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    Reading has always been one of my biggest past times. I have a rich inner fantasy life that's absolutely fueled by being a lifetime bookworm. I also love making lists, so here are some of my favorite books & genres. Favorite genres: Southern Gothic, sci-fi, cyberpunk, short stories, queer fiction, sad fiction with lots of atmospheric details Favorite books: Bastard Out of Carolina, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, The Pillow Book, Neuromancer, The Handmaid's Tale, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, A Pale View of Hills Currently Reading: Cyberpunk: Stories of Hardware, Software, Wetware, Revolution and Evolution (short story anthology), Points of Departure: New Stories from Mexico, The Bloody Chamber
  2. Omfg, I killed dinner after being a big whiney brat about it. A big plate of tortillas, refried beans, fried egg, fresh salsa, and greek yogurt. And now dark chocolate with coconut for dessert 😍

  3. Extra thicc snow white (ignore the belly hickey)

    Photo on 5-5-18 at 6.11 PM.jpg

    Photo on 5-5-18 at 6.12 PM.jpg

    Photo on 5-5-18 at 6.12 PM #3.jpg

    1. regbill


      I was too focused on your soft ample curves to notice anything else.;)

  4. I know how to have a good time 


  5. That gutttt



    1. regbill


      Somebody looks like they were having fun playing with their belly.;)

    2. riptoryx


      Tsk. You're gettin' a bit fat, Hot Stuff.

  6. Smash like if you're into fluffy tits and double chins


    1. riptoryx


      I think double chins tend to be highly underrated. ^_^

  7. Roughhh day. I'm this close to impulsively packing my things and moving to LA and/or trying to crowdfund the world's largest pizza

    1. riptoryx


      What, no love for Sacto? :P

  8. Some gems from my new video: Spring 2018 WEIGHT GAIN







    1. regbill


      That belly of yours is looking gorgeous!!!:wub:

    2. sweetheartlou
  9. Version 1.0.0

    Holy smokes I have PLUMPED UP over the last year. I just wanted to make a clip talking about my recent weight gain and showing off my new chub. Watch me jiggle and shake from different angles wearing only panties and a sexy see-thru top that hardly covers any of my gut. I talk about all the delicious foods I've been eating and how much I love my growing body, and fantasize about getting even FATTER.


  10. sweetheartlou

    Cookie Monster!

    Version 1.0.0

    The funny thing about cookies is that you can consume 2000 calories just by eating a plate of them! No wonder I've been gaining so much weight, I can't stop eating these sweet little treats. I've already had a big breakfast, but I wanted dessert. So I put together all of the various cookies I had left after eating most of their entire packages; oreos and girl scout cookies. Ugh, so gooddd. I eat up the plateful of them, rubbing and jiggling my swelling belly. I just can't stop eating growing!


  11. From my newest clip, Cookie Monster!








  12. Just filmed some new clips and DAMN yr girl is getting F A T 😘

  13. Version 1.0.0

    You haven't seen me in a few years, and you're in for quite a surprise. I've put on a significant amounts of weight since we split up! Knowing that you're into bigger girls, I coyly start to seduce you with my new chub, showing you my big round belly and chunky thighs. Once you start grabbing and squeezing me it's all over, I want to get back together. And this time I want to let you feed me and make me even bigger and fatter.


  14. How does curvage feel about vore?? Yall into it?

  15. New video for YouTube!


  16. Is there anything as delicious and perfect as a plump undressed girl?


    1. K3nny5


      Absolutely not. You are simply stunning, you are delicious just looking at you, you look amazing, I wish I could have a taste of you 😉😋 please keep up the good work. Btw you look hella sexy in those socks 🤤

      Feel free to send me a message if you ever want to chat 😌

  17. sweetheartlou

    Relax to Fat

    Version 1.0.0

    This is a luxurious hypnosis video designed to utterly relax you. Allow yourself to be brought into deep comfort and relaxation with a brief induction before further relaxing while watching my delightfully fat body bounce and jiggle in slow motion. Animated hearts peacefully drift across the screen, creating a gentle sensual atmosphere for you to enjoy while I show my beautiful fat belly, tits, and ass. Fat is perfectly natural, fat is beautiful, and I know it makes you feel so, so good. Let the rest of the world melt away until it's only you and me. You'll enjoy complete relaxation and pleasant arousal while listening to my voice and focusing on my soft round body.


  18. Thinking about adding this kinda arty hypnosis video to Curvage Clips, sooo much slo-mo jiggling and bouncing







    1. regbill


      You should know by now your curves have put a spell on me.;)

    2. sweetheartlou


      That's what I love to hear

  19. Version 1.0.0

    You come into my room as I'm getting ready for our date, just in time to catch me struggling to a pair of jeans. I hop, wiggle, jiggle, suck my gut in, and get finally get them buttoned. I sulk a little bit, upset that I'm getting too fat to fit into my clothes, when I suddenly realize something... You've been fattening me up! I've been gaining weight ever since we started dating, and no wonder, you're always taking me out and bringing me fattening treats. At first I'm upset, but then realizing how lustfully you're staring at me my attitude started to shift. I ask if you want to see me get even bigger, and soon I'm begging you to fatten me up and make me huge.


  20. Version 1.0.0

    In this clip, I play your therapist with an ulterior motive... During our last session, you admitted that you started seeing me because you a weight gain fetish that you're deeply ashamed of and want me to help you get rid of. Before I do any work to help you shed your secret fetish, I assure that most people have sexual interests that they're ashamed of, that it's completely normal. But no, you still want to be rid of your fixation with gaining weight. Well, little did you know that I have a weight gain fetish of my own, and I'm not eager to see you stop indulging your. So once I have you mesmerized, instead of training your brain to forget your fetish, I encourage you to embrace it. I plant a seed deep in your mind to eat whenever you feel stressed or anxious. Eating is good for you. Eating brings you pleasure, relief, and relaxation. And it's so important to relax, to become passive and lazy... At the end of the session I send you home with a recording to listen to often, reassuring you it'll take time for my mesmerization to have it's desired effect. [This is a fantasy mesmerization clip, not a true hypno session]


  21. Version 1

    I watched Riverdale in like three days and was immediately dying to do this clip! I've been fantasizing about being fed by Jughead nonstop since the first episode. Oh Jughead, I'm so glad that you were my date tonight. I've been waiting so long to have you to myself, without Betty and Archie. I've been wanting to talk to you in private. I wanted to tell you that I like you. I know, unexpected. But there's something about you that's irresistible to me. You have a lot of secrets... And I've asked Betty about some of them. You know that she can't help but tell me everything. And there was one thing I was really excited to find out... that you have a little fat fetish. You didn't want anyone to know. But you told Archie, and he told Betty and of course she told me. And it makes complete sense. You've been paying extra attention to me since I started putting on weight and was booted from the cheerleading team. I even notice when you watch me have burgers and shakes at Pop's. Don't worry, I'm so into it, Juggy. I've been wanting to show you my chubby body ever since I found out. I even want to get fatter for you... will you stuff me full tonight at Pop's?


  22. Heard you're into fat girls in tiny bikinis...



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    3. CrashTestZombie


      I wouldn't so much say fat girls. I'd just say I'm into you in tiny bikinis. Or anything. 

    4. sweetheartlou


      😍 you're cute

  23. Hi everyone!! I still exist. Back from vacation and have some ideas for new clips brewing... including Jughead/Veronica cosplay, finding out my boyfriend is a secret feeder, and a Hansel and Gretel fantasy!

    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Those all sound great! Looking forward to them! :D 

  24. SOO FULL, gonna pop




  25. True life: I'm addicted to cake... I had a birthday party that included two cakes and cupcakes and I've eaten all the leftovers!

    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Oh no! We have to do something about this! More cake! ;D 

    2. sweetheartlou


      Now I want pizza! Something heavy and cheesy, mmm

    3. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Gotta balance out the sweet with some savory, right? :D