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  1. Gusto

    Blonde Romanian on Fantasyfeeder

    No idea, but wish you the best of luck finding her - she sounds amazing=)
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  3. Gusto

    Anybody know who this beautiful woman is?

    Tabria Majors
  4. Just two years ago, Hayley was a professional ballet dancer. She also tried out for the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders. At some point during the last year she suddenly put on a lot of weight. I'm curious what caused the sudden weight gain. Maybe she quit dancing and her metabolism slowed down. As you can see from the last "before" pic, she was still quite thin even just six months ago. This is her now. She was always a model, but since gaining she transitioned to the plus size department. lol Before & After:
  5. Lauren Michelle was a compulsive overeater in High School. She was so obsessed with food and eating, she didn't want to hang out with friends or participate in sports. After a bad breakup, she became anorexic and lost 90 lbs in her senior year of high school. She went from size 18 to size 6. She eventually regained the weight and went on to become a plus size model. Before: Now:
  6. Brianna Marquez was 300 lbs when she decided to go on a diet in 2014. She lost 120 lbs in one year, and eventually got down to 145 lbs. Once she got fit, she became an Olympic level bodybuilder and landed a job as a plus size model. In the past few years, her weight has been creeping back up. No idea what she weighs now, but she's definitely not 145 lbs anymore. Here are some recent pics:
  7. Gusto

    satisfaction with slim women

    There are a lot of gainers who want to stay active/fit and don't want to gain a significant amount of weight so don't lose hope=)
  8. Gusto

    satisfaction with slim women

    I've only dated slim women so I can't give any advice but I have experienced a similar line of thinking. You said you can't imagine being happy with a fat woman - do you just mean you wouldn't be happy dating a BBW who isn't into gaining, or that you just prefer chubby/thick girls? If you were dating a slim gainer, would you want her to stop gaining at a certain point or would be okay with her getting huge? I'd personally be content dating a chubby foodie even if she wasn't into gaining.
  9. Gusto

    Big Brother weight gain

    Sam did
  10. Gusto

    Goal weight increasing?

    It sounds like you are doing everything right! Surrounding her with her favorite foods and having new, loose fitting clothes to grow into is key for continued growth. It can be just as enjoyable when a gain happens naturally as a result of an increased appetite, without even trying=) Sometimes maintaining for a while can be a good thing as it not only allows the body to adjust to the higher weight but also gives the gainer time to adjust mentally & emotionally. Dealing with family/friends reactions can be a major hurdle for many feedees. If someone suddenly looks a lot fatter, people are going to talk and probably express concern Sometimes it helps to role play how she'll respond when this happens.