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    The Expansion of Emily

    great to see this is back
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    A soccer girl no more

    Chapter 5 Positioned on the couch for the large part of the day, Layla had made her way through a whole bucket of KFC and a large tub of ice cream. Three months had past since her weigh in at the mall and Layla had not slowed down on her extreme high calorie diet. She now weighed over 250 pounds as she continued to enjoy her sedentary lifestyle. Feeling the bottom of the bucket with her chubby hand, Layla still didn't feel satisfied. Remembering the packet of chips in her cupboard in her bedroom upstairs, Layla rolled over and began to make the trek to her bed room. Half way up the stairs she was struggling, as her breath was ragged and she could feel her legs burning. ‘Man I'm so fucking fat now’ gasped Layla as she used the rail to pull herself up. Not yet ready to attempt the stairs again Layla happily ate the chips on her bed before sleeping for the rest of the day. This lifestyle had become the norm for Layla who's days now consisted of eating, sleeping and being fucked by Logan. A lifestyle that Layla knew she was enjoying too much. Beginning to feel peckish Layla rolled over and grabbed her phone for the bedside table. Scrolling to the Dominos app she ordered a large meat lovers deluxe pizza, garlic bread and a large coke. Im not out of control she thought to herself, but deep down she knew she was, but that thought just kept going to the back off her mind when she felt her tummy rumble. Dosing off she was awakened a text on her phone. It was from Logan, ‘Hey hows everything going, wanna chat to you about something tomorrow, nothing bad. Hope your eating well xx. Layla was puzzled i wonder what he could be up to. A loud knock on the door notified Layla that her Pizza delivery was here, Layla hauled herself off the bed and steadied herself on her feet. Another knock came from the door “coming” yelled Layla as she hurried down the stairs feeling her belly and E cup breasts bounce as she attempted to run down the stairs. Reaching the bottom Layla was breathing heavily as she pulled down her shirt that had ridden up exposing her fat pale belly. Paying the young Pizza deliverer Layla spent the rest of the day suffering her self silly on the couch down stairs as she couldn't be bothered attempting the stairs again at the moment. The next day Layla pulled up out the front of Logan’s place, using handle the above the door to pull herself up out of the car and waddled to Logan’s door she knocked on Logan’s door, still burning with curiosity on what he had to tell her. Logan opened the door and kissed Layla on the cheek before welcoming her. After getting her food, Logan was straight to the point. “Would you want to move in with me Layla” asked Logan. “Oh yes” Layla exclaimed that would be so great. “Im about breaking point with my parents” she said “and there is so much fast food around here this is gonna be great” Layla squealed. “Pizza” asked Logan, “Yes please” exclaimed Layla all ready looking forward to moving in so much. A few weeks later Layla lay on the couch at their place having her daily midday siesta, she had already devoured a large fattening breakfast cooked by Logan before he left for work. She had spent the last few hours sleeping off her large meal and was now feeling peckish for lunch. Since moving in with Logan the amount of available junk food had increased exponentially. Rubbing her now large gut she decided on the local fish and chip shop for todays lunch. Reaching over she grabbed her mobile in her chubby hand and dialled up the shop. “Glenhuntly fish and chips” answered and chirpy man, “hi can i have one fired flake, a medium chips, two savs in batter, three calamari rings and a large coke said Layla. “No worries that will be 15 minutes” replied the man as she hung up. ‘Fuck I'm such a fucking fat fuck now’ thought Layla as she made her way to her car to grab lunch. Despite being less than three minutes from her house Layla preferred to drive as she now avoided as much physical activity as possible. Her clothes were again becoming too tight for her as she continued to grow out of almost everything Logan had bought her only a few months ago. Back home after picking up her massive order of food she began stuffing the herself with her feast. Layla first devoured the calamari rings and the savs before making her way through the flake and chips washing it all down with sugary coke. Laying back she rubbed her greasy hands all over her stuffed belly feeling how tight it was under the layer of chub that encompassed her body. Her chubby fingers then glided around her belly and into her fat pussy pleasuring her self contently. Im a soccer girl no more she thought as she continued to pleasure herself.
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    Need a thread Deleted

    Cheers Mate 👍
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    Need a thread Deleted

    Hey if you could delete the thread on this link that would be great thanks.
  5. Thanks for the responses guys, this does confirm kinda what I already thought, its wrong but 'kind of' okay on this site. I may take these down sometime, but i will see. I respect that you took the time to answer thoughtfully.
  6. Its coming up a year now that I've been posting on this site now. Ive been posting mainly in the curvy girl compilation thread and its something i have enjoyed doing. But every time i go on social media and copy photos, deep down a feel like i really shouldn't be doing this. I know its a common thing on this site so not criticising anyone but would be interested to here other people thoughts. Cheers
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    Looking for a story

    Enjoyed a Wg story on here about a women getting fat to get off work It had about 6 part with most of it on deviant art Ive looked through for it for ages but still can't find it
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    Wifely Wait

    I am Really impressed by this one really hope you continue it
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    Stories You Keep Coming Back to

    That one was one of the first ones i found real nice simple story
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    A soccer girl no more

    Things between Layla and Logan had been going extremely well in the the past few weeks. Officially becoming a couple the two where as close as ever. Layla’s mobility was improving and to her delight she was able walk small distances. Her weight was still increasing as both Logan and her self made sure her belly was always full. Layla was finally forced to replace her old pink bikini which had finally fallen victim to her increased poundage. much to Logan’s dismay. Layla had also out grown almost all her clothes again. She had spent the last few weeks in mainly trackies and hoodies. Which where now feeling quite tight across her large belly and round soft ass. Logan had suggested that it might be time for a new wardrobe for Layla. They decided to go to the mall the next day. In the morning Layla struggled to pull her trackies over her soft thighs feeling the tight fabric just fitting over her legs. Logan picked Layla up and they drove to the mall, they stopped at McDonalds on the way as Layla got her first breakfast for the morning. She ordered two sausage McMuffins, three hash browns and a large Mocca. Digging into her first fattening meal of the day Layla’s shirt began to rise up revealing a pale slit of belly fat. “You know medium sized shirts used to be loose on me, before the accident” remarked Layla as she finished the last of her meal. “Now even large ones cant cover my belly. “Might be time to go up to xl” remarked Logan. “Yeah we’ll if i keep eating like this I'm gonna end up fat as a house soon” sighed Layla. “Yeah well you could go on a diet if you want” said Logan. “Nah fuck that” laughed Layla. Layla was successful in finding some large clothing to accomodate her expanding body. This was a relief because the last few weeks had been uncomfortable for her. Her parents where refusing to buy her any new clothes as they were aware that Layla was making no attempt to lose weight, just sitting on her ass eating all day. Layla was noticing the effects of her lazy ways as she was feeling out of breath and tried after just walking around the shopping mall. She could feel her thighs rubbing together forcing her to walk with her legs further apart than she was used to. Her belly and large boobs bounced unevenly as she struggled to keep up with Logan. Shopping at the plus sized stores she was able to find some nice xl tops and jeans. She also decided to buy some xxl sweats and hoodies after Logan convinced her, just in case. Feeling rather exhausted Layla was happy to plop herself down in the food court. “Hey can you you get me some lunch" she asked. Logan looked down at his obese girlfriend. Layla’s pretty features were now softer, although her black hair and dark eyebrows still looked the same. She rested a hand on her large gut which spread over her legs. Logan returned with a large kebab and a huge plate of Indian butter chicken curry. Layla smiled as Logan place the food down in front of her. “You know me to well” laughed Layla as she dug into the curry. Like a girl on a mission Layla devoured her meal in record place. Only pausing to sip on her drink every so often. Feeling full and satisfied Layla heaved herself onto her feet as she waddled back towards the car. Near the edge of the mall there was one of the gold coin donation scales. Layla feed two coins in then hopped up onto the scale. “Oh my god” said Layla as 106 kilos (234) pounds stared back at her on the screen. Logan was even shocked he new Layla had grown but this seemed to be taking things to a new level.
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    A soccer girl no more

    Ah Yes sorry I must have missed that in the proof read
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    A soccer girl no more

    Chapter 3 Lying in her hospital bed for the last time, Layla rubbed her soft belly and thought about her decisions she made during her stay in hospital. While her stay had almost mended her leg, it had also added 30 pounds of fat to her once athletic body. At first Layla honestly didn’t realise she was gaining weight, later she didn't think much about it, but the last few weeks had been hard to ignore. The nagging moments from her parents and the stern advice from the doctor were hard for her to take. Yet Layla still felt compelled to stuff her chubby face full of greasy junk food as many days as she could. She had upsettingly confessed this to Logan who managed to keep his true feelings covered as he assured that she could get back to the top if she wanted to. Feeling slightly unsettled Layla looked over to her bedside where the large box of favourites had been given from the hospital to long term patients like herself. In her head she instantly told her self didn’t need them as she lifted her belly and plopped it on her thighs and watched them jiggle. Then for some reason she felt a wave of strange pride sweep over as she looked over and rubbed fat body. ‘Fuck it’ she thought I may just enjoy one more snack. She then proceeded to demolish the whole box. Although Layla had been home for a week she didn't have her casts off so she was still confined to the wheel chair, couch or bed. Her junk food addiction was still going strong and with her parents both working full time there was plenty of time to pig out. Logan now on work break would come over every day bringing Layla a fattening feast. Through there time spent together both Logan and Layla were now more than just friends. Although Logan could not bring himself to tell Layla what he truly thought about her. After a make out session and Layla stuffing her self to the brim. Logan would clean up for his new girlfriend while she lay asleep on the couch, with her pale creamy belly flopped out on her lap. The day had come for Layla to lose her casts and start rehab. Sitting in the doctors office, the bottom of her t shirt failed to fully cover her belly. Revealing her now deep belly button and soft spare tire to the world. After removing her cast and setting out her rehab instructions, he urged her to lose weight and change her diet saying her rehab would be more difficult and her health may be affected. After leaving Layla was surprised how big and soft her legs were compared to the ones she had when she was playing soccer. Although she doubted there was much muscle in them. Frequent rehab trips meant she was able to achieve movement in her ankles and knees but her increased weight meant she was struggling with weight baring. The physio recommended hydrotherapy to help her legs get used to walking under light weight. Luckily Layla’s family had the perfect pool for this, Her parents had asked Logan to come over and help Layla with the Hydrotherapy because they had to work. Tyler agreed and came over the next day. He had hardly slept due to the thought of Layla in a bikini. Tyler came round in the morning with two large pizzas for lunch later, he almost dropped them as he saw Layla sitting by the pool in her old bikini that definitely not been updated since last year. Rolls upon rolls of flesh oozed out from under the tiny pink bikini. Her soft D cups threatened to spill out of her top, sitting on the upper roll of her now generous belly. “You look absolutely stunning” is all Logan could manage as he hugged and kissed her.
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    A soccer girl no more

    Chapter 2 Although Layla was still bored with her life in hospital she had gotten used to lazing about all day and eating. Being so active before the accident it took Layla a while to get used to not being active. She had been in hospital for over two weeks and she was eating very well. Her room in the hospital was well stocked now with chocolate, chips and lollies. Logan and her parents were still bringing daily fast food, which Layla always made sure she polished off. Because of the loose clothes she wore it was hard to notice any changes to her body, but due to being completely inactive and consuming large amounts of high calorie food, changes were beginning to take place. After another day of watching Netflix Layla was delighted to see that Logan had dropped in for another unexpected visit. She instantly looked to see if he was carrying anything and to her delight he was. He sat down by her bedside and handed her the large burger meal with extra fries which she grabbed with delight. ‘Has she gotten chubbier’ thought Logan, unsure if it was just the light making her face look softer. Logan had been a closet FA for years but had never tried anything with Layla knowing how much she adored her sport. But the food he bought her at the moment seemed to cheer her up so much that he thought he could keep going with this. Layla had gotten used to going to sleep feeling over full. A feeling that Layla was guilty enjoying. The next time Logan came to see Layla he was sure she was putting on weight. Her face now seemed rounder and fuller with the hint of a double chin evident. While it was hard to see if Layla’s body had expanded he imagined her muscle from sport would be slowly melting away and returning as a soft layer of fat on her body. Now up to one month in hospital Layla was beginning to notice that she was getting a bit chubby. Her underwear was becoming uncomfortably tight so she often didn't where any underneath her clothes, and she could feel her belly was becoming softer as she often liked to rub it after a big meal. Her parents were also noticing her weight gain and had started to buy her less fast food and treats. This made Layla upset and they argued. Saying that they were concerned about her recovery and her chances of making the national team next year. Layla angrily told them that it didn't concern her and she was happier eating and could lose the weight when she recovered. Two weeks later she was able to be in a wheel chair for short amounts of time, although see was to remain in hospital for another two weeks. Her weight still went up as she was now looking extra chubby. The doctors had to readjust her casts as they had began to become to tight around her legs. Logan was her main source of junk food now as her parents refused to buy it for her. Logan could now take her down to the McDonalds and she would devour a large meal and take one back to her hospital bed. When sitting in the wheelchair she could feel her new belly bunching into rolls and sitting on her lap. Her return to the soccer field was drifting further away for Layla as her priorities were changing about what was important in her life.
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    A soccer girl no more

    A soccer girl no more A new story I've wrote this is the first part and has no weight gain but this will come. Feedback would be good as the story is still developing I don't consider myself a talented writer but hopefully its readable. Before her accident Layla was one of the most talented soccer players in her region. The 18 year old was targeted by talent scouts as a future star for her country. Quick across the pitch and possessing silky skills she would star for her local womens team and had played many representative matches. Layla was 5’6 with long black hair which contrasted her pale skin. She had what some would call a strong body of a young athlete. Layla was also well endowed with round perky C cups and a nice firm ass. Fairly popular, she had a large group of friends and a few short term boyfriends. One of her closest friend was Logan who she had known since play group. They both played soccer together before Layla joined the womens teams a few years ago. Layla was returning from one of her first trainings of the year. As she pulled out onto the freeway on her way home, she failed to head check properly, as a semi trailer roared past. The impact threw her car sideways and onto its side. All Layla remembered was feeling a horrible pain in her legs before she fell unconscious……Layla awoke groggily to her mother, father and a doctor by her side. The next few hours where very emotional for all of them. After many hugs and fits of crying from Layla and her mother the doctor came back and told her how bad her injuries were. He told her that while she had no permeant injuries both her legs had been crushed in the accident and she would be unable to walk for months. This news was devastating for Layla as she was hoping to make the national team this year. Greatly upset she didn't talk to anyone for the next few days as she couldn't believe she was unable to play soccer for a whole year. The next few days went by and her disappointment slowly subsided into boredom. Friends came to visit her every few days which was nice but it was hard as there was only so much to talk about. Logan came into see her every few days. He felt sad for her so he would always bring in a little treat for her from the Mcdonalds just down the street. Layla enjoyed this as while the hospital food wasn't bad, she really did enjoy a little fast food treat. She even asked Logan to make sure he brought the same next time. The next few weeks dragged on, she was becoming very restless as there is only so many movies and youtube videos someone can watch. She was looking forward to Logan’s food so much that she started to ask her friends and parents to bring her extra treats. Having extra tasty food always lying around definitely helped the days go quicker for her. A box of chocolates, fizzy drink and almost daily McDonalds where soon added to the normal hospital food she ate throughout the day. Her parents were wanting there daughter to be happy though this difficult time, so they went and got what she desired. She found that the little Mcdonalds snacks were not filling enough so she asked Logan and her parents to buy a full large meal for her. More content with her life at the moment, soccer was far from her mind now as she dug into her Big Mac.
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    Fattening Up

    Fattening Up Part 4 Not sure if this will be the last chapter. Excuse my poor spelling. Feedback always appreciated. Their journey across the US from the west coast to east had been a very eventful one. Taking a leisurely 5 weeks to cross America, Mel Amanda and Elsie had taken their gaining to another level, with the help of Jeremy. All three girls were now weighing in at around the 260 mark and looking every pound. With bellies that now hung over their waistbands. Mel and Elise were now supporting genuine shelf like asses that stuck out well behind the girls and turned more than a few heads on their road trip. Before leaving LA the girls had an idea to stop at every road house or fast food joint that they in counted. This was one of the three managed to pile on so much weight in such little time, the other being that they rarely walked far at all from the car unless absolutely necessary. Basically eating as much as possible while doing as little physical exercise as possible. Amanda and Jeremy were still going strong together, enjoying their romantic travels and feeding. Jeremy was turning up the heat with Amanda and her waist line. Buying massive amounts of food at every opportunity and funnel feeding her every night with weight gain shake. The effects this was having on Amanda were extremely obvious her belly threatened to form a second roll as it flopped on her legs when she sat, her upper arms now flabby and wobbly and beginning to pucker around her elbows. Amanda's face was now fully and chubby supported by her thick neck. Her weight had climbed beyond 280 pounds a steaming full forward towards 300. The four were traveling to Miami indulging for another two months before heading their seperate ways. They were halfway across the country in Texas. After sampling the large greasy delicious texan meals the girls decided to stay a few nights just so they could enjoy the food. Mel, Elise and Amanda had just finished their fourth meal before 2 o’clock and staggered back into their motel where they were staying. Jeremy was out visiting a friend he knew from these parts so the girls had the day together. After passing out into a food coma for 2 hours, Elise started pouring vodka shots for all three. Revived from their nap the girls began downing the vodka while they lazed on their beds talking and laughing. In no time the bottle was nearly empty and the girls were staggering around the room half naked. All three were modelling their soft bodies that where purely the result of their recent and unrestrained gluttony. The three would have been a sight to anyone as they danced around with there overfed obese bodies jiggling everywhere. They soon passed out together in the bed. They soon left the next morning but not after they polished off a huge texan breakfast to cure their hangover. Amanda was the first to pass 300 pounds just before they arrived in Miami due to Jeremy's aggressive feeding. Her thick apron like belly was beginning to split into to distinct rolls now as her gut began to droop lower. Jeremy spent time each night rubbing oil into her belly and thighs to stop the rapid spread of stretch marks that threatened to spread over her body. Jeremy's other routine was his nightly funnel feed with Amanda. The mix of full cream milk, weight gain powder and heavy cream fuelled Amanda’s already stuffed belly driving her weight higher. Mel and Elise were also not letting up on their weight either as the two passed the 300 mark not long after they arrived in Miami. All three girls were living out there new sedentary lives to the fullest most of the times on the couch or in bed. Ordering eat in take away was their favourite, either pizza, Chinese or Indian food. Twice week one of the girls would order a cake from the Cake parlour down the street. The three would polish of two of these a week now, as all three girls where truly slaves to their own gluttony as more fat found its way on to the three extremely well fed beauties. Mel was finding that even if she wanted to stop her gaining, she was powerless against greedy hunger that called for her belly to be constantly full of rich fattening food. She was also finding that getting off the couch was becoming more of a challenge for her, as were other relatively simple tasks, finding that she was becoming out of breath very easily. This did concern her, but the thought was pushed to the back of her mind once she felt her ravenous belly rumble. Elise and Amanda were also experiencing similar problems due to their rapidly increasing girth. Elise had still been keeping in touch with Leo from the Gold Coast. He was delighted by Elise’s weight as the snapchats she sent him showed her rapidly expanding body. They had been talking every night and Leo had suggested that Elise should come live with him on the Gold Coast. She delightedly told him she would. She had fallen for Leo now and she new that he was who she wanted to be with. She broke the news to Mel and Amanda the next day, they both were so happy for Elise. The three also sadly realised there time together was coming to an end. At the end of the month Elise would fly back to the Gold Coast while Amanda would remain with Jeremy in the USA for the time being. Mel decided to return to Cliffside. The three new that this may happen so they spent there last weeks enjoying stuffing themselves to the absolute limits. They also made plans to visit each other. Before they went there seperate ways. Knowing to well that the next time they saw each other they would be bigger then they were now.