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  1. I am wondering though... If I stuff myself to exploding would I have a person to rub bellies with?

  2. where are you ?
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    2. bellymon


      There is a rumor going around that she's pregnant

    3. bellymon


      Lol Can you confirm or deny, Tay? 

    4. bingo06


      We miss you Taylor 😞

  3. Missing your updates.  Hope you're doing well.

  4. We all miss you very much, and hope everything is going good for you!

  5. Hey! Hope you are doing well!

  6. Hope the stress has subsided & the excitement for Thanksgiving is taking over. ;) 

  7. Thanks for the follow! :)

  8. What is your ultimate stuffing/weight gain sexual fantasy?

  9. totally love the look.  big fan.  you look so pretty

    1. Wheelman89


      If only you weren’t so far away I’d snatch you up in a heartbeat your a dream girl.

  10. Version 1.0.0

    I will be taking you undercover through multiple fitting rooms in this series. In this first one I decided to try on this cute overall skirt (too small!), then a size 18 skirt and green top (also WAY to small!) Enjoy the struggle! ; ] If you like this clip like, comment, rate, and review! Having issues playing any Taytay clip? Just message me!


  11. Stress, just so much stress but here you go


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    2. L9857


      the stress eating looks great on you though!

    3. AJTF


      Hope you're feeling better ❤️ We miss you!

    4. David_I


      Sorry to hear, we all love and miss you!

  12. How are things? Been pretty quiet lately. Hope all is well & delicious! ;) 

  13. How much you weigh now?

  14. Wow I decided to look at one of my ex friends profile sadly but it is life he gotten fat.

    Myself an my friends said we would never get visibly fat.

    Like face an neck


    How are you doing taytay!?