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  1. It's a direct quote from the movie/graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim vs the World - where the character Ramona Flowers is from. But I see where you're coming from!
  2. Version 1.0.0

    Bread makes you fat?? Obviously Ramona's been eating extra garlic bread lately and it shows! 65 HD photos in&out of my Ramona Flowers cosplay, revealing lots of squish and stretch marks! Don't forget to leave a review if you want more chubby cosplay photo sets on curvage xo


  3. Version 1.0.0

    Reina got dumped by her boyfriend and he decided to date a much fatter girl instead! Determined to win him back, Reina decides that the reason she got broken up with was probably because she wasn't fat enough! Driven to get fatter, she raids her fridge and guzzles down coca-cola straight out of the bottle, finishes a can of whipped cream, and wolfs down a couple plates of leftovers. Feeling out of options, Reina starts pouring down Boost Very High Calorie weight gain shake down her throat and feels her belly expanding and getting more and more squishy! The final test: Reina is determined to outgrow her ex boyfriend's favorite pair of shorts for her to wear, to prove to him how much she's gained. After all her chugging and binging, the shorts don't have a CHANCE at buttoning. Reina takes a bunch of selfies showing off her new gains and sends them to her ex - will she be fat enough to impress him and win him back? *includes lots of belly play and weight gain talk!*


  4. She’s not diabetic and she doesn’t seem to have any health complications in regard to her weight so... maybe gather some information before you jump to conclusions? Also fun fact- Ivy is pescatarian! She probably eats healthier than I do lol. You’re allowed to have your own sexual preferences but it’s a completely different thing to try to masquerade them under the guise of “concern” for someone’s health. Please, just stop lol. Just like smokers, BBWs/SSBBWs are aware of the possible health complications and many (Ivy for example) exercise and eat healthy to maintain their quality of life at their current size.
  5. Version 1.0.0

    After seeing me chug water from the showerhose like a champ, Poppy wants to give it a shot! Luckily for her, the only clean drinking water I have is from my shower hose because of a strange sewage issue. We're SO thirsty, so we desperately start chugging water straight out of the hose to hydrate ourselves. Chug.. Chug.. we take turns drinking water until we're so bloated and burping our bellies stick right out, made even more obvious by the shiny finish on our swimsuits. We get out of the shower and rub lotion on each other's distended bellies, giggling and playing with each other's deep belly buttons, and firm taut tummies. I get the sexy idea to give our bellies a little more room by taking off our swimsuits and enjoying each other bloated with fresh water and nude.


  6. Version 1.0.0

    Poppy Tart and BBW Marzipan join me for a little shower-hose chugging and inflation fun! Poppy and Marzipan have never done inflation before, and I'm excited to demonstrate how much fun it is to make your belly round and firm with water and air. First, I start chugging water straight out of the shower hose while Poppy pumps me full of air with a mabis bulb pump. It doesn't take long for my belly to get round and firm - Poppy and Marzipan are amazed and we all giggle and rub each other's round soft tummies. I go under the showerhose and air inflation pump by Poppy a total of 3 times, until my belly is so round I can't take any more! Next, BBW Marzipan volunteers to try chugging out of the shower-hose to inflate her belly while me and Poppy give her lots of belly rubs and talk her through it. She is shocked that after only a little chugging, her belly is as round and firm as when she stuffs it full of food! She chugs some more, and her upper belly is so firm and bloated. Afterwards we all compare bellies and rub each other's plumpness and talk about how much fun it is to inflate and expand~


  7. Given how many clips she sells, obviously it is. I wouldn't describe Ivy as "morbid", she's super active and motivated and she rocks her size - it does NOT slow her down in any way, shape or form. I understand if SSBBW aren't your cup of proverbial tea, but you have to understand that "sexy" is subjective - it varies from person to person and you're invalidating many people on this site who DO like SSBBW by saying that is just "not sexy". Personally I think Ivy is hot as fuck lol
  8. Version 1.0.0

    It's Reina's first day at piggie training camp with Wood! She's so excited for her first funnel feeding, she didn't realise the plans that Wood has in store for her! Wood has a big jug of fruity gain shake and they're planning on funneling it all straight into Reina's bloated belly! As greedy as Reina is, Wood has BIG plans for her involving overflowing her tiny little chair and becoming a real BBW! She submissively chugs down all the shake, eager to let Wood turn her into a big, creamy chubby piggie slut. Reina chugs funnel after funnel of Wood's creamy surprise until it's all gone and Wood has so much fun jiggling, spanking and slapping her engorged belly. This is a instant classic if you're into feederism and weight gain humiliation!


  9. Version 1.0.0

    I love Ivy Davenport!! In this clip we take turns measuring each other's arms, thighs, upper and lower belly, calves, boobs and comparing our measurements! We learned some surprising facts - you'll never guess where Ivy is twice as big around as me! And how big Ivy was when she started modeling compared to how big I am now! We have a lot of fun laughing and chatting about our mutual weight gains while we measure each other.


  10. Version 1.0.0

    Ivy Davenport has a big, rich chocolate cake to share with me.. it reminds me of the cake in the movie Matilda! A big, frosted dark chocolate cake for the two of us to share. We're such indulgent goddesses that we don't even bother with forks, we just shove our faces into the cake and dig in! Like lady and the tramp, we eat closer and closer to the center, and when we meet we share some dark chocolate frosted kisses. The cake is so rich and filling - almost as sweet as Ivy's lips! After chomping into the cake relentlessly we share some of the chocolate toppings and kiss some more.


  11. Version 1.0.0

    I've noticed ever since me and Jem became friends we've both ballooned - our bellies, hips, and thighs are way bigger than they were when we met! I decided this time we hang out, we should at least TRY to work out and burn off some of the fat we gained together. It's so hard to fit into our clothes, we have to do something about it! Me and Jem take turns trying to do sit-ups, we both give up after less than 10. How did we become so out of shape?! Next we try to do jumping jacks and we both get super out of breath. Exhausted, we re-evaluate each other's bodies - maybe being this fat isn't bad! I think Jem looks pretty cute like this, and I guess I can live with not exercising and getting to eat whatever I want all the time! We play with each other's bellies a little and then playfully twerk and shake our big chubby butts.


  12. Version 1.0.0

    New Year, even bigger Reina! I've gained a pretty good bit around the middle since my last weigh in. To celebrate the New Year, I take all my measurements: neck, upper arm, bust, underbust, waist, belly, hips, thighs and weigh myself - then I compare my measurements with my measurements from last december and CALCULATE EXACTLY HOW MANY INCHES I've gained in the calendar year! It's suprisingly satisfying to see how what you expected my biggest gain would be might not always be true, and see in numbers exactly how much bigger I am now than I was this time of year~


  13. Version 1.0.0

    Moody college drop-out of Mrs. Claus loves binging on christmas cookies all year long, and she gets plumper and plumper every year! This album showcases a great mix tight and wide angle shots so you can appreciate her round, soft body in every way~


  14. Version 1.0.0

    How do I feel about my new figure? After christmas dinner with my family, did they say anything about my recent gains? I eat lots of pure butter shortbread and finish a candy bar as I show you all my new plump curves, my NEW STRETCHMARKS (first video with them!) and how jiggly my belly is after this winter of relaxation and lots of good food. Lots of different angles and close up shots!


  15. Version 1.0.0

    I know what would be a good snack - pudding!! I have 12 cups, a total of 1040 calories - and they're ALL for me. Watch me devour all twelve cups in one sitting with no cuts, enjoying my squishy chubby tummy as I devour each cup one by one (er, sometimes two at a time). By the time I reach the final two cups, my belly is so big, round and firm at the top yet still soft and squishy! I love how all this pudding feels in my belly, but maybe 12 wasn't enough... it left me wanting even more!