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  1. John Smith


    It somehow remind me about the sociological - and somehow, metaphysical - aspects of the Law of Attraction portrayed on both a quantum and a mundane aspect. What if the near-oracular protagonist actually truly is the incoming destroyer of worlds and not some sort a Grendel's mother-like modern figure avenging herself and her long-deprived-of-any-riches bodily sanctum against the dikdats stomped by the Beowulf-like figure, e.g. white British patriarchy impersonate? If she truly is the ever-festered harbinger and progenitor of this uncanny Ragnarok of Men?
  2. John Smith

    The Thin College

  3. John Smith


    I thought I was the only one from our generation who keep amalgaming science drama/science-fiction, mystery, psychology comedy drama and fat/WG erotica whilst trying to lay off any essay on some virtual blank page. I am glad that someone succeed to topple out of my eyes that one delusion of uniqueness such naturally.
  4. John Smith

    Deja Fat

    I cannot wait.
  5. John Smith

    Deja Fat

    **sighs of excruciatingly relieved catharsis**
  6. John Smith

    2019 Predictions Thread

    I fear that my hunch about women who might gaining weight is flnching down a little, this year. I cannot predict nor sense anything regarding this topic for the moment.
  7. John Smith

    Weight gain

  8. Me while entering on Curvage, today:


  9. John Smith

    Justine Legault

    That is most certainly not Legal. I'm gonna cal her distant relative the Prime Minister of Quebec. Need an Anti-Thick-On-Public Law right now.
  10. John Smith

    Gizzi Erskine (TV chef)

    Hope that she won't veer in a nearby futur into someone so fueled by self-loathing and self-image insecurities that she might become for the cooking TV reality industry what Kate Cummings is for porn. 😑
  11. John Smith

    Priyanka Chopra, Indian Movie Star

    I hate so much the Jonas brothers, right now. These men are lucky.
  12. John Smith

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

  13. John Smith

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Some people envisions into this 29-years old American congresswoman the next Barack Obama. Others, the next Theodore Roosevelt. For others, the first whatever-and-anything or second, third, nay fourth whatever-anything in history. But what about you, people of Curvage? What are you envisioning for the next years? A empty shell... or an incoming epic thread??