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  1. Scottwillis8000

    Female wrestlers

    ^^ her IG is still there as joseann_alexie she doesn't update often though
  2. Scottwillis8000

    Female wrestlers

    ^ yea I saw quite a few posts on twitter of people suggesting she is pregnant
  3. Scottwillis8000

    Female wrestlers

    2 more recent pictures of jojo
  4. Scottwillis8000

    Female wrestlers

    This picture was this past Monday on raw and unfortunately it was the only one I could manage to find and judging by the way she is dressed it is safe to assume jojo isn't pregnant but she does appear to have gained weight
  5. Scottwillis8000

    Female wrestlers

    I know Bo & Roman were out too and whether or not jojo is pregnant or just put on some weight I think we can all agree the extra weight looks good on her
  6. Scottwillis8000

    Female wrestlers

    I was thinking the same thing her breasts seemed to be noticeably bigger as well
  7. Scottwillis8000

    Latina weight gain?

    So I'm looking for a thread or maybe a post that features a Latina that gets fat or chubby
  8. Scottwillis8000

    Asian and Latina gains?

    Does any one know where I can find a thread or post in which an asian woman or a Latina gained weight? Part 2 does anyone know any Latina or asian feedees?
  9. Scottwillis8000

    Elle Varner (R&B singer)

    It appears she is trying to lose weight based on her recent Instagram post
  10. Scottwillis8000

    Elle Varner (R&B singer)

    Now bear with me here because she isn't fat or "thick" necessarily but she definitely has some weight on her however it looks like her weight seesaws one minute she appears skinny the next borderline chubby The first picture is the most recent