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  1. This girl build her career on her huge weight loss of 100 pounds, but recentlyshe seemed to gain some of it back. Before After
  2. Drytuner

    French anchors

  3. Drytuner

    French anchors

  4. Drytuner

    Selena Gomez

    2025 ? (credits to JayTee-FAArtists Deviantart)
  5. Drytuner

    Female wrestlers

    TNA is full thickness these days.
  6. Drytuner

    Naomi Kyle from IGN

  7. Drytuner

    French anchors

  8. Drytuner

    French anchors

    From 1/29
  9. Drytuner

    Megan Jayne Crabbe (bodyposipanda)

    Wrong answer, she's not. That girl is lying to herself, she always sell this whole body positivity, but she always goes back to the before/after pics as if she was trying to convince herself. I'm pretty sure that she's fighting the wrong fight. I can't be into a girl that lie to herself.
  10. Drytuner

    Ashley Benson

  11. Drytuner

    French anchors

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    Female wrestlers

    In the past, Tanea Brooks was known as Rebel and wrestled for TNA wrestling. She was a member of the Menagerie and later the Doll House. She used to be skinnier :
  13. Drytuner

    French anchors

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    French anchors

  15. Drytuner

    Kelly Osbourne