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  1. Version 1.0.0

    Shar loves to dance! Shar use to enter dance competitions a while back but would always lose to the fatter chicks,this would leave Shar feeling sad :-( Shar starts off by booty dancing, showing off her growing arse, thighs and new forming cellulite.. Shar then stuffs 2 and half pizzas until she starts to feel really full and bloated.. Shar chugs a litre bottle of fizzy pop and decides to give you some big loud burps, Shar cant stop burping and feels like shes about to pop! Shar just cant stop gaining. GS X x


  2. Selfies 🐷



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    2. xcrunner503


      Lol in the first pic you can hardly see your panties under that belly, you gained weight so perfectly 

    3. regbill


      Somebody is looking nice and pudgy this morning.;) 

      Looking gorgeous as always.:)

    4. StuffitInn


      Love the Toy story shirt your so freaking  adorable😘 Looking forward to your next Vid!!

  3. Shar's hit 450 followers!!!!!! **bootyjiggle**


    also new clip coming soon!!

    shars reaction.GIF

    shars new vid.JPG

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    2. Treadhead_2010


      Hot n heavy😀 Provocatively stunning

    3. jarhead78


      Getting FAAAT!!! 😮

    4. r3nuk


      And I thought it was just your nice round soft belly that was looking great, you look amazing from behind, you bum is getting  huge and I love the cellulite you are turning into the perfect chubby girl!

  4. I'm bursting out my clothes 🙈




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    2. jonkroll


      U just might be the only one staring at the Balenciagas

    3. r3nuk


      I do love a chubby girl poured into a set of too small jeans ... its just so hot! Its even better that you are so pretty.

    4. Binky


      You are perfect.




      Everytime I see you it makes me smile at how happier you look with every new update! 

    Yes yes YES!!!! Kyra is back!!! Hotter than ever👌🏽 Absolutely lovedddd this!!!!!!
  5. No make up kinda day 


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    2. Liamclarke


      Must say I think you look hotter without make up if that was even possible

    3. bauman1979


      Very sexy and beautiful lady. How about a picture or two of you standing? 

    4. Mattlovescurves
  6. New belly pics 🤓



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    2. r3nuk


      Love the way it's trying to rest on your thighs ... it will look good when it does!

    3. Mattlovescurves


      Looking so wide love 😍😉

    4. eeucomisso


      O love your hips.

  7. Questions~answers

    Ok so it's getting pretty late here but I promised to answer some questions that keep getting asked so here goes.. The most common question that I'm getting asked daily is 'how do I feel now I'm getting fat? To be honest I don't really think I'm that fat just yet,I kinda just see myself as abit 'chubby' even though guys tell me I've past chubby and on my way to becoming fat I honestly don't believe it yet 🙈Maybe I'm in slight denial.. Guys wanna know if my appetite has grown .. well yeahhh derghhh!! Haha! Back in my skinnier days I'd easily skip breakfast.. food seems to be the first thing on my mind when I wake up now, honestly don't think I can function without it! Eating after 6pm was a big no no for me.. now I don't give a fuck and eat what I want when I want! While I'm snacking twice as much as I use to I was actually never a dessert kinda girl but seem to be finding myself snacking on cakes,donuts and cashew nuts at the moment 🙄🙈 do i plan to gain fast or at a natural pace? Well my intention is to gain at a natural pace but I'm not sure that's possible with me.. i'm the type of girl that would have to diet all my life just to remain slim so the second I scrap a diet is pretty much the second I start to pile it on! I think trying to gain at a natural pace is a really hard thing to do in my opinion,however I am trying to keep my stretch marks under control at the moment :-) GS X x
  8. donuts and bloated belly

    donut stuffing bloated belly.GIF

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    2. Mattlovescurves


      They'll go straight to your thighs 😍😉

    3. Themagicman900


      THIS IS SO HOT!!!

    4. stinkypinky94


      I would, in all honesty, drag my bleeding scrotum across 100 kms of serrated obsidian blades and swim through a further 100 kms of ebola infected feces just so I could enter a lottery in which the winning prize is to hear her dad fart through a walkie-talkie. 

  9. 🙈


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    2. Qemarar


      It's like comparing a college freshmen to a senior; that gain is sexy.

    3. clint02


      on this pic u look more fat than u are and thinking u are, but damn u are so hot ! :wub: 

    4. evertonman69


      A before and after in the same cloths would be outrageous and fabulous x

  10. My perfect stuffing outfit 🐽😚


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    2. seaworth2003
    3. David8tor


      Oh yes that is a stunning outfit :wub:

    4. StuffitInn


      Just look at you! Pouring out of that thing, you really are a goddess!

  11. My New Fat-Suit 


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    2. regbill


      @Goddess shar You should know by that I am a big fan of your beautiful thighs and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for them.:)

    3. Goddess shar
    4. clint02


      u are rounder on each pic, u will already need a new suit !

  12. Chilled kinda day 💁🏼


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    2. jarhead78


      Becoming ever more voluptuous and soft by the day. Such a gorgeous feminine shape that extra lbs only serve to accentuate. Can't wait to see how you look as a size 16+ curvy goddess 

    3. Abassidempire12


      Not sure if u realize this but u are literally the most attractive woman to ever do this...amazing

    4. Goddess shar

      Goddess shar

      @Abassidempire12 thankyou for your kind words 💜

  13. Hey Shar, 

    When you get a chance would you DM me?

    1. KFD


      Does this mean a collaboration might happen?!

    2. KyraKane


      You paying for it?