiinapop
    3. eeucomisso
  8. Good afternoon from Miami 💕 about to go stuff myself :3 posting pics in my thread! Going to this really tasty Japanese BBQ place 😍



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    2. fuerte42000


      You're thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

    3. ylledeuce


      You haven't stuffed yet in these pics? Your tummy is stretched so tight that it looks like you're starting to get the same line a pregnant woman gets up the center!!! (The Linea Nigra...had to look it up!!) So freaking hot to see you in bikini bottoms....so many curves!!

    4. regbill


      Which do I think is the best part of these photos...belly or thighs? Why not both!!!:)

      Looking gorgeous,Reiina.

  9. Version 1

    I love cream! It tastes so yummy and it's sooo filling.. Wearing a bralette gives my belly more room to expand as I squirt 2 cans of whipped cream into my hungry mouth, hope it turns into even more sexy curves on my soft body.. This cream is so good, but all the air in it is making me bloat up really fast and burp! I unzip my shorts and eventually remove them, giving my belly lots of room to expand in my lap as I squish and rub out all the creamy burps.


  10. the rounder, the better.. getting fatter is so amazing, it's like a game seeing where each new treat I devour ends up on my thick curvy body! 



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    2. degek2001


      Wow, sexy curves! <3 Henk

    3. JellyKat


      I hope you keep gaining past 160lbs! Please please!

    4. reiinapop


      @JellyKat I'm already past 160... I 100000% will! 

  11. Version 1.0.0

    I've finally reached my gaining goal that I set for myself back in October of 2016 - 160 lbs! It took a lot of time and persistence to get this chubby, I'm so happy I've finally made it happen and I feel so cute like this. First I take my measurements, my belly was 39 inches NOT stuffed! I also measure my arms, neck, thighs, and waist...you'll have to watch the clip to find them out! After measuring myself, I weigh myself on the digital scale. I jiggle sooo much with every step now, I show you how my bouncy and squishy my new curves are. I take you to my kitchen and bring a barstool from my kitchen. Sitting in front of the fridge, my ass overflows the bar stool, wearing only a bra and cheeky panties. I bounce and squeeze my big butt, and play with my belly while I talk about all the eating and belly stuffing I've done this month to reach this size. ** This is very close to my current size! I am 163 at the moment, still fighting the metabolism...** next weigh-in will be at a MYSTERY size, just know it'll be significant!


  12. Version 1.0.0

    Reina and Ginger are finally getting to enjoy some quality alone time together, so of course they are doing one of their favorite things ever- stuffing each other's faces and groping up on each other! They hand feed each other rich desserts like lemon squares and thick fluffy cookies, moaning into the sweet bites and encouraging each other to keep eating. And after each has had their fill of the yummy sweets they squish and jiggle themselves and each other, showing off their cute chubby bodies and talking about how much they've gained and the changes happening to their cute bodies~ *please comment and rate if you want me to make more content like this!*


  13. Version 1

    I know you love watching me stuff my face while my belly gets soft and plump.. now is YOUR chance to feed me a whole large pizza! You stack the slices on top of each other and stuff them in my cute cheeks.. slice by slice I devour all 8 slices of the large cheese pizza and it disappears into my chubby belly. Yummy!! I chug a can of soda while eating, then I eat a cannoli while you rub and squish my stuffed belly with both hands and massage oil. But I'm not quite stuffed all the way.. I chug vanilla soda with some loud burps after to fill up every little bit of space my belly has. I take before and after measurements so you can see how big I can make my food baby! Ugh I'm soooo stuffed... ** Please comment and rate if you want me to film more content like this for Curvage at my new size** <3


  14. :wub: Welcome to curvage!! I'm SO excited to see all the amazing content you have in store for us here. I suggest starting your own thread in Women of Curvage! 

    1. JalisaElite


      Thank you. I haven't been on here and years so I'm looking around now :)

  15. Uploading lots of new videos to CurvageClips today <3 because of the file size limit, most of them will have a part 1 and a part 2 :o pizza stuffing, binging on sweets and treats, whipped cream, and more! 

    I can't wait for my Periactin to come in.. I'm ready to start gaining and catch up to all the beautiful 170+ ladies on here! I stuff myself like a lil piggy every day and can't seem to manage to push past 165! making some tasty edibles today, hopefully they will give me hella munchies this weekend while I'm on vacation. any of y'all from Miami? I could use some dining recommendations! ;)

    1. leandrodaniel


      you think you can make a video of a buffet and eat until you can not swallow a bite more? It would be great to see that and your belly gets very big food.

    2. reiinapop


      I have a pizza buffet stuffing planned for this month, but I can't film it until I get back from florida!

    3. leandrodaniel


      It would be great to see that see you fill in a buffet with all the food you could eat. I'll wait to see your video when you get back. you could drink 4 liters of smoothie in less than 20 minutes?