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  1. Friend from Uni Getting a Belly

    love her, and that black bra !! Confident babe wearing see through tops, gorgeous boobs, pretty face and a smoker too ! Perfect, thank you
  2. Chubby cute belly visible thong

    awesome, do sexy
  3. Had a lovely pedicure the other day with clear polish on my toes ☺ 



  4. Katerina P. (katerina_teuta) - also a nice weight gain

    first class ! Thanks so much
  5. young fat sexy BBW at the mall

    gorgeous!! I love ❤ the sexy hi viz green bra and chunky back fat
  6. fat backsides and bellies

    love the girl smoking ?
  7. Girlfriend letting herself go on purpose

    amazing reports! Thankyou. Picture ??
  8. female feet

    as well as fat girls I really enjoy pretty girls feet and have quite a strong foot fetish, especially fat or plump girls with painted toes and sexy sandals. Anyone know of any good foot fetish sites?
  9. Girlfriend and food

    this sounds just totally amazing. Reminds me of my wife's gain from 16 to over 25 stone a few years ago. How has her fitness levels changed? How has she adapted to her increasing size? My wife because increasingly lazy and began to become slower and more winded after any physical effort such as climbing stairs, walking or bending down !
  10. I totally agree with what your saying. The same applies to my wife and her weight and general total lack of fitness in everything she does and other girls generally. A man after my own hear lol
  11. my wifes very out of shape and certainly when she was approx. 20 stone, sex was very difficult for her. breathing very heavy and laboured and getting very hot and sweaty needing to mop her brow a lot, I loved it though hearing her being breathless and having to stop every little while lol
  12. Girlfriend gaining on purpose

    sounds awesome, keep us posted
  13. I've got Diabetes type 2

    Earlier in the week I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It was suspected for a while but have been having various test. It was first spotted by a routine eye test, I had a micro anurisym in both eyes. I have since found out my grandmother and aunt have had the same condition for years as does my dad but I think he is type 1. Apart from this I have been overweight most of my life from the age of about 10. I am 37 now and although I have lost weight and am now hovering about 15 stone for the last couple of years I did spend most of my mid and late 20's at around 18.5 stone. I also smoked regularly from the age of 18 to 37. Obviously this has been a factor in developing this. Although my diet is now full of plenty of fruit and veg and always has been I have always eaten too much and enjoyed snacking and consume a lot of junk food during my 20's. I just wanted info about how others on here manage with this condition as its almost certainly caused by excess weight. I found out I am now exempt from prescription charges which is good seeing as I will now have to take medication/tablets daily. But just wanted peoples advice and knowledge on their experience of this I guess. Obviously I would much rather not have it but cant complain now as I know its as a result of the life style I want to live. Thanks guys.
  14. think I have diabeties

    A routine checkup last week indicated that it is more than likely that I have developed type 2 diabeties. Waiting for confirmation over the next few weeks, various blood tests and other checks etc. I know this is a number one condition caused by being excessively overweight. I have been fat all of my adult life and since about the age of 11 even at primary school I was always plump. I weigh about 15 stone now down from about 18.5 stone 7 years ago. I actually feel happy that my lifestyle has caused this and don't have any regret as I have always been overweight and enjoyed it and accepted my lack of fitness as part of who I am. Me and my wife were actually surprised that its me that has it as I have been losing some weight in recent years although I remain about 3 stone overweight. Infact she has been hovering around 20-25 stone for quite a few years now. I am sure there are many men and women on here who have this condition as it is an accepted risk of the BBW/BHM lifestyle. I am very keen to hear more about what it is and how it will effect me in the future, I don't know much about it accept that its very common and almost accepted by many. The college I work in has a number of teens that have it because of weight issues. Wondering how any future weight gain would effect it. Look forward to hearing from fellow suferers. Cheers
  15. Getting turned on by ones own decreasing fitness levels

    well I find it a turn on when I feel my clothes getting tighter and how out of breath I get climbing stairs, I like the sound of an unfit woman walking or even going up stairs especially when you can smell that sexy mix of perfume, mints and cigarette smoke