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  1. Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    The overall fat suit is quite basic, but I really love the facial prothesis: realistic, proportionally accurate but above all it make look her much way appealing instead being voluntairly intended to misfigure her like does so many other TV series and movies.
  2. Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    Lol. Why not? Hu is a pretty name and furthermore, a historically-charged one. ^^
  3. Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    But Hu whom? It is a first name or a surname? How many people in the world bear this surname by the way: there could be millions.
  4. Girlfriend How To Gain Weight?

    For starting, it would be preferable to ask her how many meals and snacking she ate at a daily rate and which ailments exactly: with those informations doubled by her both height, sex, age and body weight, you may thus already calculate both her BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) which has the amount of energy she spend while at rest, her BMI or Basal Mass Index (to which what I recommand you a multi-task electronic scale and US Navy calculation systems, which are much more accurate than the conventional system) then her Daily Calorie Intake based upon both her activity frequency and total amount of absorbed food energy while at daily rate. With those, you may have a concrete support about how manage to increase her daily food comsuption and how succeed to make her reaching the weight goal, accordingly how and when she want reach this goal: if she want gain 10-15 pounds during a long-term diet of let's saying, one month or one trimester, the choice is possible. If she want a short-term gain of two-three weeks, that's possible too. If she want just get over this and gain fastly, this is possible to gain the amount in question before the next monday. The choice is hers. Concerning which diet she want, what is it exactly? A 2000-kcal calorie-dense one? A 5k? 7k? 10k? I doubt that she even want the double or triple of 10k since she sounds already reluctant to gain any weight.
  5. Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    Who is she?
  6. Girlfriend How To Gain Weight?

    Heavy cream. Dairy products. Chicken. Fish. Coconut. Papaya. Banana. Calorie-dense milkshakes. Pastas and all sort of good things. The choice of regimen to help her gaining some weight is wide. With that only tripled by some creativity of yours then a brief calculation of her daily calorie intake, she could gain those 10-15 pounds in barely two-three weekends if you did that well (or in a couple of months. Whatever) . But unless your girlfriend has a banana figure and tend to fatten up mostly from the belly area, I really doubt that you might see anything which could be slightly closer from your F.A. expectations from a 5' 5" woman of barely 128 or 133 pounds: I mean, at this range she might be still quite thin.
  7. Kellee Moran

  8. erna solberg

    People risk to misinterpret such act of bravery... after all, everybody know this self-impressed clown is a true dickhead.
  9. Chloe Moretz

    She have a somewhat thick-muscular banana silhouette. Normal.
  10. erna solberg

    Nope... instead, she's a walking country alongside a living shithole country-sized brat.
  11. Wanting To Fatten Girlfriend

    Unless you are either a Hanibal Lecter-level, high-IQ Machiavellian sociopath or this possessive-obsessive Chinese boy who once make his girlfriend obese then proposed to marry her because her 110-pounds extra padding didn't appealed that much her many pretenders anymore, I think that overtly talking about secretly fatten up your lover inside a public F.A.-related forum isn't that clever. And possibly incriminating... just in case your girlfriend, well let's say, snap out then sue you for accidental food poisoning and that pigs would be tempted to rattle someplace...
  12. Rihanna

  13. Are we all just extremely sick? (trigger warnings)

    The basis of every "fetish" is to explore it and goes far... otherwise, the thrill just fade out.
  14. 'This Is Us'