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  1. Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    @dunchester What the hell did I just did to see...?
  2. Emma Jones - Leeds Utd/Radio Presenter

    Or a postpubescent breast growth spurt, an odd reaction to some food or product contenting some quantity of hormone able to stimulate a breast growth, the list goes on.
  3. French anchors

    By "gained maybe too much weight" she would probably meant 5 extra kg . 😒😂 #VanillaPeople
  4. A question for the fat girls?

    Nobody is thrice MJ: this is like saying Chuck Norris is half to himself.
  5. Joby Bach

    Lmao. I'm weak... XD
  6. Rihanna

    And an another photo comparison:
  7. Rihanna

    I don't know from when date this picture, though.
  8. Wifely Wait

    Interesting. Though a tad unrealistic concerning the physical description. I mean... when you are a 5ft3 tall woman who developped a DD size bosom, chubby belly then most particularly a backside jutting out one feet backwards, there is certainly probable you bypassed the 200-lbs plateau since a long. Her body proportions at the beginning of the story doesn't fit the mentioned current poundage (which was 160lbs) .
  9. How about fat chins?

    So many different body types, shapes, bellies, bosoms, bottoms, there, that, but why the hell nobody never ask about different fat chins? I mean, not everybody have exactly the same submental fold shape or size. Is it something so taboo or... I am just an original, though? What do you think about, anyone? 🙄🤨🤔 #fatchinsmatters

    This medication coupled by her issue really dimmed her.
  11. Emma Jones - Leeds Utd/Radio Presenter

    Much depends about the woman. Some of them may experience little to significant breast growth spurt/s while grown age, due to natural cause or whichever chemical reaction.