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  1. Brianna Keilar from CNN

  2. Brianna Keilar from CNN

    Brianna today in yellow subbing for Kate Bolduan.
  3. Bryce Dallas Howard

    Not only is she a thick redhead, but Byrce is also really beautiful.
  4. Jodie Sweetin

    If anything, she has lost a little weight.
  5. Brianna Keilar from CNN

    Her arms look thicker.
  6. Hilary Duff

    Time to eat the donuts.
  7. Hayley Attwell

  8. Kate Upton

    Kate was at her chubbist. Alex was probably at her thinnest.
  9. Kat Dennings

    It's old pic. Kat said that her love for croissants is covering up her muscle tone.
  10. Brianna Keilar from CNN

  11. Jodie Sweetin

    Women who have large breasts tend to gain in the middle as well.
  12. Jodie Sweetin

    Jodie has a little tummy. https://m.imgur.com/a/NyuCn
  13. Brianna Keilar from CNN