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  1. Oh my god, reddit is an absolute mess right now. There is so much spam and brigading from the fatpeoplehate community it's ridiculous. I didn't even care about their subreddit since I could just filter it, but this is ridiculous. I've had to add like 30-40 new subreddits to my filter list just to get rid of all the spam. This is so stupid.
  2. Jam

    People make fun and just don't get it

    You probably should avoid reddit then
  3. Jam

    Chubby or really fat?

    Depends on the lady On average I like girls in the 150-200 range. But Ni Ki has convinced me that I like big 200+ women too. Depends a lot on body type and how well their body handles the extra weight. I've found that really only matters to me for porn though. When it comes to actually spending some time with a girl, girls of all shapes and sizes are fun to be with if they have a fun personality as long as they aren't skin and bones! A full round belly always does catch my eye though. As for "chubby" versus "fat" these are very very very relative terms that are going to vary a lot from person to person. I voted for chubby since I don't really consider a person fat until it starts to dominate their body mass. So I think a better poll would have been to do votes for weight ranges. Something like this (for average height): 100-120 120-140 140-160 160-180 180-200 200-225 225-250 250-300 300-350 350+
  4. Jam

    Member Queen Elizabeth

    There's something about politics that brings out that side of people that like to talk about things they have no understanding of... Apparently everyone has taken a course in armchair economics.
  5. The rest of your body will catch up eventually but your belly will probably always be the biggest part. And honestly you are going to be hard pressed to find a guy here that doesn't like large bellies. Every guy is going to have a different "ideal" size but I'm pretty sure your growing belly with be met with unanimous praise here.
  6. Jam

    60 FPS Youtube

    Youtube recently updated to now allow users to upload videos that have 60 frames per second (the previous maximum was 30 fps). Currently this option is only for internet explorer and chrome, but not firefox (not sure about other browsers), though firefox will probably implement it in its next update. Here is an example of what I'm talking about (make sure you choose 720p60 or 1080p60 in the quality options): (It doesn't appear to be an option when embedded for some reason) This generally leads to a smoother and 'real-time' looking video playback that captures whatever its being recorded as if you were actually watching it first hand. This comes at a time when movies have also started coming out in high frames per second like The Hobbit. There is some debate over whether this is actually an improvement. Some people argue it actually makes things look like they are at a lower production value (the weird "soap opera" or "sitcom" look). The word "cinematic" tends to get tossed around a lot. Here is an article that expands on this debate a little: http://movieline.com/2012/12/14/hobbit-high-frame-rate-science-48-frames-per-second/ Now while it may still be up in the air over whether this enhances a movie experience or not, I think it has a lot of potential with youtube, not just for gaming videos, but with this type of community's content as well, though I haven't seen any videos with the high frame rate option yet. I think its an interesting development and I personally think it makes the videos look higher quality, but like I said before, there is still some debate over it. As the example video I posted pointed out, it will take a decent video camera to get above 48fps. With the motion blur that 30fps videos often have, some people may not even notice the difference between the two, depending on their vision. Thoughts?
  7. The like function here doesn't really increase visibility beyond additional search functions so I don't see how it works anything remotely like reddit karma. The rules of this forum, which are pretty well moderated, more or less cover this, so I don't think it would be an issue. "3.1 - Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is fat. If someone doesn't measure up to your expectation, please don't start complaining they're not fat enough. Similarly, if you find someone repulsively fat, please keep it to yourself. This includes pictures posted by members and pictures of members." That being said, I'm fine with liking topics & posts, but I agree with Wilan about the liked users thing. I think that is a bit too much ego boosting in my opinion, and doesn't really serve much purpose beyond that. It's pretty easy to tell which users are the most popular by how prominent their topics are anyways.
  8. Jam

    What Reddit thinks of us.

    The most annoying people are generally the loudest
  9. Jam

    Don't have access to some boards?

    Firefox likes to automatically put www. in front of the link regardless of whether you typed it out that way or not. That being said, I don't know why putting www. would do anything with your login session in the first place...
  10. Jam

    Trying to understand

    What do you mean by "reality so far from fantasy?" This is going to be a lot, but I want to try to help you understand it as best as possible, so if you are really hoping to get something out of this topic, I encourage you to read it all carefully. Let's start on the health side of things... You will find a lot of different perspectives here, because as other people pointed out, this isn't just one particular interest but a category of interests surrounding women of above average weight, which by today's culture is not considered "normal" since today's culture views attraction based on what they see as signs of health. I'm not a doctor but I am a scientist. It's true there are increased health risks associated with being fat, but being fat does not condemn you to those health risks by any means, nor does being athletic save you entirely from those risks. Things like diabetes, and heart problems are influenced a lot more by genetics (not to mention other life choices) than by body fat content, except perhaps high cholesterol, though genetics contributes to that as well. As much as one can try to make themselves healthy by eating right and all that, you are stuck with the genetics you are born with one way or another. Also, its worth to note, that being athletic is associated with its own health risks including problems with tendons, blood clots, and tearing muscle & tissue, to name a few. The way body fat and other things factor into one's health is a very complex topic. It is much more complicated than just "athleticism is healthy," "fat is unhealthy." If you want anecdotal evidence (which is all I'm willing to offer right now since I'd rather not dig up peer reviewed papers on the subject at 1am, since I doubt anyone would read those anyways), the only diabetic I have ever met in person was thin as they get, and in all my years in communities like this, I have never once come across anyone that has had diabetes or heart problems as a result of their weight gain/fat fetish/preference. (I may have an observation bias, as I'm not interested in immobilization, and you may get more of that there, but that to me is a fairly extreme case.) The vast majority of women you will meet here are fat, happy (at least with their body), and healthy (aside from other unrelated issues, like depression for example). Correct me if I'm wrong (please do, if anyone has evidence to the contrary), but this has been my general impression during my time spent in this community. That being said, trying to rationalize something that is an instinctual desire, something you are born with or something that develops with your sexuality in a way you can't control, is kind of besides the point. Your question, which seems to be the crux of your troubles, is "what my significant other sees in larger females," implies that these desires have reasons, which they do not. Sure you can perhaps make some arguments about evolution and your brain being wired to want to reproduce with someone healthy, but obviously the brain deviates from that quite a lot, so its inconsequential what the human mind is attracted to on average. Deviations are deviations. Your significant other sees what he likes and likes what he sees in larger females, be it fat, weight gain, shape, belly, or whatever. It is as simple as that. There is no more rationality to it than that. He sees or feels it or thinks about it, and his brain responds with endorphins and other hormones without any additional conscious action. That is the answer to your question. It probably wasn't the answer you were looking for, and I know it's hard to understand something like this without having anything similar. You'll just have to accept the fact that everyone's brain responds to stimuli differently, and that includes sexual attraction. I hope this helps.
  11. Jam

    AmateurArt needs advice

    Do you really think what he was asking for was worth whatever he paid? I mean he could give you $20 and tell you he wants to see you eat chicken wings on a golden throne on the moon. It sounds like what he was asking for was unreasonable and downright impossible. You gave him something so if you think that its worth whatever he paid, then I don't see why you should refund. If you think its worth less then refund the difference. Hell, you could have even somehow accomplished exactly what he asked for and gave him the video and he'd say "not good enough, want refund." So ultimately its up to you to decide whether he got his money's worth or not since you are the one creating the content thus being yours to "sell" so to speak. I mean, from my understanding, you are doing this for fun mostly, so don't let people walk over you just because you made something for them and they didn't like it. Just try to be more up front in the future on whether you think you can realistically meet their expectations or not before they start giving you money. If he can't take no for an answer then that's his problem.
  12. Jam

    LadyLizette789 (Closed Youtube account)

    From her previous account: http://uploaded.net/file/1p2nzwp8 Her new account: http://www.youtube.com/user/lizzyx79/videos
  13. Jam

    Who's this? Fat Merill?

    Yep, her videos are turning up in a lot of places lately
  14. Jam

    Great Community

    Hey! Decided to delurk to say that I think this is a really neat and well organized community, and probably the best ones revolving around curves massive enough to hold the community in orbit.