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  1. Tee

    Chanelle Hayes

    Chanelle looking huge yesterday on Loose Woomen. Looks massive and doesn't seem to have lost any weight. If anything I'd say she's put on weight
  2. Tee

    Chanelle Hayes

  3. Tee

    Chanelle Hayes

  4. Tee

    Nicole Hampton - bikini model

    love her fat ass and thick legs in this compared to everyone else
  5. Tee

    Chanelle Hayes

    Latest pics. Some shape for a 29 year old. Quick before shot and here she is now.
  6. Tee

    Chanelle Hayes

    Latest pics of chanelle, just after giving birth. She has a proper fupa now. Pictures over the next few months should be great
  7. Tee

    Vicky Pattison

    Still one of my fave pics,
  8. Tee

    Chanelle Hayes

    She really is massive now, her arms and thighs are massive. She'll be huge by the end of her pregnancy.. What a size she is, only 29
  9. Tee

    Mariah Carey

  10. Tee

    Chanelle Hayes

    just a few comparison pics
  11. Tee

    Chanelle Hayes

    Her legs have gotten huge, look at the difference.. She's only 29
  12. Tee

    Chanelle Hayes

    Crazy to think this was less than two and a half years ago.. the second pic looks photo shopped almost
  13. Tee

    Chanelle Hayes

    She's a big girl now, all i can say is wow