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  1. John Smith

    Lauren Mellor

    She need a lot of meat, but nice finding though.
  2. John Smith

    Caterina Pogorzelski, a German plus size model

    Come here, Brunhilda Beloboga
  3. John Smith

    Getting my Girlfriend to gain

    At least, you can rub your gaining girlfriend or feedee. Try to deal about nearly an entire decade about keeping in mind that the non-verbally allowed, very low amount of belly rubbings, roll pinchings, hands posed unto a broader girthing or sides, compliments or moderably more suggestive remarks you've done per year, does-- no, SHALL guarantees to keep ahead the somehow frail balance between a complicated friendship and a still-unresolved sexual attraction long entertained between you and a fairly older woman you know since the two of us were but adolescents and who still hesistate/deny/try-to-playing-games-with-you to the point that one strictly rational mind cannot but reify about whether she does ever considers you like some giant teddy bear, her surrogate little brother or some excessively ludicrous potrayal of the Longrunning, Would-Be-But-Not-So-Official Boyfriend-Stuck-Into-A-Weird-Romantic-Friendship trope, by fear that she gets tempted to lowkey accuse you of sexual harrassment or 'you 'being creepy again'' whilst in the meantime she keep to arouse you all the way up by ''accidentelly''making rub her curves against your body thrice in barely five minutes every single two years, or making a fewer couple of girly mindgames varying from suggestively filtratious commentary to a to a little more extrovert marks of affection (save the ones who would just make our ever-complicated current relationship status shiting away more irrevocably into the a broader envidence of us being involved into the unplatonic zone forever) past the shy-but-sly-flattered-girl style, the why-you've-stopped-to-woo-after-girls-all-suddenly one or her just being abprutly jealous and conceited about you flirting or get woo-ed by others women around (to the point she once marked, well figuratively, her territory vetween you and an ongoing affair like an alpha female before to stuck her body against yours; pretended to be your wife twice in presence of strangers, or just matronized you front to a crowded place a countless amount of times just to kill off any potential interest around) , while STILL. DENYING. ANY EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE ABOUT ''US'' just a few ages after she lowkey half-admitted it then just the year before to just come with the unresolved topic out of thin air between two conversations to thereafter LEGIT admit it in-between not-so-subtle words and the cycle continues... All of those, when realizing she was somehow your feedee and you somehow his enabler/encourager/feeder/trickster/voice-of-temptation most of time. #welcometomyworld
  4. John Smith

    Getting my Girlfriend to gain

    Most - not all, but so many - women and young girls in society, no matter their sizes or viewing about slenderness or bigger ranges of body weight being acceptable or not, are alas extremely ''body conscious'' : a fit-to-all colloquial term used by people to not straight out saying they've all endorsing unto themselves varying degrees of internalized size/fat stigmatizations. In others words, if you're step just a wee too far, she may pretty much start to dive deep inside a vicious circle of patterns varying from excessive ''fitspo'' inspired regimens proposed by some obscure celebrity from the demimonde of fitness gurus, to frighten out about you then seeking to break up. These situations has already happened one way or an another to the best of us (including your modest interlocutor) , whilst in the meantime even the most eloquent advocates of feminine body positivity (ex. : Ashley Graham, Curvygainer/Alissa Bonython, Rosie Mercado, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, ect) same as the most obvious converted into feedism (Lucy Collett, the other Cuban-born pornstar I've forget the name, ect) aren't defenseless against social stigmatization, many forms of octractization and in-depth inferiority complexes. In a thin-centric society, the lot of people-- most in particuliar women, who never, ever seriously doubted about whether being an ongoing-to-full-blown member of the bigger spectrum is wrong then say ''stop'' are all easy to count on an hand. Be careful.
  5. I am stupefied to learn that many centuries before the advent of the Industrial Revolution which marked much of the modern Western world alike the rest of the globe at the turn of the nineteenth then early twentieth centuries, there was already common among some women from well-to-do and even more impevorished city-dwelling families in respectively post-Byzantine era Northeastern and Norrthern Africa then pre-islamic/early Islamic era Arab world to not only fully eroticize the entire spectrum of feminine obesity, but also to achieve near-to-complete immobility at a very young age and still being viewed as the utmost sex symbols by much of their contemporaries. Fortunately, time travelling is still but a hypothetical dream or otherwise, Western Fat Admirers would have literally invented periodical sex tourism alike Neo-Orientalist fat fetishism. Thousands of mostly swarthy-to-ebony-complexioned bombshells wobbling and quaking away their mammoth buses of arses in the midst of Agrabah-themed locations, all cladded by literral milestones of Tartar silk woven hijabes and luxurious garments...?? End of the world.
  6. John Smith

    Getting my Girlfriend to gain

    That's geniunely a good idea.
  7. John Smith

    Getting my Girlfriend to gain

    Every woman want to look pretty. This reaction must be pretty much a counter-paradoxical way to figure out whether you still found her attractive or not. Or, that's just her instincts preying on something she have perhaps guessed about you. In either case, just. Don't. Spoil everything.
  8. John Smith

    Getting my Girlfriend to gain

    If she already know about your preferences for fatphilia and gaining women, jut let her understand that her current situation is somehow a turn-on for you then that you would appreciate that she continue to pile on more pounds for the future. However, if you both haven't reached this stage of your relationship where she have to know the exact lenght of your spectrum of sexuality and kinks, please don''t. Spoil. Everything. Just let her continue to do what she does to manage her stress periods and the moment she's starting to complain about her changing appareance, tell her that she's still the same for you regarless her size or rolls and that you love her for every single ounce of flesh and mind.
  9. Reading this article, I may notice that the practise of fattening up women with piles of bread in Egypt even predates the fourtheenth century and was already practised during eighteth century A.D. , so to speak during an era where Egypt wasn't fully Arabicized yet and this kind of practise already forbidden by Islamic law since the Hegire. It somehow remind meabout a prenuptial practise still currently exercised among the tribewomen of a Moorish clan in pmodern-day Mauritania or a fewer handful of other analogous premarital practises all over Subsaharian Africa, which let me to deduce that the very custom was pretty much indigenous to the Egyptians. The only question concerns me issues: "but since then?" . From the advent of the pharaonic era to the Greek conquest, Egyptians has long valorized a tall, lithe, sylphid silhouette as epitome of feminine beauty while in the meantime, we however observe that some of their contemporary neighbors-- e.g. the Nubians and ancient Ethiopians - all considered by the concerned ones as few of their their closest kin, accordingly the concerned ones themselves firsthand then a plentful of present-time scientific evidence gathered for decades - were instead emphasizing the exact opposite: fuller, hyper-callypigous and ample bodies are a fair commonality among much of the Nubian, Puntite and sometimes Cushite queens depicted in ancient temples and necropoles all over the Nile valley. We can also deduce that the latter Hellenization of Egypt and his neighbors have certainly shifted forever indigenous ideals of beauty, as fuller figured women weren't rare in ancient Greece neither. The very ruling family in the land of pharaohs for nearly three centuries, the Lagid dynasty, was best known for his many members and monarchs been exceedingly fat. Their most famous descendant, Cleopatra, was herself described as a plump woman.
  10. Well, the Islamic world has long seen fuller, plumper female bodies like an epitome of beauty ideal. It is only since a few couple of decades that we observe the Westernization of beauty ideals slowly influencing their everyday lives. Now, the ideal woman should been now looking Caucasian-like, light-skinned and thinly featured from head to shoulders, but must been nonetheless dark haired with a set of dark-to-"fair" eyes to accentuate her ethnicity: a slight difference to the medieval era wherein the perception of beauty in such a multicultural, cross-racial sphere dealing with a pluriality of trading cultures and ethnicities had to be as much plurial interms of beauty ideals. The ideal woman could range from the "fair"-skinned Slavic and West Europeans maids to the ebony hued so-called "Nilotic" women, past the dark-complexioned Berbers to pale-skinned-yet-frizzly-haire Circassians. Of course, a major part of these different societies has long valorized fertile, overwillowy marriageable girls and much of the Arabic culture has been semi-nomadic so that's evident that a woman at optimal health back then meant being ample. As Egypt had been the crossroads between this cultural sphere and the African world during medieval times, I am not surprized that bigger women have been perceived as then during fourteenth century.
  11. John Smith

    Dangerous Curves

  12. John Smith

    RIP tumblr

    Ignorant people loves scapegoats. And no, that has nothing to do about an orange-skinned twit trying to screw the Internet neither. That's just about a website that exacts it own mainstreamization. Simple.
  13. John Smith

    Top 3 Curvage.org Flame-Outs? Share Yours.

    My apologies. I thought that a flame-out means one most favorite person. Well, just to fix it: Mishka, Ember Rose then that Russian Plus Size model who visited this page last year ago.
  14. John Smith

    Lindy West

    Can you post more comparison pictures, please?