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  1. scosc@yahoo.com

    Big boobs and belly in bikini

    very flabby
  2. scosc@yahoo.com

    Friend from Uni Getting a Belly

    such a cutie, gorgeous figure, i love her hair and breasts. Shame her belly is not being allowed to hang out
  3. scosc@yahoo.com

    UK out and about

    nice collection
  4. scosc@yahoo.com

    Friend getting fat

    i love how end soft flab bulges over her bra strap! Sexy
  5. scosc@yahoo.com

    Friend from Uni Getting a Belly

    brilliant; love her
  6. scosc@yahoo.com

    High Cholesterol

    indeed i do lol 😁 been smoking 🚬 now for over 20 years on and off and now just socially but quite heavily at times. Am 41 now. Certainly feel the smoking now and my lack of fitness, get easily out of breath doing a brisk walk or a flight of stairs. Have type two diabetes now and did lose some weight as in my 20's and 30's got up to 18.5 stone but exercise and very sensible eating is not me so i am actually quite happy being fat, unfit and unhealthy to be honest. It turns me on too Kristen !
  7. scosc@yahoo.com

    High Cholesterol

    Yeah c'mon Kirsten, please we want to see how gorgeous you are and how beautiful unfit you are 😍
  8. scosc@yahoo.com

    High Cholesterol

    I have too, almost 15 stone, also a long term smoker😋
  9. scosc@yahoo.com

    Friend from Uni Getting a Belly

    love her, and that black bra !! Confident babe wearing see through tops, gorgeous boobs, pretty face and a smoker too ! Perfect, thank you
  10. scosc@yahoo.com

    Chubby cute belly visible thong

    awesome, do sexy
  11. Had a lovely pedicure the other day with clear polish on my toes ☺ 



  12. scosc@yahoo.com

    Katerina P. (katerina_teuta) - also a nice weight gain

    first class ! Thanks so much
  13. scosc@yahoo.com

    young fat sexy BBW at the mall

    gorgeous!! I love ❤ the sexy hi viz green bra and chunky back fat
  14. scosc@yahoo.com

    fat backsides and bellies

    love the girl smoking ?
  15. scosc@yahoo.com

    Girlfriend letting herself go on purpose

    amazing reports! Thankyou. Picture ??