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    Interests? Thats easy...I love to stuff My self till I am about to POP, my biggest fetish is knowing you love my plump body as much as I do!

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  1. Just added some new screenshots to my videos! Hope they load faster for yall! Gunna be spamming the fuck out of you with plump fat belly pics, and tight clothes, and food...oh my!


    Screenshot 2018-01-13 19.14.07.png

    Screenshot 2018-01-13 19.14.28.png

    Screenshot 2018-01-13 19.55.12.png

    Screenshot 2018-01-13 19.55.21.png

    Screenshot 2018-01-14 19.33.40.png

    Screenshot 2018-01-14 19.33.55.png

    Screenshot 2018-01-14 19.34.30.png

    Screenshot 2018-01-14 19.34.40.png

    Screenshot 2018-01-14 19.34.50.png

  2. Version 1.0.0

    King Gyros is so yummy! I not only love their traditional gyros, I can never get enough of their rib tips...(Well ANY ribtips lol ) but today, they both sounded right! I wasnt going to be able to pick just one, so I didnt force myself too. Being the fatty I am, I even made them deliver it to me so I wouldnt have to get up! I order the family two pack of gyros and ribs! It came with garlic bread and coleslaw, I see how much came in it, and I was shocked thinking there was no way that I could share this with someone. I gave it my all and ate as much as I could, watch to see how far I make it before it feels like my fat stretched belly is about to burst.


  3. It has come to my attention that my preview gifs size makes it difficult to load. I am going to be updating all off my clips with a handful or two of screencaps, to help give a full range :)

    Sorry yall :)


  4. Waiting for approval :)


    3 Pound Parfairt gif.gif

    1. Tommy Smith

      Tommy Smith

      Keeping eating like this and you are going to get so fat! I love it!

    2. dare30em


      Wow, that are lots' of calories:P You'll get fat if you don't be cautious ;)

  5. Version 1.0.0

    I was shopping the other day, and while walking through the bakery aisle, it was love as first sight. I saw this huge 3 pound chocolate parfait ! Layers or mousse, cake and whipped cream...I had to have it. I brought it home and right after eating, I knew there was still room for dessert, I show before and after of my plump body, so we can compare how much I expanded, I love to jiggly my beautiful fat goddess belly for you.


  6. I’ve been out of town!!! Sorry so quite. About to film a new challenge video :)




    1. regbill


      It's nice to have you back and looking fluffier than ever.:wub:

    2. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Welcome back! Looking gorgeous! What's the challenge? 

    3. Gabbo


      Loving the way your belly and butt stick out.

  7. I’ve been out of town!!! Sorry so quite. Hoping to come home with some more girlgirl feedee videos





    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. rickgm


      Hopefully they will be available for purchase on curvage this time.


    3. regbill


      When you look as beautiful as you do then all is forgiven.;)

      Also thanks for showing us your stunning legs.:)

    4. bsmith762001


      So hot.  Love the red hair

  8. Screenshots from the video coming out later today :)







    1. dare30em


      that belly is awsome:P

    2. Gabbo


      You're absolutely awesome, Kyra. The red hair really suits you too.

    3. Curvecraver


      Epitomizes beauty.    So sexy

  9. How’s everyone doing today?!?!?

    p.s. no matter what pants I wear, they don’t fittttt!!! Ughhhh!





    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. davis.h


      That's great to hear about your pants :)

    3. rickgm


      Mmmm...  That's a sexy thought.

    4. bsmith762001


      Lovely as always. Perfect. Perhaps you could sell those ill fitting pants to @Goddess shar she’s only a few sizes behind you now

  10. Getting ready to color my hair :)






  11. I haven’t posted in awhile! Sorry I’m getting ready for 2 trips next month, Holiday, just ahhh! Trying to plan atleast 10 feedee Videos For next month! Here are some pictures of you forgot what I looked like....







    1. regbill


      I don't know which I like more the bath pics or the pics of you in that skirt.:) Both  of them have their redeeming qualities.;)

  12. Version 1

    I am about to get on cam, and I cant decide what to wear. I try on several outfits and look in the mirror seeing if I like it and what I think will look right. I never notice the camera you hid above me. I just keep trying on outfits while I listen to music and check out my thick bbw body I only use the HIGHEST quality camera (Logitech C930e, which is the newest Logitech available) So, I can ensure you see every stretch mark on my expanding body and bloating on my constantly stuffed belly! As well, as I take my content very seriously, and only want to produce the messiest, round,est, plumpest content I can for you! Please Review if you enjoy! Follow Me, Ill Follow you! Love, The Expanding Kyra Kane


  13. Who ever just bought a clip....thank you so much!!!  Omgoodness! I haven’t sold a video in like 3 days!!! Thank you!😭😭😭😭😭

    1. S77


      the last clips was posted 10 days ago. I have noticed that most of the sales on a clip will happen within the first 3 days, then it starts to trickle down. Random one off sales can happen then sporadically there after on older clips. 1 new clip per week seems to be a good cadence. :)


    2. KyraKane


      I’m hoping to start doing more then that soon. Working on it 👍

  14. I am at a Christmas party and I literally have eating so much I am physically ill.

    1. drted28


      show'em how a Christmas belly needs to be ;)...enjoy hun!!!

    2. Gabbo


      Now that would be a sight to see.

    3. Chimaira10


      You and Goddess Shar should have a stuff off 😄😄😄😄

  15. Hey!

    Its so close to the holiday!

    Whats your fave movie this time of year?

    Whats your favorite song this time of year?

    What did you get this fat piggy for Christmas?




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gabbo


      Looking very, well...fat & mischievous Kyra.

      As for my favourite Christmas movie, probably would be either Bad Santa, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation or Cooper's Camera.

    3. KyraKane


      1 hour ago, Gabbo said:

      Looking very, well...fat & mischievous Kyra.

      As for my favourite Christmas movie, probably would be either Bad Santa, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation or Cooper's Camera.

      Cooperation Camera?!

    4. Gabbo


      Nah, it's Cooper's Camera. It's set in the mid 80's, & it's supposed to look like it's all shot using a video camera. Pretty funny, I reckon it is anyway.

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