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  1. good afternoon curvage-rs! sorry for the little break i've taken - this time I'm gonna stick around. I'm not actively gaining anymore to be honest - I know it's a disappointment but I'm still going to be stuffing/bloating/doing big belly things. if anyone has any questions or comments I would love to hear 'em! my heart is racing at all the new cuties i'm seeing here 😍😍

    Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 9.07.54 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 2.34.04 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 2.33.13 PM.png




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    2. sweetzombiejesus


      @reiinapop You're the best, Reina. I've been a fan since you were a tiny waif trying to inflate. :3 Grow into the goddess girlie you were meant to be, on your own terms. 

    3. Nevoki


      Noticed you were looking thinner in your videos.  Nothing wrong with changing things up, as long as you're fine with what you're doing.  Although I never realized how good of a brat you could be until seeing your ShowerHose Chug POPS Bitchy GF's Belly video.

      Don't know what your future plans are, but I feel like those videos would be great to see more of.

    4. bp72776


      Youre adorable, just know we're glad youre back(aalthough id love to see you as big as you were a few months back like GGAAAWWWWDDDDD you were to Sexxxy

  2. Is reiinapop inactive now? :(

    1. David_I


      She is very active on Twitter

    2. Mobius_ice


      She's no longer gaining, but still active with other content 

    3. Grumbar11


      She's actively lost weight since her peak.

  3. You're getting so huge, i love it. :wub:

  4. Wow get so cute 

  5. It's a direct quote from the movie/graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim vs the World - where the character Ramona Flowers is from. But I see where you're coming from!
  6. Version 1.0.0

    Bread makes you fat?? Obviously Ramona's been eating extra garlic bread lately and it shows! 65 HD photos in&out of my Ramona Flowers cosplay, revealing lots of squish and stretch marks! Don't forget to leave a review if you want more chubby cosplay photo sets on curvage xo


  7. Version 1.0.0

    Reina got dumped by her boyfriend and he decided to date a much fatter girl instead! Determined to win him back, Reina decides that the reason she got broken up with was probably because she wasn't fat enough! Driven to get fatter, she raids her fridge and guzzles down coca-cola straight out of the bottle, finishes a can of whipped cream, and wolfs down a couple plates of leftovers. Feeling out of options, Reina starts pouring down Boost Very High Calorie weight gain shake down her throat and feels her belly expanding and getting more and more squishy! The final test: Reina is determined to outgrow her ex boyfriend's favorite pair of shorts for her to wear, to prove to him how much she's gained. After all her chugging and binging, the shorts don't have a CHANCE at buttoning. Reina takes a bunch of selfies showing off her new gains and sends them to her ex - will she be fat enough to impress him and win him back? *includes lots of belly play and weight gain talk!*


  8. That Kim Possible hair is divine!


  9. I’m pretty convinced my belly isn’t gonna turn into a “double belly” anytime soon, it just wants to grow straight out like a big chubby ball! Filming another gaining video soon 😍✨ 

    Here’s some before/after pictures from my trip to the buffet, squeezing into cosplay, belly jiggle gifs, and being round at school! 






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    2. M.Y.15026


      awsome shots <3<3<3

    3. Bootymann77


      Jaw on the floor:o. I love that top and the thong line sticking out.

  10. Who wants to snuggle up to a soft round girl for the super bowl? I just filmed two really hot videos for Curvage and I’m excited to get them edited and uploaded! 

    As you can see I’ve been eating good~ and my capacity is on the rise (just like my belly tonight!) 

    last night I cooked up lamb flatbreads on whole grain unleavened bread with tzatziki sauce 😍 today for a clip I ate 3 giant bags of gummy candy from world market - I’m surprised my tummy doesn’t hurt! Gonna make it happy again when I go to the super bowl get-together and eat tons of vegetables with ranch dressing, chicken nuggets and baked spaghetti with cheese 😍








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    2. Bootymann77


      Reina, keep up the giod work and griw into the glutton goddess that we know you ciuld be.  I would give an arm and a leg to snuggle up next to your Fat growing body You Sexy Woman You.  I Am So Proud of How Far you've Come

    3. snapper


      Everything about you is becoming softer and fuller-looking (face, lips, not to mention belly and thighs). You continue to amaze and impress with your updates, photography, vivid descriptions and knowledge of what turns us on...

      Personally, I also love that you write well and spell correctly (smart is sexy).

  11. She’s not diabetic and she doesn’t seem to have any health complications in regard to her weight so... maybe gather some information before you jump to conclusions? Also fun fact- Ivy is pescatarian! She probably eats healthier than I do lol. You’re allowed to have your own sexual preferences but it’s a completely different thing to try to masquerade them under the guise of “concern” for someone’s health. Please, just stop lol. Just like smokers, BBWs/SSBBWs are aware of the possible health complications and many (Ivy for example) exercise and eat healthy to maintain their quality of life at their current size.
  12. You are my absolute inspiration!!!! Just wanna tell you how much I friggin adore you ♥

    1. henke26


      You are a Inspiration yourself with your photos! Your videos are interesting too:)

    2. reiinapop


      I love your content!! thank you so much lady <333

  13. Version 1.0.0

    After seeing me chug water from the showerhose like a champ, Poppy wants to give it a shot! Luckily for her, the only clean drinking water I have is from my shower hose because of a strange sewage issue. We're SO thirsty, so we desperately start chugging water straight out of the hose to hydrate ourselves. Chug.. Chug.. we take turns drinking water until we're so bloated and burping our bellies stick right out, made even more obvious by the shiny finish on our swimsuits. We get out of the shower and rub lotion on each other's distended bellies, giggling and playing with each other's deep belly buttons, and firm taut tummies. I get the sexy idea to give our bellies a little more room by taking off our swimsuits and enjoying each other bloated with fresh water and nude.


  14. Version 1.0.0

    Poppy Tart and BBW Marzipan join me for a little shower-hose chugging and inflation fun! Poppy and Marzipan have never done inflation before, and I'm excited to demonstrate how much fun it is to make your belly round and firm with water and air. First, I start chugging water straight out of the shower hose while Poppy pumps me full of air with a mabis bulb pump. It doesn't take long for my belly to get round and firm - Poppy and Marzipan are amazed and we all giggle and rub each other's round soft tummies. I go under the showerhose and air inflation pump by Poppy a total of 3 times, until my belly is so round I can't take any more! Next, BBW Marzipan volunteers to try chugging out of the shower-hose to inflate her belly while me and Poppy give her lots of belly rubs and talk her through it. She is shocked that after only a little chugging, her belly is as round and firm as when she stuffs it full of food! She chugs some more, and her upper belly is so firm and bloated. Afterwards we all compare bellies and rub each other's plumpness and talk about how much fun it is to inflate and expand~


  15. Given how many clips she sells, obviously it is. I wouldn't describe Ivy as "morbid", she's super active and motivated and she rocks her size - it does NOT slow her down in any way, shape or form. I understand if SSBBW aren't your cup of proverbial tea, but you have to understand that "sexy" is subjective - it varies from person to person and you're invalidating many people on this site who DO like SSBBW by saying that is just "not sexy". Personally I think Ivy is hot as fuck lol