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  1. ylledeuce

    Christina Hendricks

    That underwire bra has to have rebar in it...damn she's got some projection in that orange dress!!
  2. ylledeuce

    Soft and Jiggly gaining Admin Lady

    Looks like she's shopping for bigger clothes on ebay....maybe anticipating that her current clothes won't fit after the holidays?? 😍
  3. ylledeuce

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Pussy full a' gold.....😍
  4. ylledeuce

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    I think she HAS devoured quite a few of those jars...maybe she is explaining her boob growth in that photo? 😁
  5. ylledeuce

    Jessica Simpson

    She reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith right now...not her personality, just the incredible amount of weight gained and HUGE breast growth!!
  6. ylledeuce

    Jessica Simpson

    Weight Watchers won't be dangling a Money Carrot for her to come back this time....they've gotta up the ante with Money and donuts. Hollywood might not like her, but to me, she is STILL one of the most beautiful actresses there ever was.
  7. ylledeuce

    Jessica Simpson

    Jessica in Daisy Dukes....or plumped up and pregnant?? No brainer!!! She is so freakin' hot right now!
  8. ylledeuce

    LPGA Pro Golfer Kendall Dye

    That answers the question of how her balance is since her chest grew so much! Enough to drive her into the ground if she runs. Must be why she golfs, no running involved! On a side note, photographers sure know when to take the shot while she is holding her swing! The side boob on this girl😍
  9. ylledeuce

    Ariel Winter (from Modern Family)

    I've worked out in a bunch of gyms.....she laid her yoga mat in front of the weight rack so nobody else could get anything from it? And laid down right behind the treadmills? Looks like a nice gym, they don't have a room to do that in? I like looking at her, but she must not be as smart as her tv character.
  10. ylledeuce

    DV FURYous Candids

    Better watch yourself, the redhead in camouflage looks like she wants to knock yo' teefh out for taking her pic!
  11. ylledeuce

    What a Lifeguard!

    I had a friend do that while surfing when I was young....1st time it was the cute lifeguard. 2nd time....it was 3 dudes. I think they catch on quick!
  12. ylledeuce

    Erotic Brusting Fan Fiction Pt1

    Dang man.....you can write! Great work! You definitely picked a wonderful Muse to work with!!
  13. ylledeuce

    Biggest celebrity gain

    Holy shit! I guess the New Years concert she bombed isn't the only thing that she's been failing at! No diet control too! She is HUGE!
  14. ylledeuce

    Fat Belly Full of Ice Cream

    Wow! Look at that food baby bump! I know if my girlfriend had a tummy like that and had been eating as much as you have, we'd definitely have to discuss the elephant in the room!! I'd ask her if she might be pregnant! Your tummy is sticking out so far here Reiina! So sexy!
  15. ylledeuce

    Military bbw!

    There are rules, but most branches have their own standards. Air Force standards have become stricter in the last decade, but if a woman has a child, or takes med that cause weight gain, a Dr can place the individual on "pass" for a limited time. In my experience, I would say that she is a Reservist. We always had thicker women in uniform on Reserve weekends. It was a good time to be in the chow hall!