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  1. John Smith


    Extracted from an interview within the "Ocean's 8" main cast on the set of the British Graham Norton Show . You can notice that her weight-issued bounceback through the overweight lane get noticeably more obvious and I'm not speaking about the fact she keep to contour her facial features again: her collarbone has dampened in definition, her upper arms has swollen in width and jiggle a little when she raise her arms, her bust look fuller... three physical features (alongside her baby cheeks and lesser-defined jawline) the last time she flaunted was during her peak weight from this last winter.
  2. John Smith


    Well, we all know that she recently keep to shed off some chub, but I felt the necessity to require to us this makeup tutorial offered by Vogue last month ago. I suggest to listen starting @1:40 : what she said about the reason why she started to contour her face is pretty revealing.
  3. John Smith

    Liv Tyler

    Lord Of The Rolls: as fictional than Tom Bombadil's lost hound.
  4. John Smith

    Weight Update 4

    All my sincere congratulations, Shar! I know you worked a lot to manage to plump out so far and you deserve to celebrate this hallmark with grandiloquence .
  5. John Smith

    Liv Tyler

  6. This moment you realize

    that when one of the fewer interviewed people in this Brit mini-documentary you're posting yourself earlier keep to account she past from an UK size 12 to a size 28 in about one-and-half month, out of excessive comfort eating... 
    she'd basically tell to anyone that she gained 100 POUNDS in about SIX WEEKS.

    That's the very definition of "f***ed up".  


    1. biggirlsok


      what interview?

    2. John Smith

      John Smith

      @biggirlsok The one I posted yesterday on the "Life Discussions" page.

  7. "In The Naked Truth, five obese young people talk in raw and revealing detail about what it's like to be obese, how and why they think they became obese and how they feel about their bodies."
  8. @engineermeister Can you please delete your netflixnfood's quote, please? I mean, very soon?? I cannot join you inbox.

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    2. engineermeister


      Erm... Happy to but...why? 

    3. engineermeister


      Having said that, it doesn't seem to be an easily accessible option on my browser. Any clues to both the how and the why? 

    4. John Smith

      John Smith

      The owner of these pictures ask that we remove her pictures from there. 

      Can you report your post, please?

  9. John Smith

    Kelly Brook

  10. John Smith

    Jessica Simpson

    She lost her fertile hips, badonkadonk and jodhpur breeches, but you only worry about her bust size? She's losing weight... again.
  11. John Smith

    Hayley Mcqueen

    She even got thinner. Like... REALLY, Y'ALL ARE SO LECHEROUS??
  12. John Smith

    Hello -I am a bit shy

    Welcome to Curvage.
  13. John Smith

    Bebe Rexha

    Fapper-on-fapper violence. WORLDST-AAAAAAAAAAR!!!
  14. John Smith

    Is this fat-shaming?

    You are a person, indeed. However, the fact you compared Harvey Weinstein's caricatural rendition to a courtroom sketch about a black man based was intriguing. The fact that Jabba referenced later Dr. Dre was as intriguing (and there, there have no more just a person, but people) . So I was trying to figure out if there had any cultural pattern implied. Also... I just cannot speak about these Rosenberg sketched because actually the only example of undertones used alike Weinstein on black men are those used for this sketch about Cosby. So, I don't know if she kept to consistently depict coloured men convicted for severe crime/s like this.