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    Interests? Thats easy...I love to stuff My self till I am about to POP, my biggest fetish is knowing you love my plump body as much as I do!

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  1. You've got the 3 Bs going on. Butt, boobs, and belly. Magnificent curves. Keep eating and gaining. You look amazing !  ;)

  2. Good Morning my Curvage Family 





    1. ylledeuce


      Cant wait until you have a big ol' baby bump!! Boobies are looking full!!

  3. I’m dreaming about the video I’m filming Friday🤤🤤🤤




    1. regbill


      It should say it serves two normal people or one hungry BBW.;)

    2. StuffitInn


      Serves one hungry Kyra! Get greedy! Show them its a five bite dessert 🍮


    Sooooooooooo......I have NEWS!

    Sorry I have been so quite!!! 

    I do have a new video coming your way tonight, it’s more domme forward though, but tiny tiny bikini, oily oily belly...stretch marksssss💦💦


    I am pregnant!...like with a human baby...not a food baby 🤣🤣

    Do you like pregnancy fetish stuff? 

    Do you like that my tummy is going to get so swollen and hard and full like I’m going to fucking pop!? 

    Do you like that I have already gone up a cup size?!??!!?!!?!








    1. yuiop



    2. ylledeuce


      Congratulations!  You are going to have so much fun during the next 9 months!! How is it possible for your breasts to have gained a cup size already?? You are going to get so HUGE! Fetishes during and after please! I can't wait to see how much milk you produce, it's going to be EPIC...

    3. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Congratulations! WIshing you well and looking forward to your new content. :D 

  5. Good Morning My Curvage Family!

    I’ve been so sick, and apparently it was for a reason....I am about to get really really big...especially in the tummy...they say my boobs will grow too 🙈🙈🙈🙈

    Also, I did my first stick video! I’m nervous but I hope you love it! 

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    2. Taytay


      Awww YAY CONGRATULATIONS KYRA!!excited tampa bay rays GIF by MLB

    3. Bootymann77


      Wow, shes going to be the biggest pregnant girl of all time

    4. Gabbo


      Congrats are in order Kyra, now you're gonna be even more greedier than usual.

  6. Version 1.0.0

    I started making dinner an hour or two ago...the crock pot is really starting to smell delicious. I cant help it that my mouth begins to water with every smell. My stomach immediatley growls begging for me to fill it. I know that dinner will be done so soon. I DONT need to give into my fat heavy belly. I cant wait, but my huge piggy body cant stop telling me I need more. I eventually cant help it. I need to be stuffing my round plump face, snacking and piling more and more food. I start out eating chips with delicious cheese dip, after a while of snacking, I know I dont need anymore, but it tastes so good. Licking my lips and chewing is what feels normal to me, not overeating feels weird. I put it back and try and go about what I am doing...but again. I get hunger..really really hunger. As if I have not eaten in days. I grab oreos. This chubby princess gets instatnly happy when the sugary chocolatey cookie goes down my throat...after a awhile...I have to STOP!... No matter what I do, my heavy and cellulite filled feedee figure will not be satisified, I keep finding myself looking for more and more food. I have no control, and it taste so good. I love seeing myself fighting, my brain telling me its enough, but I have stretched my stomach so much, its as if I can never get stuffed.


  7. Good Morning My Curvage Family!

    I am so sorry for all the flakiness. I am editing a video while I’m in the hospital for y’all lol


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    2. regbill


      I hope you feel better soon.

    3. Mike Rotch

      Mike Rotch

      Yikes, you've had a pretty bad go of it lately.  I hope you get well quickly.

    4. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Yeah, no need to apologize, sounds like you've been through some shit. Hope you're doing better! 

  8. That video of "Your a Pig, Im a Pig" is some of your best stuff.  You were such a Gluttonous Fat Whore in that video.  The way that LA top barely fits your Tits, the way you burp throughout that video and rub your belly was some Grade A shit Big Gurl !!!

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    2. Bootymann77


      Look its a Free country the last time i checked and freedom of speech is still on the table KFD.  Telling me to slow ny role, you my daddy or something? shit.  Do me a favor motherfuck, mind your own business, ok thanks :)

    3. lovelymeow555


      I've never seen someone walk so unknowingly into a banhammer so quickly...

    4. KFD


      Somebody "done fucked up AA Ron "pretty hard. 

  9. Last week I bought a dozen doughnuts for a custom video...I accidentally ate them all, then I bought a big thing of cookies...and I ate them all...so I bought another thing! They are almost gone!!! 😫😫😫😫 0 control!



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    2. henke26


      hopes you enjoyed them:)

    3. Bootymann77


      0 control is right.  Hence all the back fat and cellulite.  Shoveling plate after plate of food and sweets to your Fat face.  Nobody wants to see that except us loyal FA who love the sight of you becoming more of a Bbw than you already are

    4. ZacharyStaggers0094


      Must have been some serious cravings lol

  10. Good Morning my Curvage Family!

    How many rolls does it take to get to the center of a Kyra lollipop?



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    2. regbill


      I would love to find out the answer to that question.:D

    3. ylledeuce


      How many rolls....or how many licks? This is what you look like when you wake up? :D WOW! So hot!

    4. Bootymann77


      I wanna be so gross and disgusting on finding that out baby.  Youve turned into Sweet Fat Bitch Kyra

  11. FINALLY! 

    NEW Update!

    I have a Curvage approved video for yall! I am sorry it took so long. I thought this was a really fun concept. I hope yall like it...LOTS of Screenshots...

    Spying On Piggy StepSister Snapping Her Feeder

    Just waiting for approval!

    Screenshot 2018-04-05 17.46.10.png

    Screenshot 2018-04-05 17.46.18.png

    Screenshot 2018-04-05 17.46.52.png

    Screenshot 2018-04-05 17.47.08.png

    Screenshot 2018-04-05 17.48.16.png

    Screenshot 2018-04-05 17.54.01.png



      Belly need good rub and lots more food 

    2. Taytay


      Well i have got to love a video with lots of screenshots!! haha..

    3. John Smith

      John Smith

      You're becoming so huuu-ge. :) 😍

  12. Version 1.0.0

    You still cant believe how plump your step sister is getting, so round, body dimpled with cellulite. The one time you finally decide to set up a camera to spy on her, wanting to watch her fatten herself up, she has to be constantly eating. You had to set the camera up again, you had to keep watching , you needed more, you cant stop craving her huge thunder thighs. Once you check the footage, you see she is about to eat AGAIN. So you watch, only to find out. She is eating for her FEEDER. Snapping him, telling him what a good little piggy she is, how she loves when he makes her eat. Rubbing her belly, snacking on pudding, constantly showing off how full she is getting. She IS being a good fucking pig, making her body take every calorie he says, you want to be her feeder, you want to watch her grow and grow and grow. Once she finishes the pudding, she stands up to send the last snap to her amazing feeder, showing her bloated belly, jiggling and pulling on her rolls. If you like this, you may also enjoy these clips: Growing Step Sister Caught Stuffing Sneaking a Public Stuffing 3lbs Chocolate Parfait Challenge I only use the HIGHEST quality camera (Logitech C930e, which is the newest Logitech available) So, I can ensure you see every stretchmarkon my expanding body and bloating on my constantly stuffed belly! As well, as I take my content very seriously, and only want to produce the messiest, round, plump content I can for you! Please Review if you enjoy! Follow Me, Ill Follow you! Love, The Expanding Kyra Kane


  13. Good Afteroon My Curvage Family....I need someone to come rub my belly...pretty please? 










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    2. regbill


      If I was there you would only have to ask once.;)

    3. henke26


      wonderful belly!:)

    4. MotoBelly


      Your belly is gorgeous!!!!

  14. Hey! What’s everyone eating for lunch today?




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    2. Bootymann77


      Hopefully YOU one day for a very fullfilling lunch

    3. jakemcduck


      I had pizza. 

  15. I’m alive!



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    2. loppy2154


      Oh you look very alive!!  Sexy too!!

    3. bsmith762001


      Those tits are a work of art.  So lovely.  They’re pixel viagra

    4. Gabbo


      Alive & well, excellent to have you back.