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  1. Looking for a story

    Enjoyed a Wg story on here about a women getting fat to get off work It had about 6 part with most of it on deviant art Ive looked through for it for ages but still can't find it
  2. Wifely Wait

    I am Really impressed by this one really hope you continue it
  3. Stories You Keep Coming Back to

    That one was one of the first ones i found real nice simple story
  4. A soccer girl no more

    Things between Layla and Logan had been going extremely well in the the past few weeks. Officially becoming a couple the two where as close as ever. Layla’s mobility was improving and to her delight she was able walk small distances. Her weight was still increasing as both Logan and her self made sure her belly was always full. Layla was finally forced to replace her old pink bikini which had finally fallen victim to her increased poundage. much to Logan’s dismay. Layla had also out grown almost all her clothes again. She had spent the last few weeks in mainly trackies and hoodies. Which where now feeling quite tight across her large belly and round soft ass. Logan had suggested that it might be time for a new wardrobe for Layla. They decided to go to the mall the next day. In the morning Layla struggled to pull her trackies over her soft thighs feeling the tight fabric just fitting over her legs. Logan picked Layla up and they drove to the mall, they stopped at McDonalds on the way as Layla got her first breakfast for the morning. She ordered two sausage McMuffins, three hash browns and a large Mocca. Digging into her first fattening meal of the day Layla’s shirt began to rise up revealing a pale slit of belly fat. “You know medium sized shirts used to be loose on me, before the accident” remarked Layla as she finished the last of her meal. “Now even large ones cant cover my belly. “Might be time to go up to xl” remarked Logan. “Yeah we’ll if i keep eating like this I'm gonna end up fat as a house soon” sighed Layla. “Yeah well you could go on a diet if you want” said Logan. “Nah fuck that” laughed Layla. Layla was successful in finding some large clothing to accomodate her expanding body. This was a relief because the last few weeks had been uncomfortable for her. Her parents where refusing to buy her any new clothes as they were aware that Layla was making no attempt to lose weight, just sitting on her ass eating all day. Layla was noticing the effects of her lazy ways as she was feeling out of breath and tried after just walking around the shopping mall. She could feel her thighs rubbing together forcing her to walk with her legs further apart than she was used to. Her belly and large boobs bounced unevenly as she struggled to keep up with Logan. Shopping at the plus sized stores she was able to find some nice xl tops and jeans. She also decided to buy some xxl sweats and hoodies after Logan convinced her, just in case. Feeling rather exhausted Layla was happy to plop herself down in the food court. “Hey can you you get me some lunch" she asked. Logan looked down at his obese girlfriend. Layla’s pretty features were now softer, although her black hair and dark eyebrows still looked the same. She rested a hand on her large gut which spread over her legs. Logan returned with a large kebab and a huge plate of Indian butter chicken curry. Layla smiled as Logan place the food down in front of her. “You know me to well” laughed Layla as she dug into the curry. Like a girl on a mission Layla devoured her meal in record place. Only pausing to sip on her drink every so often. Feeling full and satisfied Layla heaved herself onto her feet as she waddled back towards the car. Near the edge of the mall there was one of the gold coin donation scales. Layla feed two coins in then hopped up onto the scale. “Oh my god” said Layla as 106 kilos (234) pounds stared back at her on the screen. Logan was even shocked he new Layla had grown but this seemed to be taking things to a new level.
  5. A soccer girl no more

    Ah Yes sorry I must have missed that in the proof read
  6. A soccer girl no more

    Chapter 3 Lying in her hospital bed for the last time, Layla rubbed her soft belly and thought about her decisions she made during her stay in hospital. While her stay had almost mended her leg, it had also added 30 pounds of fat to her once athletic body. At first Layla honestly didn’t realise she was gaining weight, later she didn't think much about it, but the last few weeks had been hard to ignore. The nagging moments from her parents and the stern advice from the doctor were hard for her to take. Yet Layla still felt compelled to stuff her chubby face full of greasy junk food as many days as she could. She had upsettingly confessed this to Logan who managed to keep his true feelings covered as he assured that she could get back to the top if she wanted to. Feeling slightly unsettled Layla looked over to her bedside where the large box of favourites had been given from the hospital to long term patients like herself. In her head she instantly told her self didn’t need them as she lifted her belly and plopped it on her thighs and watched them jiggle. Then for some reason she felt a wave of strange pride sweep over as she looked over and rubbed fat body. ‘Fuck it’ she thought I may just enjoy one more snack. She then proceeded to demolish the whole box. Although Layla had been home for a week she didn't have her casts off so she was still confined to the wheel chair, couch or bed. Her junk food addiction was still going strong and with her parents both working full time there was plenty of time to pig out. Logan now on work break would come over every day bringing Layla a fattening feast. Through there time spent together both Logan and Layla were now more than just friends. Although Logan could not bring himself to tell Layla what he truly thought about her. After a make out session and Layla stuffing her self to the brim. Logan would clean up for his new girlfriend while she lay asleep on the couch, with her pale creamy belly flopped out on her lap. The day had come for Layla to lose her casts and start rehab. Sitting in the doctors office, the bottom of her t shirt failed to fully cover her belly. Revealing her now deep belly button and soft spare tire to the world. After removing her cast and setting out her rehab instructions, he urged her to lose weight and change her diet saying her rehab would be more difficult and her health may be affected. After leaving Layla was surprised how big and soft her legs were compared to the ones she had when she was playing soccer. Although she doubted there was much muscle in them. Frequent rehab trips meant she was able to achieve movement in her ankles and knees but her increased weight meant she was struggling with weight baring. The physio recommended hydrotherapy to help her legs get used to walking under light weight. Luckily Layla’s family had the perfect pool for this, Her parents had asked Logan to come over and help Layla with the Hydrotherapy because they had to work. Tyler agreed and came over the next day. He had hardly slept due to the thought of Layla in a bikini. Tyler came round in the morning with two large pizzas for lunch later, he almost dropped them as he saw Layla sitting by the pool in her old bikini that definitely not been updated since last year. Rolls upon rolls of flesh oozed out from under the tiny pink bikini. Her soft D cups threatened to spill out of her top, sitting on the upper roll of her now generous belly. “You look absolutely stunning” is all Logan could manage as he hugged and kissed her.
  7. A soccer girl no more

    Chapter 2 Although Layla was still bored with her life in hospital she had gotten used to lazing about all day and eating. Being so active before the accident it took Layla a while to get used to not being active. She had been in hospital for over two weeks and she was eating very well. Her room in the hospital was well stocked now with chocolate, chips and lollies. Logan and her parents were still bringing daily fast food, which Layla always made sure she polished off. Because of the loose clothes she wore it was hard to notice any changes to her body, but due to being completely inactive and consuming large amounts of high calorie food, changes were beginning to take place. After another day of watching Netflix Layla was delighted to see that Logan had dropped in for another unexpected visit. She instantly looked to see if he was carrying anything and to her delight he was. He sat down by her bedside and handed her the large burger meal with extra fries which she grabbed with delight. ‘Has she gotten chubbier’ thought Logan, unsure if it was just the light making her face look softer. Logan had been a closet FA for years but had never tried anything with Layla knowing how much she adored her sport. But the food he bought her at the moment seemed to cheer her up so much that he thought he could keep going with this. Layla had gotten used to going to sleep feeling over full. A feeling that Layla was guilty enjoying. The next time Logan came to see Layla he was sure she was putting on weight. Her face now seemed rounder and fuller with the hint of a double chin evident. While it was hard to see if Layla’s body had expanded he imagined her muscle from sport would be slowly melting away and returning as a soft layer of fat on her body. Now up to one month in hospital Layla was beginning to notice that she was getting a bit chubby. Her underwear was becoming uncomfortably tight so she often didn't where any underneath her clothes, and she could feel her belly was becoming softer as she often liked to rub it after a big meal. Her parents were also noticing her weight gain and had started to buy her less fast food and treats. This made Layla upset and they argued. Saying that they were concerned about her recovery and her chances of making the national team next year. Layla angrily told them that it didn't concern her and she was happier eating and could lose the weight when she recovered. Two weeks later she was able to be in a wheel chair for short amounts of time, although see was to remain in hospital for another two weeks. Her weight still went up as she was now looking extra chubby. The doctors had to readjust her casts as they had began to become to tight around her legs. Logan was her main source of junk food now as her parents refused to buy it for her. Logan could now take her down to the McDonalds and she would devour a large meal and take one back to her hospital bed. When sitting in the wheelchair she could feel her new belly bunching into rolls and sitting on her lap. Her return to the soccer field was drifting further away for Layla as her priorities were changing about what was important in her life.
  8. A soccer girl no more

    A soccer girl no more A new story I've wrote this is the first part and has no weight gain but this will come. Feedback would be good as the story is still developing I don't consider myself a talented writer but hopefully its readable. Before her accident Layla was one of the most talented soccer players in her region. The 18 year old was targeted by talent scouts as a future star for her country. Quick across the pitch and possessing silky skills she would star for her local womens team and had played many representative matches. Layla was 5’6 with long black hair which contrasted her pale skin. She had what some would call a strong body of a young athlete. Layla was also well endowed with round perky C cups and a nice firm ass. Fairly popular, she had a large group of friends and a few short term boyfriends. One of her closest friend was Logan who she had known since play group. They both played soccer together before Layla joined the womens teams a few years ago. Layla was returning from one of her first trainings of the year. As she pulled out onto the freeway on her way home, she failed to head check properly, as a semi trailer roared past. The impact threw her car sideways and onto its side. All Layla remembered was feeling a horrible pain in her legs before she fell unconscious……Layla awoke groggily to her mother, father and a doctor by her side. The next few hours where very emotional for all of them. After many hugs and fits of crying from Layla and her mother the doctor came back and told her how bad her injuries were. He told her that while she had no permeant injuries both her legs had been crushed in the accident and she would be unable to walk for months. This news was devastating for Layla as she was hoping to make the national team this year. Greatly upset she didn't talk to anyone for the next few days as she couldn't believe she was unable to play soccer for a whole year. The next few days went by and her disappointment slowly subsided into boredom. Friends came to visit her every few days which was nice but it was hard as there was only so much to talk about. Logan came into see her every few days. He felt sad for her so he would always bring in a little treat for her from the Mcdonalds just down the street. Layla enjoyed this as while the hospital food wasn't bad, she really did enjoy a little fast food treat. She even asked Logan to make sure he brought the same next time. The next few weeks dragged on, she was becoming very restless as there is only so many movies and youtube videos someone can watch. She was looking forward to Logan’s food so much that she started to ask her friends and parents to bring her extra treats. Having extra tasty food always lying around definitely helped the days go quicker for her. A box of chocolates, fizzy drink and almost daily McDonalds where soon added to the normal hospital food she ate throughout the day. Her parents were wanting there daughter to be happy though this difficult time, so they went and got what she desired. She found that the little Mcdonalds snacks were not filling enough so she asked Logan and her parents to buy a full large meal for her. More content with her life at the moment, soccer was far from her mind now as she dug into her Big Mac.
  9. Fattening Up

    Fattening Up Part 4 Not sure if this will be the last chapter. Excuse my poor spelling. Feedback always appreciated. Their journey across the US from the west coast to east had been a very eventful one. Taking a leisurely 5 weeks to cross America, Mel Amanda and Elsie had taken their gaining to another level, with the help of Jeremy. All three girls were now weighing in at around the 260 mark and looking every pound. With bellies that now hung over their waistbands. Mel and Elise were now supporting genuine shelf like asses that stuck out well behind the girls and turned more than a few heads on their road trip. Before leaving LA the girls had an idea to stop at every road house or fast food joint that they in counted. This was one of the three managed to pile on so much weight in such little time, the other being that they rarely walked far at all from the car unless absolutely necessary. Basically eating as much as possible while doing as little physical exercise as possible. Amanda and Jeremy were still going strong together, enjoying their romantic travels and feeding. Jeremy was turning up the heat with Amanda and her waist line. Buying massive amounts of food at every opportunity and funnel feeding her every night with weight gain shake. The effects this was having on Amanda were extremely obvious her belly threatened to form a second roll as it flopped on her legs when she sat, her upper arms now flabby and wobbly and beginning to pucker around her elbows. Amanda's face was now fully and chubby supported by her thick neck. Her weight had climbed beyond 280 pounds a steaming full forward towards 300. The four were traveling to Miami indulging for another two months before heading their seperate ways. They were halfway across the country in Texas. After sampling the large greasy delicious texan meals the girls decided to stay a few nights just so they could enjoy the food. Mel, Elise and Amanda had just finished their fourth meal before 2 o’clock and staggered back into their motel where they were staying. Jeremy was out visiting a friend he knew from these parts so the girls had the day together. After passing out into a food coma for 2 hours, Elise started pouring vodka shots for all three. Revived from their nap the girls began downing the vodka while they lazed on their beds talking and laughing. In no time the bottle was nearly empty and the girls were staggering around the room half naked. All three were modelling their soft bodies that where purely the result of their recent and unrestrained gluttony. The three would have been a sight to anyone as they danced around with there overfed obese bodies jiggling everywhere. They soon passed out together in the bed. They soon left the next morning but not after they polished off a huge texan breakfast to cure their hangover. Amanda was the first to pass 300 pounds just before they arrived in Miami due to Jeremy's aggressive feeding. Her thick apron like belly was beginning to split into to distinct rolls now as her gut began to droop lower. Jeremy spent time each night rubbing oil into her belly and thighs to stop the rapid spread of stretch marks that threatened to spread over her body. Jeremy's other routine was his nightly funnel feed with Amanda. The mix of full cream milk, weight gain powder and heavy cream fuelled Amanda’s already stuffed belly driving her weight higher. Mel and Elise were also not letting up on their weight either as the two passed the 300 mark not long after they arrived in Miami. All three girls were living out there new sedentary lives to the fullest most of the times on the couch or in bed. Ordering eat in take away was their favourite, either pizza, Chinese or Indian food. Twice week one of the girls would order a cake from the Cake parlour down the street. The three would polish of two of these a week now, as all three girls where truly slaves to their own gluttony as more fat found its way on to the three extremely well fed beauties. Mel was finding that even if she wanted to stop her gaining, she was powerless against greedy hunger that called for her belly to be constantly full of rich fattening food. She was also finding that getting off the couch was becoming more of a challenge for her, as were other relatively simple tasks, finding that she was becoming out of breath very easily. This did concern her, but the thought was pushed to the back of her mind once she felt her ravenous belly rumble. Elise and Amanda were also experiencing similar problems due to their rapidly increasing girth. Elise had still been keeping in touch with Leo from the Gold Coast. He was delighted by Elise’s weight as the snapchats she sent him showed her rapidly expanding body. They had been talking every night and Leo had suggested that Elise should come live with him on the Gold Coast. She delightedly told him she would. She had fallen for Leo now and she new that he was who she wanted to be with. She broke the news to Mel and Amanda the next day, they both were so happy for Elise. The three also sadly realised there time together was coming to an end. At the end of the month Elise would fly back to the Gold Coast while Amanda would remain with Jeremy in the USA for the time being. Mel decided to return to Cliffside. The three new that this may happen so they spent there last weeks enjoying stuffing themselves to the absolute limits. They also made plans to visit each other. Before they went there seperate ways. Knowing to well that the next time they saw each other they would be bigger then they were now.
  10. College Body Ready

    It would be great for the story to continue impressive work
  11. Fattening Up

    Fattening up part 3 sorry if my knowledge of the US is a bit vague After arriving in the Golden State of California the girls had found them selves a small apartment in down town Los Angeles. They also found themselves a job as waitresses at a local burger joint which supplied free meals at the end of every shift. So far their gaining had continued with all three girls continuing to pack on the pounds. Before the girls had left they decided that America would be an onslaught of gluttony and said goodby to there even remotely skinny bodies they had back in Australia.The three had really settled well into America. They loved the big city life and culture. But it was the food that the loved the most. Everything was super sized compared to Australia and so cheap. Each girl had there own favourite fast food outlet less than five minutes from their apartment. Elise’s favourite was a Pizza shop opposite their apartment which specialised in large greasy loaded pizza’s. While Mel favoured the local Chinese restaurant which served the best dirt cheap noodles and dim sims. Amanda’s favourite was the local dessert parlour which had every kind of ice cream or sweet imaginable. The girls hadn’t eaten healthy since they arrived in the USA and daily binges were causing their weights to sky rocket. Elise was still the heaviest of the three at 203 pounds, she had cracked the 200 mark just after they arrived. Elise now had a proper fat girl’s body with tree trunk thighs, a thick flabby ass with the first signs of cellulite, permeant double chin that might soon become a triple chin and her belly that hung over her waist line obscuring her panties from front on. Mel and Amanda were both now nearing 200 pounds and were looking every pound.Now at the apartment the girls were enjoying another fatty feast. Elise, Mel and Amanda were spread out on their couches eating their third meal of Pizza for the day. Four large pizza’s had almost been devoured by the three. Amanda lay on the couch as she forced another slice into her greedy mouth as she rubbed her tightly stuffed gut. Looking down at her body as she lay down she thought about her once slim trim self with her small perky breasts long skinny legs and a flat toned stomach. Now she saw her fat gut, chunky legs and DD boobs spilling out of her top. She then groaned in effort as she reached over for one more slice of pizza and proceeded to continue to stuff it into her mouth. Amanda noticed that her weight had started to sky rocket since they arrived in the US. Before she had started to gain she had always been the skinniest of the three always maintaining a flat stomach and thin legs. But she was also the laziest of the girls by far. While through high school Mel and Elise had struggled with their weight always dieting and exercising. Amanda would never run apart from netball and always eat unhealthy but due to her fast metabolism she stayed thin. I think my luck might be running out grimaced Amanda as she tried to reposition her self on the couch.The couch was rapidly becoming to narrow for Amanda to lay down longways. Her flabby sides would spill over the edge.The next few weeks flew past quickly as the girls continued to stuff themselves like christmas turkeys. All three girls were well past 200 pounds now and Amanda had overtaken Elise as the fattest of the three now weighing 214 pounds. Amanda was eating more and more lately pushing her self to the limits when with her friends and even finding time for extra midnight binges and snacks. The speed which Amanda was gaining at now was having affects on her body as fat seemed to explode from everywhere. Large red stretch marks were appearing on her belly as her skin struggled to expand as quickly as it had to. A day or to later Mel had the morning shift at the burger joint and was preparing to leave when she saw Amanda lying on the couch in just her bra and panties. ‘Dam she's getting fat’ thought Mel as she walked out. Although Mel wasn’t that far behind Amanda in weight. Amanda eventually woke to the sound of Elise frying up breakfast. Wearing only tight tracksuits and a bra Elise was preparing bacon and eggs and french toast. “Are you making breakfast for two” asked Amanda hoping for a greasy breakfast. “Nah, I'm making breakfast for five” joked Elise as she put a huge plate of greasy bacon eggs and french toast covered in maple syrup front of Amanda. This is the life thought Amanda as she dug into another huge meal.Another month went by as the girls continued to fatten themselves to the point of no return. The three decided to buy a car because the girls were to lazy to walk far now. Their work was a kilometre and a half from their apartment and the girls were finding that they would struggle to walk the whole way without being severely winded. To celebrate two months in America the girls decided to treat themselves to a fancy buffet at the Water Front Hotel. They could hardly contain themselves as they piled there plates up high with calorie laden food. Elise and Amanda had to suck in as there large guts pushed against the table. Mel fit better as her weight had not been sky rocketing like the other two. The three finished their first plate in no time and were onto their second plate in no time. Elise grimaced as she sucked in hard to haul her body out of the booth, as quickly as she could she made her way back over to the buffet to refill her plate with more excellent food. When the girls were almost through their second plate a handsome restaurant worker approached their table. He asked how the girls night was going and if they were enjoying their meals, he introduced himself, his name was Jeremy. All three girls thought he was very handsome and could tell her was interested in their larger figures. The restaurant was quite so Jeremy was able to sit with them. The four chatted as Jeremy refilled there plates for the third time. With renewed vigour they ploughed through their next plate and as soon as they were done Jeremy had scooped up the plates to fill them. As he left the table Elise took a deep breath and rubbed her stuffed gut. Sitting back far in her in the booth her belly was starting to press into the table making it rather uncomfortable. But before she could move Jeremy was back with refilled plates. Elise sighed picked up her knife and fork and dug into her fourth plate. They found out a lot about Jeremy as they ate he was originally from Seattle and had moved to Los Angeles when his parents died at the age of 17. Amanda was taking up the flirting with him as the two traded cute comments at each other. After they finished their fourth plate Jeremy insisted that they try the dessert. The girls groaned as the thought about the prospect of more food, but they bravely agreed and Jeremy happily rushed back to pile their plates up with dessert. Jeremy brought back the plates pilled high with rich cakes, pudding, fudge and brownies. Struggling through their desserts all three girls shirts had ridden up revealing their large guts and deep belly buttons. As Amanda filled her mouth with rich fudge her stomach groaned and cried out in pain. With fudge covering her lips she finally finished the last of her dessert. Looking over at Elise and Mel who were just finished and were now slumped in the booths. Amanda looked overhand smiled at Jeremy who was sitting in the corner of the booth waiting patiently. “Finished” sighed Amanda to Jeremy as she stretched her arms up above her head. Her top riding up to just under her plump boobs. The Buffet was wanting to close so the girls had to make a quick exit. Elise went to stand up but found she was stuck fast as her huge bloated belly wedged itself between the table. “Fuck” said Elise under her breath as she wriggled to no avail panting and sweating due to her overly full and unfit state. Amanda was having a similar problem but Jeremy was helping gently slide her out. “Do you need some help miss” asked a skinny restaurant worker. Elise agreed although she would rather have handsome Jeremy, than some skinny bitch pull her from the booth. Grabbing Elise’s soft shapeless arm she pulled as hard as she could. Elise felt her face go a bright shade of crimson as she was slowly pulled out from the booth. “If your going to eat that much next time please don't sit in one of our booths” said the worker rather annoyed. The three then slowly waddled out of the buffet and drove home, after exchanging numbers with Jeremy. The next month went by in a flash as the girls continued to indulge. Jeremy asked Amanda out a week after the buffet stuffing. Amanda and Jeremy got on great together and met up regally often at restaurants or Jeremy’s flat for a stuffing session. Amanda loved the arousal of having Jeremy stuff her to the absolute limit then fuck her while massaging her swollen belly. After a intense session near the end of the month Jeremy asked Amanda to jump on the scale. Amanda had not weighed herself in a month and a half as their scale had broken. Curious to see what she weighed Amanda stepped on the scale and peered over her belly which almost obscured her view of the dial. ‘Holy shit’ thought Amanda as she looked at the dial which read 232 pounds. “Nice job babe” said Jeremy has he reached his arms around Amanda and massaged her underbelly and began to rub her pussy. “ you’ll be 300 pounds before christmas easily” whispered Jeremy in Amanda’s ear as he slid his fingers into her plump wet pussy. Amanda became light headed as she realised that she had gained over 100 pounds in less than a year. Remembering back to how thin she was when she arrived on the Gold Coast with Mel and Elise for that fateful holiday. Snapping back to reality she moaned as Jeremy played with her, she looked at her belly resigning that this is what she was now. “Hey want to get some KFC babe” asked Jeremy. Amanda sighed and smiled at Jeremy, of course honey.After four months in Los Angels the girls were all around the 230 pound range and decided that they would like explore more of America so the decided travel across the continent to New York. Amanda and Jeremy decided that they would drive separately as to have some privacy. The girls all new that morbid obesity was only a matter of time and they may as well embrace the fattening lifestyle to the absolute fullest.
  12. Fattening Up

    Part 2 here enjoy Fattening Up pt 2Elise’s mum Trish was waiting inside the Airport for the three girls to take them back to Cliffside. When the three first walked into the terminal Trish had trouble recognising them. She was expecting to see the three fit athletic girls who had left five weeks ago, she now saw three chubby girls with jiggling bellies and thick twitching asses. “Hey mum” said Elise as she hugged her mother. As Trish hugged her daughter she felt her fingers sink into Elise’s newly acquired flesh. “You girls look liked you obviously enjoyed yourselves” remarked Trish as she looked over all three girls. “Yeah we maybe overdid it on one or two occasions” said Amanda sheepishly as she tugged her top down as it was rising up showing her belly. “Well you girls will suffer on the netball court tomorrow i doubt you will even fit into you skirts.” replied Trish “now we must be going, your mothers will not be very impressed.” She Looked sternly at Mel and Amanda.Trish and Elise dropped Mel and Amanda back at their houses before they headed home themselves. Although Trish at first been shocked at Elise’s sudden weight gain but she was now not worried as she had never worried about Elise’s weight as long as she was happy. Trish had to work once they got home so she left Elise to get her own dinner. Elise found some chips in the cupboard and ordered a large meat lovers pizza and a large coke. She was on the couch when the door rang. As she got up off the couch she felt her belly bunching up into fat rolls. Quickly she paid the pizza guy and returned to her spot on the couch. Halfway through her pizza she received a Snapchat from Amanda who was holding up her size ten netball dress, Which she had used before her gain with a comment saying ‘might need a larger one.’ Elise then sent one back showing her pot belly while eating a slice of pizza. Five minutes later she received another one from Amanda showing her wearing the dress. The dress was pulled skin tight across her breasts and left nothing to the imagination as her belly bulged out against the fabric. The outline of her belly button was also extremely obvious. Elise received another snap showing Amanda’s ass in the mirror. The dress failed to cover all of it as the bottom of her butt cheeks poked out. This got Elise thinking she should try her own one on. She grabbed a block of chocolate to munch on from the pantry and then walked to her room and pulled her netball dress from her cupboard. As she stripped off down to her bra and panties she marvelled at how much she had grown in the last five weeks as she played with her belly that was now starting to droop over her panties. Picking up the dress she pulled it over her head but was met with immediate resistance at her boobs. Pulling tightly she made it down to her belly where it came to rest not even reaching her panties. She turned around and was shocked to see how fat she looked now. After the initial shock she became aroused at the sight of her chubby body. She then sent a full length Snapchat to both Mel and Amanda.All three girls were nervous as they arrived at the netball courts the next morning, although they had enjoyed their gaining so far the they hadn’t seen any of their friends or their netball coach. They arrived wearing tight nylon shorts and their largest shirts strained against their guts. As the girls walked into the Cliffside change rooms the was a silence as their team mates and coach were blown away by the three girls sudden weight gain. The silence was broken quickly but the team mates were still whispering about how Amanda, Mel and Elise had gone away for holidays and come back fat. The girls then had to ask their coach for new dresses. Their coach could not believe her eyes as she had to find some large dresses, ‘I thought those girls might be a bit unfit after five weeks away but surely not that fat, the must have gained 30 pounds at least.’ She thought. Once the girls were sorted. The Cliffside team ran out onto the court and warmed up. This was the first time the girls had run in five weeks and were already breathing heavily after the short warm up. The game quickly started and the three unfit fatties were left behind. Mel who used to be a very good player was run off her feet in the first five minutes of the game. Every time she ran for the ball she felt her whole body jiggle and bounce as her fat weighed her down. Her chest ached as she gasped for air as she tried to chase her opponent who was collecting heaps of possessions all over the court. At half time CliffSide was down by 20 points and were getting run off their feet. Elise and Amanda had fared slightly better than Mel as they had been in the forward and backline although both girls still were breathing heavily due to their lack of fitness. Soon into the second half Mel had to be moved out of the centre because she couldn’t run anymore. Cliffside lost by 50 points and never was able to challenge the other team. Elise, Mel and Amanda were so sore after the game that they could hardly walk as their muscles had not been used much at all for the last five weeks. The girls then walked to the canteen and bought jam donuts, meat pies, chocolate bars and Soft drink and ate them as they watched the reserves play football. “I don't want to ever play netball again” said Mel as she picked out another greasy sugar coated jam donut from the bag. “I’m just too fat now” she said “We will have to finish this season Mel” said Amanda “but i don't think you will have to play centre anymore Mel your just too slow now” she added. The girls then made a second trip to the canteen where they bought more fattening food before all going back to Elise’s house where they stuffed themselves all night.As the girls had now finished school and were into the summer holidays they were enjoying continuing their inactive lifestyle. Drinking, partying, eating and sleeping became their routine and this helped to continue the girls weight to climb. Two weeks into the holidays the girls had gained another five pounds and it was starting to show even more now. Amanda’s boy friend Jimmy had dumped her as he thought she was getting to fat. This had made Amanda quite upset and she started eating at an even more rapid pace. Amanda also started smoking weed she had got from her brother. She really enjoyed the affects of the weed and convinced Mel and Elise to smoke with her. After this the girls started an almost daily routine of buying large amounts of food such as chips chicken and gravy, pizza, pies sausage rolls and donuts from the bakery. Then finding a nice secluded place in the local park, getting high and then spending the rest of the afternoon stuffing their faces until they could hardly move. Elise was laying in the grass eating her 10th chicken drumstick as she massaged her swollen belly, even full of food she could feel the softness that covered her stomach. She then in haled a large toke from the joint Amanda had past her. Elise had found that rubbing and jiggling her new fat while high turned her on so much. “ How fat do you think we should get?” Asked Elise to the others. Amanda and Mel just laughed hysterically at her. “No seriously guys what do ya think” said Elise Amanda Composed her self then said “well i wanna get over 200 pounds at least see what that feels like” “i just wanna see what it feels like to be obese, can you imagine being that fat” exclaimed Mel. “or imagine being 400 pounds and so fat you can hardly walk” said Elise dreamily. “Well we better keep eating then” laughed Mel as she grabbed more drumsticks and chips. The girls decided to hit the beach later the next week as the weather became hot. They drove down to the main beach and found a spot on the sand. Their bikinis that they had bought in the last week off there Gold Coast trip were now struggling to contain the girls new assets. Maximum cleavage was billowing out and was certainly attracting attention. The sunscreen was then passed around as the girls rubbed the oily lotion into their chubby bellies, love handles and jiggly thighs. This made there bodies glisten as the girls walked down to the water to swim. After swimming they laid out on their towels and sunbaked. Mel went and bought food to supply the girls for the afternoon. The girls ate on the beach and lazed around eating and watching the waves. “I weighed myself this morning:said Elise to the other two” “what was it ” asked Mel “181” replied Elise. “Holy shit that means you've gained like 50 pounds since before Gold Coast” “ I know its so great isn't it” said Elise, as she laid back and played with her gut. As Mel Looked at Elise she only the came to realise just how fat her friend actually looked. Her untoned arms jiggled as she played with her belly that would now hang over her crouch when she stood up. As well as almost now a permanent double chin that became increasingly prominent when she looked down. Mel then looked down at her own body, her belly drooped into her lap and her thighs spread out on the sand. Elise isn’t the only one who's getting bigger she thought to her self.The netball season continued for the girls who struggled on. As they refused to train and continued to gain weight they quickly became the three worst players on the team and regularly spent most of the game on the bench. Which they didn’t complain about. The girls regularly talked to leo on snapchat who was delighted by their continued weight gain. The three started taking mirror selfies and sending them to him every week and leo would always send hot messages back. Weeks continued to pass as the girls continued their downward spiral into gluttony causing the three to pack on more and more pounds. At the end of the summer Elise’s weight had soared up to 193 pounds and at 5.7ft she discovered that she was officially obese. With her BMI registering at 30. Mel and Amanda had also continued to gain and there weight was in the mid 180s by the end of summer. The girls had booked a working trip to USA for five months and were leaving at the end of summer. Ready to continue their gaining.
  13. Fattening Up

    Hi a weight gain Story i originally posted on deviant art, its my first go at this so its not brilliant but i hope some people find enjoying. The sun was shining as Mel, Elise and Amanda walked off the plane and down onto the runway and into the airport. The girls were on a three week long vacation to the Gold Coast after completing there high school and were ready to take it easy with a holiday of relaxing and eating. All three girls were relatively thin and played netball back home. Mel was 5ft6 with blonde hair blue eyes and a large firm ass, and was about 125 pounds. Amanda and Elise were taller both around 5ft8, Amanda was quite thin weighing 122 pounds with long brown hair and a few freckles. Elise was also blonde with blue eyes, she also had a large ass and thick thighs, although not fat she was the heaviest of the three and weighed 130 pounds. Inside the airport they stopped in the food court and bought a snack as they were hungry after there flight. They bought a large box of donuts to share as they walked to there taxi. There taxi soon arrived at the resort that they were staying at, the ’Tropical Paradise Resort’, the girls checked into their rooms and headed for the pool. After swimming in their skimpy bikinis the girls sun bathed for most of the afternoon. “Look” said Amanda looking up from the menu. “All day buffet breakfast and food delivered to rooms or pool!” “lets get something” said Mel. So Amanda walked up to the bar and ordered two large bowls of chips and a basket of fried chicken legs. The order came within 10 minutes and the girls dug in to there greasy fattening meal. Leo the bar tender who served Amanda looked on at them while they were eating by the pool. He was a fan of larger girls and saw lots of potential in these three. Leo was tall and handsome, he was very charming with women. He decided he would make sure these three ate very well over the coming weeks. Elise, Mel and Amanda were sleeping off there large meal from the pool when they realised that they almost slept through dinner. When the girls got down to dinner the were shocked by the massive amounts of food that were on offer. Rows and rows of bay-mares were filled with every kind of delicious food imaginable with a whole row for dessert. The girls failed to notice the lack of vegetables or healthy options as they piled there plates up. Leo watched as the girls ate there dinner, he thought there appetite was not bad but he also thought that they could maybe use a bit of encouragement. He went up and introduced himself to the girls and chatted with them. “Surely you could have an extra piece of cake girls the grand Pavlova is just amazing” he said. “I guess we could” said Amanda. “Great i’ll grab you some then.” he walked over to the dessert bar and loaded there plates up with Pavlova. Then he watched as the girls slowly finished off there massive slices. When they finally finished half an hour later the were so full that the struggled to stand up straight. They said good by to leo and slowly walked back to there rooms where they fell asleep and digested there meals. The girls awoke late the next morning there stomaches returning to normal after there stuffing. “God we are going to have to watch what we eat for the next few weeks” said Elise as the girls slowly got dressed to go down to breakfast. “Im just going to eat what i want on this trip the foods just too good.” replied Amanda. They arrived down to breakfast and were greeted by Leo who showed them a table. “Don’t hesitate to dig in girls” he said as he walked off. “He’s so hot” said Mel “I know what you mean the other two replied”, as they piled there plates with bacon eggs sausages and syrup soaked pan cakes. Over the next few days the girls settled into a lazy life style of eating lazying by the pool and sleeping. There was a never ending supply of snacks as the girls had food delivered to them or the pool. They had dinner with Leo on the fourth night all three girls were getting close to him and he was edging them on to eat larger portions. By the end of the first week the girls were beginning to see the affects of there lavish lifestyles. The girls were getting up for breakfast on there 7th day and Elise was having trouble buttoning her booty shorts. Where there had been plenty of room to button her shorts a week ago she met resistance with a jiggly belly. Mel watched across the room, she had also found her clothes were getting tighter. Elise soon buttoned her shorts now with a muffin top and the three girls headed off for a massive fattening breakfast.The girls continued to eat with reckless abandon into the next week, they went shopping and clubbing with Leo and frequented the buffet in between main meals as well now. Leo also delivered food to their room everyday which always was eaten. By the middle of the second week the expanding beauties had put on about ten pounds each and were enjoying double burgers and fries by the pool in there bikinis, that were slowly disappearing into there chubby bodies. Over the next few days the girls were forced to go shopping for some new clothes as they had grown out of there booty shorts tight dresses and tank tops. Although this was merely a nuisance for the girls, as the continued to eat with no care as they spent their days by the pool with out any exercise. The continued to get fatter as there bellies were becoming used to eating large quantities of food. By the start of the third week Amanda, Elise and Mel had gained up to 15 pounds and were overflowing there bikinis as they lay on the pool side chairs eating there third large meal before lunch. “We’re such pigs now aren’t we” Said Mel to the others as she grabbed a large hand full of chips. “Yeah but its so fucking good isn’t it.” Said Elise, “and i don't actually mind getting a bit chubby all this fats fun to play with” she laughed as she slapped her belly. “I just wish we could stay longer”.The next day the girls and Leo went to the beach at surfers paradise they swam and sunbathed. They also made many visits to the McDonalds and KFC across from the beach. For lunch Leo bought a family McDonalds meal and a large KFC bucket which the girls managed to finish. As they were eating Amanda got a call from her mom. The girls were delighted to hear that there parents would let them stay another two weeks. “ Now make sure you girls are doing lots of running because you will have netball straight away when you come back.” lectured her mother. “yeah we’ll keep doing lots of running mom.” Lied Amanda as she ate another fried chicken leg while rubbing her pot belly. The girls were delighted to stay on longer and they all knew now that there gaining was inevitable.Leo was very impressed with the amount of weight the girls had gained since they arrived. In three weeks the girls had put on almost 15 pounds and were looking decidedly chubby. He personally fancied Elise the most she had now developed quite a belly to go with her big jiggly ass and rippling thunder thighs. He was planing to take the girls to his house that night for a massive dinner he had prepared. The girls arrived at Leo’s for dinner later that evening. Leo owned a nice apartment overlooking surfers paradise, there was also a large rooftop spa that he suggested they could use later. He offered the girls champagne as they started on entrees. The girls had figured out Leo by now they knew he was trying to make them fatter and they were willing to participate.They had decided that they were not going to leave until they had finished off all the food he supplied no matter how much there was. The girls finished the first plate very quickly and as soon as one went another appeared. After a few more glasses of champagne they started on main course which was a variety of meat dishes, chips and a huge bowl of cheesy pasta. There bellies pressed further out into there laps as they attacked there food with determination. When they finally finished the main course Leo suggested that the girls let main course settle in the spa. They heaved their chubby and overstuffed bodies out of their chairs and made there way to the spa.They peeled off there tight clothing revealing there chubby bodies and there extremely tight bikinis straining against all there flab. In the spa they finished off another bottle of champagne the girls were all snuggling up to Leo as he stroked there bellies and told them how they should all continue to gain and how they would become beautiful obese BBWs. He also told them that after they left if they gained another 40 pounds each he would pay for a holiday back to the gold coast. Elise, Amanda and Mel became very turned on by this and pledged that they would continue to gain when they returned home. Leo helped them out of the pool and they ate their fattening dessert. The girls returned to the resort the next day as they were to stuffed and drunk to go home that night.With about a week to go for there holiday the girls continued to put on more weight, as the they were now were starting to look very chubby with jiggly bellies, softening faces and double chins, in four weeks they had put on 20 pounds of pure fat and were still enjoying a their lazy life style. More food disappeared into their mouths everyday as the girls deliberately stuffed themselves to impress Leo. The girls had stopped trying to buy new clothes and just wore stretchy sun dresses because they were gaining so fast. The desk clerk could not believe how much these three young girls had gained over the 4 weeks since they had been at the resort. He met them on the day they arrived and four weeks later they had grown so much he thought. In the last few days he had not seen them without some fattening treat in their hand as they came and went from the resort.With their holiday almost done, the last few days became a non stop stuffing fest for the three. They would stuff themselves all day before eating more at night then going again the next day. On the last full day of the holiday the girls ate till about 11 O’clock before catching a taxi to Leo’s for a final celebration dinner. Earlier in the holiday the girls would walk to Leo’s as it was only about 20 minutes walk but the girls were now to lazy and unfit for that. When the arrived in the taxi the girls realised that the lift in the apartment was broken. The apartment was on the 17th floor and the girls had to use the fire stairs to get up there. Now all the girls had gained 25 pounds and were sweating by the third floor as they struggled up the flights of stairs. Elise was gasping for air as the girls were about halfway up. “Well i think this proves we have got fat” she wheezed. As they struggled up. They finally reached Leo’s place. The girls spent the rest of the afternoon laying on their fat asses being fed by Leo. That night Leo treated the girls to their biggest meal of their life ending in all three girls being funnel fed by leo. As Elise chugged the whipped cream mixed with weight gain shake down her throat she new she only wanted to get bigger for Leo as she grabbed her tight fat belly. The next day Mel, Elise and Amanda boarded a plane back home to Cliffside. They kissed Leo good by in the Airport and promised they would return bigger. Mel now weighed 150 pounds, Amanda 148 pounds and Elise 157. The had enjoyed their holiday so much.