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  1. ye olde veggie burger tater tots & milkshake food baby

    Photo on 1-14-18 at 7.52 PM.jpg

    1. tylerjmcmaster


      Very beautiful. What a lovely meal too.

    2. degek2001


      Yummy, your full belly! 

  2. Round as a ball and v v fun to take out ; )

    Photo on 1-9-18 at 6.01 PM.jpg

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    2. regbill


      Looking gorgeous,Lou!:wub:

      I hope we can see more of your beautiful thighs in the future.:)

    3. reiinapop


      i love this picture!! I wish I could just knead and roll you around like a cute little ball of dough ;A; 

    4. sweetheartlou


      @reiinapop oh my gosh, i wish! that would be way too cute

  3. Your girl has been going through a break up and busting ass at my vanilla job, but I’ll have new content soon. Just wanted to let y’all know I’m still alive.



    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Sorry about the break-up. :( 

  4. Version 1.0.0

    Have you been getting fatter for me? I've asked you to eat and eat and fill that cute little belly for me. All I want is to see you indulge and gain weight for me... Lose control of your appetite and grow huge for me. I will always be there to tell you to have one more bite. It turns me on so much to watch you pig out and stuff your belly until you can't move. I want to make you blimp up! And when you get nice and fat, I want to press myself against you and grind against your huge gut, using you to cum... this clip contains: feederism, feedism, feeder, feedee, JOI, fat talk, weight gain, gaining weight


  5. Sparkly TIGHT tights!





    1. regbill


      I like the way your tights help give you a magnificent muffin top.:wub: 

  6. Happy New Year Curvage!! Thank you for adding softness and chub to my 2017. I have *big* plans for 2018 and am so excited to share them with you!


    1. regbill


      I can't wait to see what you have in store for the new year.:)

  7. coffee && nudes forever and ever

    Photo on 12-30-17 at 1.51 PM.jpg


  8. dang i've put on some weight this year 😳



    1. regbill


      You have out on some weight and it's gone to all of the right places.;)

  9. Version 1.0.0

    I know something about you that no one else knows, not even your girlfriend. She's so thin and pretty, she watches what she eats, and works out every day... but you have a secret that you'll never tell her: you're turned on by fat women. Not just curvy or thick women, it's not just tits or asses that you like. You like it all. Thick, fat bellies and double chins... what would your girlfriend think if she knew you were into fat and gluttony? Probably that you're a big pervert, that something's wrong with her. What would happen if I told her?


  10. ya girl is a handful

    Photo on 12-27-17 at 8.34 AM.jpg

    1. regbill


      You're a handful and then some.;)

  11. Ugh! No matter how much I eat, I! Am! Still! Hungry!

  12. Sensual Domination

    Version 1.0.0

    You've entered My Perfect Fantasy Realm, where I reign. Here, you don't have to worry about the mundane. All you have to do is worship me. Listen to my instructions, as I reveal to you how to worship my plump body in sexy red lingerie. I want all the pleasure. You can make me feel so good. I want you to cover my body with kisses, starting with my cute feet, up to my fat ass, chubby pussy, round belly, plump breasts, and finally my sensitive neck. Make me moan with pleasure. After you've covered me with your lips and tongue I'm so aroused that I demand to see you cum, telling you to stroke to my delicious chubby body.


  13. Soo excited to release this super sensual body worship video :wub:





    1. KyraKane


      I love this body suit so much! You look so gorgeous.

    2. sweetheartlou


      Thank you so much!!! A friend just sent me a bundle of her old lingerie, hah, and this was my favorite piece! Bless femme friends

    3. KyraKane


      Seriously, A+ friend!

  14. Version 1.0.0

    This is one of my personal favorite fantasies, and it was such a pleasure to bring it to life in this clip! Do you know why I called you into my office? I noticed that your grades have been slipping. I know that the first year of college is hard, and I want to make sure that you do your absolute best. There’s something else I’ve noticed… you’ve put on quite a bit of weight since the beginning of the semester. The fresh 15 is real, isn’t it? You look so adorable with those extra pounds. I want to make an agreement with you. If you come to my office every day after class and eat every single treat I’ve brought for you, and put on even MORE weight, I will give you an A. I can’t wait to see you graduate as a complete butterball.


  15. DANNNG. I'm getting bigg


    1. jonkroll


      Nah.... It's all in your mind ;)

    2. regbill


      You look big and freaking gorgeous!:D

    3. fastandslow