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    Interests? Thats easy...I love to stuff My self till I am about to POP, my biggest fetish is knowing you love my plump body as much as I do!

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  1. Waiting on Approval for the NEWEST video.

    So fun to have this story again!!!



    Screenshot 2018-07-14 00.40.46.png

    Screenshot 2018-07-14 00.40.55.png

    Screenshot 2018-07-14 00.41.03.png

    Screenshot 2018-07-14 00.41.15.png

    Screenshot 2018-07-14 00.41.36.png

    Screenshot 2018-07-14 00.41.57.png

  2. Version 1.0.0

    CUSTOM: You come home from a huge stuffing at a buffet. You brag about how much you had and show off your stuffed gut, saying you must be the best eater of all time. Then pretend as if the guy you're talking to just said that he's seen someone who can eat more, replying with something like "What do you mean? There's no way! Look at this gut! I am that fattest, sexiest, biggest eater ever!" Act like they are still insisting they've seen better, getting a bit jealous and telling him that "you'll just have to see about that." Then get something to eat, seeming a bit annoyed that they would say someone was a better eater than you are. You shrug off any comments you made before about how full you are, insisting you have plenty of room. As you eat occasionally ask if you've proven you're the best yet, getting more annoyed when they keep saying they've seen better. As you keep eating to prove you're the best start groaning and showing signs of how full you are, rubbing your belly and getting more annoyed. Saying "You serious? I am a big girl and I feel ready to pop?" Then getting flustered "No I won't actually pop. That doesn't happen. Just shut up and pass me more" As you eat you seem less and less certain, groaning that you can take it and that you're the best eater ever despite being achingly full. One bite left, you eye it for awhile before polishing it off. You start to ask if you're the best again when you stop and rub your stomach. Groaning that you don't feel so good, you start to panic as you realize you've had one bite too many. Ending with you going *POP*


  3. You're gonna be so big by nine months your arms won't reach round the front of you

  4. Just inGood Morning My Curvage Family,

      How is it for everyone today? 

    I just had to say, I am blowing up like a balloon. I’d be nervous I would float away if I wasn’t so stuffed! lol







    1. BBWLover312


      The fuller you get, the better you look.  B)

    2. ylledeuce


      Do you really need that monitor, or did the dr. Just want an excuse to check between your breasts and feel your stomach periodically?  😊 I'm only kidding, I truely hope the pregnancy is going well for you and the little one! You look amazing!!

  5. Waiting for approval!

    FINALLY a NEW Video!!!!


    Screenshot 2018-07-09 00.14.02.png

    Screenshot 2018-07-09 00.14.15.png

    Screenshot 2018-07-09 00.14.23.png

    Screenshot 2018-07-09 00.14.33.png

    Screenshot 2018-07-09 00.14.51.png

    Screenshot 2018-07-09 00.14.59.png

    1. Gabbo


      You're gonna get HUUGE!

  6. Version 1.0.0

    So, I am 3 MONTHS PREGNANT already! I cant believe how quickly the time is going already. My tummy is ballooning out, my tits are already starting to grow and get heavy. I constantly am HUNGRY. I constantly am HORNY. I want you to enjoy this ride with me too, every month I am going to show off my newly plumping pregnant body. Tell you about all the things I am feeling. How swollen my tits are, and how stretched my entire body is prepared to grow. If this is month three I cant wait to see how fertile and large I will be when I am getting ready to pop.


  7. Good Morning My Curvage Family,

      How is it for everyone today? It’s been so HOT here, I am so happy my fat ass has air conditioning!!! 

    Here are some pictures of my growing belly 😁







    1. BBWLover312


      Love all your growing curves !!  :wub:

  8. I hope everyone’s weekend has been amazing!

    i just stuffed my face with such delicious taco pizza!!! Nomnomnomnom 




    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Mine has mostly just been busy with work, but I have the next two days off, so hopefully my "weekend" will be pretty awesome. :D 

      Those pics are SMOLDERING, BTW. 

    2. BBWLover312


      Enjoy !  Love to look at the results. ;)

  9. I’m so excited to be growing so BIG so quickly! I can’t stop eating!!










      Is your belly okay 😭😱

    2. Pmacovereasy


      What have you been eating?

    3. BBWLover312


      Beautiful sexy belly chub !  :wub:

  10. I hope everyone is having an amazing day! I’m craving something and I can’t figure out what it is!! 😭😭😭😭

    life is too hard for this piggy lol





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    2. fb1


      Looking good, hope you're able to work out what you want. Maybe you should eat all that you can until you work it out.

    3. jonkroll


      I think your boobs are craving a bigger bra

    4. ylledeuce


      I've been missing your frequent posts, being a mama in training is time consuming and exhausting isn't it? Your breasts are looking so full and heavy! I can't wait to see your belly get massive. Such a sexy time for you. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  11. Keep in mind that Kyra will havejgust become 4 months pregnant on the 4th of July.  This pregnancy is a Feedees/FA wet dream.  Kane must have planned this pregnancy cuz check this out

    She hits her 7th month during Halloween

    In her 8th month itll be Thanksgiving which means she will be an even more stuffed version of herself than she already is

    And then by her 9th month she will literally be the Christmas Ham.  This is too good for us.  We are not worthy for the Gain we are about to witness.  Im not even ready for this

  12. Hey!! I’m getting fitted for heart monitor tomorrow and should be back to making constant clips soon y’all!

    dont forget about me and my fat pregnant belly!!





    1. Xfinity92


      My God, you look full term already.  This is one insane pregnancy

    2. regbill


      I could forget your stunning curves even if I tried.;)

    3. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      A heart monitor? Hope you're doing okay. 

  13. Waiting for approval on my newest video!  I had too much fun doing this video for a friend, his ideas are incredible!

    Check out the Screenshots and description!!!


    1. Lilith_the_cenobite


      These kinds of vids are fun to make aren’t they? :) 


  14. Version 1.0.0

    Custom for one of my FAVORTIE guys! Okay how about this for the custom You are wearing black leggings/workout pants/shorts, they are tight, if leggings maybe even see through. You also have on a very tight crop top/sports bra. Tease about how big you are, show off you belly/jiggly bum etc, explaining you are in need of a good workout. Go on to explain that a big girl like you doesn't work out like a skinny babe, the 'diet' you are on is to gain weight. You know I like you in your workout gear so you give me a tour, focus on various parts of your outfit, tease me about them, boobs, belly, love handles, booty, arms, crotch, thighs You start your 'workout' by digging into a fattening chocolate cake. There is a short time lapse and you are taking a break having eaten half the cake. You are a little stuffed and rub your belly. Tell me how you love working out for me and the damage I'm doing to your waistline. How if you keep this up youre going to get enormous. You now get on all fours to finish the cake, id like to see nice shots of you big ass, hanging belly and bulging tits, you eat all the cake, knowing it is pleasing me. Once the cake is gone you are fit to pop! Tell me you're so full and you need to take off your tight leggings, which you do (you have a black thong underneath) You sit down, legs apart, rubbing your poor bloated belly, moaning a little. Tell me about how good this workout is and how you can feel the pounds piling on (take it as far as you like and be as dirty as you like) You sit back in the chair, in your bra and thong and have a quick nap Let me know what you think!


  15. Good Morning my Curvage Family.


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    2. horg


      good Morning 

    3. BBWLover312


      It may be morning, but I see a full moon !  ;)

    4. sicsac


      Nice view!

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