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  1. Some girls are unbeautiful even if they are thin or fat; but for you it was destiny that you (re)become fat and chubby, only in this way your body could shows his truly beauty.

    Hope to see soon news about you. If you want some support I am your servant.

    P.s. keep to Cram😌

  2. 😋





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    2. Mealstrom


      Unbelievable figure. You've come so far since you joined. Great work.

    3. derps1966


      wow! lookin' good! Amazing figure soooo stunning! ❣️

    4. Daveyboy


      You look great!

  3. 📸




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    2. Bag1980


      WTF!!! I'm in Love!😍

    3. Mattlovescurves


      Can see the seams straining on those shorts, trying to contain your heavy tummy in the first photo Shar 🤤😍

    4. Hello there!

      Hello there!

      Man that belly is hanging more and more each day

  4. Version 1.0.0

    Shar has had a busy few weeks, her fat tired body has been struggling to keep up with her. Shar returns home... she's fatter than ever.. she tucks into her maccies and starts to ravish through boxes of cakes.. She slurps on Fanta and attempts to fasten her hotpants.. GS X x


  5. Morning 😴








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    2. brooksmiller
    3. mercuryfreighter


      Can’t stop thinking about you getting to 250. What an amazing journey it’s been so far

    4. r3nuk


      I love the belly before and after … its nice to see how far your thighs it now gets :) You are just getting so sexy Shar

  6. Can you imagine if you would weigh 350 lbs 🐽

  7. 📸🐷










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    2. jim beg

      jim beg

      I like that your mate is eeping up with you. You guys in competition?

    3. hammerme


      I actually thought that can't be you because you look so fat.

    4. Gabbo


      How in the how can you even get into those shorts?

  8. Goddess, you are the best and your gain are incredible 😍😍 please continue!!

    1. rotwang


      I love to imagine how much the floorboards creak under your stupendous weight gain as you walk across the room. Louder and louder with every pound of your growth.  And to think you're going to gain another 40 pounds just drives me over the brink of orgasm.  THANKS  !!!

    2. Jayt369


      Everyday you are more and more beautiful congratulations on everything coming your way you earn it

  9. Goddess shar

    Fat Tutor

    Version 1.0.0

    Shar is back on vacation. This time she has her friend kitty with her to teach her on how to become a true BBW. Firstly, kitty inspects Shar's chubby body. She tells her that her belly and bum isn't big enough just yet and that she needs to eat more in order to become fat like her. Kitty puts on a big buffet and teaches shar how to eat like a true fat pig. Kitty starts to add Nutella and cream to her donuts. Shar starts to copy her. Shar starts to really bloat but continues to stuff herself to the absolute max. GS & KittyPiggy


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    2. Goddess shar

      Goddess shar

      @J_smith Thankyou 💜 And yes, g0ddess_shar is my insta ☺️

    3. hammerme


      Just wow

    4. Hungrier


      250lbs of pure sexiness

  11. Goddess shar

    My goal to 250

    Hello blog, it’s been a while ☺️🙆🏽 never did I imagine I would be sat here writing about my next goal in wanting to reach 250lbs. This is kinda crazy! Ok, so I’m not gonna get ahead of myself coz I still have like another 40lbs to go before I reach this but for the first time ever I am actually starting to think I CAN definitely do this! Like, In the past, I’ve always set myself realistic goals that I know I was able to reach.. this time round feels a little different tho..I’m starting to really enjoy it 🙈I’m actually loving getting fatter right now🙈 In the past, I always had that little worry of what others were gonna think of me, between me and you I think it kinda held me back and took some of the enjoyment outta it for me. I’ve stopped all that worrying now. I actually don’t even care what others think no more. Right now, I’m feeling good in myself. I’d be lying if I told you I don’t have the the odd day where I feel mega tired or a lil drained. Im not really moaning about that tho ..I actually sometimes kinda like those days..it gives me an excuse to lounge around, be lazy and just pig out all day☺️🐷 Vanilla flavour Gaining Shakes are becoming my number one obsession right now!!!OMG!!! I can’t stop drinking them 🙈I’m starting to get a lil obsessed with cake-away too 🙄🙈I was never one to order late night deserts but it’s becoming more and more of a thing now. My family and friends don't really say much about my weight gain anymore. It's weird. It's as if they have accepted it. Every once in a while my mum will make the odd comment.. like, if we are watching tv and a random slim brunette girl comes on.. she will be like 'you use to look like that' I tend to just laugh it off 🙈 Exercise has become a whole different ball game now. I can't really run anymore. Sit ups have become pretty much impossible for me to do. Even little tasks like attempting to try and touch my feet whilst sat up is just a big fat no. Anyway, I could sit here for hours and write you a whole damn book on my gain so far, but I have so much eating to do and goals to achieve right now 🙌🏽so, I'm going to sign off and leave it at that for tonight. 250lbs💥🙌🏽🙋🏼 I can do this!!!! 🙌🏽🐷 GS X x
  12. Version 1.0.0

    You recently subscribed to Shar's beauty channel. Today she is teaching you on how to get that summer glow. She starts by showing you various beauty products.. but it isn't long before she's tucking into chicken wings and taking huge bites out of burgers. She asks you for a spare minute whilst she just finishes her chicken wing.. but that minute soon turns into 3 as she eats another and another and another! Shar then swiftly moves on to applying lipgloss, she comes in a lil closer.. she's so close that her fat belly is almost pressing against the camera. Shar finishes the tutorial with tips on how to contour. This time, she has cheesecake in her lap.. She starts to tuck into her cheesecake.. she scoffs and crams huge amounts into her mouth like she's never eaten before! Shar Thanks you for watching! GS X x


  13. 📸


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    2. DabnDemHatrs


      i think shar is amazing but ive noticed something...different about shar. shes not getting any wider shes just getting bigger and softer

    3. Ebi


      What does your mom say? 


    4. Mrfreeze


      Hope you dont stop there and then try to go for the 300lbs mark 😍😍😍😍

  14. What's your current weigh?

  15. Version 1.0.0

    Shar is exploring her fat body. She talks to you through the mirror as she sucks down her mass gainer jug topped with spray cream. She reveals to you that she's been thinking lately, and that she has decided she wants to be 250lbs and go all the way!! you act shocked!!! but you can see on her face that she really loves being fat!! She chugs more of her gaining shake and tells you that she knows you are looking at her growing belly through the mirror. Shar shows some new back fat and talks some more. GS X x