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  1. backgammonroyalist

    Lena Dunham

    She likes to eat in bed and look at her phone in bed.
  2. backgammonroyalist

    Lena Dunham

    Lena Dunham is just fat period.
  3. backgammonroyalist

    Rape and Pillage! New Game

    She's a friend of mine. Might find it strange and interesting and disturbing.
  4. LYS will suck ya dry.

    1. S77
    2. backgammonroyalist


      Just that you should exercise caution when it comes to Little Yellow Spider. She doesn't like having her things reposted I don't think plus she's like a spider queen of manipulation with webs of deceit and weed.

  5. The more things you eat that remind you of me the happier you are ;/

  6. backgammonroyalist

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    2 show they r an animal in bed obvs
  7. backgammonroyalist

    Rape and Pillage! New Game

    @reiinapop have you seen this
  8. backgammonroyalist

    Rape and Pillage! New Game

  9. Whoa is that Mistress Bianca? She got fat as hell and 'I WANT HER TO DOMINATE MY FINANCES'

    1. Dx20


      she is a Feedee or weight gain model that has been around for a while. She was the one that introduced me to curvage. She does, however, have heath issues I think it is Lime decease ( I could be wrong) so she doesn't post often. Not that I'm complaining I understand the she has to take care of herself first.  

    2. backgammonroyalist


      I love Mistress B. 

  10. you're too kind

    1. JellyKat


      Well thank you :)

  11. Are you seriously in an anime porno right now tho 

  12. Are you ashamed to be into weight gain? 

  13. Anime porn: for or against,

    1. JellyKat


      Hentai is soo good, I want to get into making some :)

    2. backgammonroyalist


      Haha I've never watched one. I've seen plenty of pictures. I saw a preview featuring these people in some c4s studio who filmed an epic multi part porno involving animatronic tentacle penis things and multi orifice penetration. It was insane.

  14. backgammonroyalist

    The reason behind my weight gain

    Love 2 get fuck w comments no personal Pokémon trainer
  15. Making feedee fat vs feedee is getting fat