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  1. Brianna Keilar from CNN

  2. Jodie Sweetin

    Women who have large breasts tend to gain in the middle as well.
  3. Jodie Sweetin

    Jodie has a little tummy. https://m.imgur.com/a/NyuCn
  4. Brianna Keilar from CNN

  5. Brianna Keilar from CNN

    Brianna Today.
  6. Emily Deschanel

    Did she have a weight gain clause?
  7. Kate Upton

    The movie was filmed about 3 years ago.
  8. Katharine McPhee

    Any pics or videos from her early AI days? She was skinny on Smash.
  9. Jodie Sweetin

  10. Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    Is that Kathy Ireland and why is she stuffing her face?
  11. Maria LaRosa

    Looks like she is thickening.
  12. Local news and weather babes with more padding

    Emily West is hot from any direction.
  13. Brianna Keilar from CNN

    She has some flesh on her arms.
  14. Hilary Duff

    She looks about the same in the Seth show as in the bikini shots.
  15. Katy Perry

    Looks like the bikini is too small for her.