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  1. Gusto

    Who is this hottie

    La'Tecia Thomas
  2. Britanie was chubby as a teen, but lost 80 lbs at one point, then regained it back and has since become a plus size model. Unfortunately, she has only posted one before pic so far. Before and after: Recent pics:
  3. Gusto

    19 yr old 600 lb ssbbw from reddit loseit

    I think we'd all know if there was a 19 year old SSBBW who recently gained 145 lbs in five months lol
  4. Rebecca started to put weight after she graduated from High School. She must have been self-conscious about gaining initially because from 2015 to 2017, all the photos she posted were head shots. At some point in 2017 it seems she embraced her new size, and even started modeling. Here are some befores. She was even skinnier in HS, but she was under 18 so I can't post the pics here: This is the first full length pic she posted after she started gaining (she's the one on the right). It was taken in 2017: This is her now: Some comparisons:
  5. Gusto

    Carly Stone

    Another from the same set
  6. Gusto


  7. Gusto

    Height preference?

    I appreciate women of all shapes and sizes but if I had to choose, I'd go for taller girls over 5'8"
  8. Gusto

    Blonde Romanian on Fantasyfeeder

    No idea, but wish you the best of luck finding her - she sounds amazing=)
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  10. Gusto

    Anybody know who this beautiful woman is?

    Tabria Majors
  11. Just two years ago, Hayley was a professional ballet dancer. She also tried out for the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders. At some point during the last year she suddenly put on a lot of weight. I'm curious what caused the sudden weight gain. Maybe she quit dancing and her metabolism slowed down. As you can see from the last "before" pic, she was still quite thin even just six months ago. This is her now. She was always a model, but since gaining she transitioned to the plus size department. lol Before & After: