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  1. Morning 




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    2. McGiever


      You look hungry

    3. buddy420


      Perfect skin, tan to perfection. 

    4. Plussizebellywg


      what did you have for breakfast?😍😍xx

  2. I just wanna watch you grow and grow, bigger and sexier everyday.

  3. Warning! Morph alert. The image attached to this post has been morphed, although it is getting harder and harder to keep ahead of how big Shar is getting.

    So Shar recently posted a video that has her reporting about her current dilemma: She has gone to the doctor and he has told her that she is getting too fat too quickly and needs to start losing weight. As Shar ponders this instruction from a professional, she reveals what may be insurmountable problems: How is it even possible to lose weight if she has gotten too fat to be comfortable exercising and, what is she supposed to do when she gets hungry? She also notes that she does not take orders well and often will rebel. That is probably why she heads to the bakery to pick up an assortment of things to eat after being told to diet by her doctor. While at the bakery, the zipper on her very tight pants pops. She claims that she is hurrying home do to the popped zipper, but I suspect it is because she has a full bag of treat to devour. The video shows her eating a couple of the things that she has purchased, but it sounded like there was a lot more that she got at the store.

    The morphed picture shows where I think Shar will be arriving quickly, given, as she explains, it how exercise and dieting are not possible if you are fat and hungry. It rivals the question, "which came first, the chicken of the egg?" With the way Shar's hunger seems to be driving her, I think if I asked her that question, she would ask me where is the chicken and where is the egg? 

    Still as cute as can be, if a bit more chubby cheeked.

    Shar Morph 31.jpg

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    2. Nifkin


      Yeah stop posting these crappy morphs! Who cares if you're having trouble 'keeping up', we'd rather see the real thing than your dumb pictures.

    3. kev1966


      beautiful..!  she will get there In a matter of weeks hopefully!  very sexy!  😍

    4. Feederindenial


      I've got to agree. Perhaps you could post these somewhere else like deviantart? People come here to see Shars content, not your wall of text. Sorry mate. 

  4. Version 1.0.0

    This clip is filmed in portrait! I make up a shake.. I pour a whole tub of cream into my barrel, along with 2 Litres of full fat milk!!! I chug n chug until it's gone!!! GS X x


  5. Version 1.0.0

    Shar has been told by a professional that she must start to think about losing some weight!!!! Shar makes her way to the butty shop where she attempts to eat healthy.. but something comes over her and she ends up ordering junk food on top of her healthy food order!!!!! Shar leaves the butty shop and makes her way home.. but her zip busts and she has to show you.. Shar starts to talk about what the professionals said to her regarding her weight.. she tells you how she can't even exercise anymore cos she's too fat. Shar can't lose weight cos she loves food too much!! GS X x NOTE: The first 5 minutes of this clip is not focused on me or my face!!


  6. What a Goddess you have become Shar


    1. jarhead78


      This is hands down the sexiest, most exciting, erotic and decadent transformation I have ever seen and there’s a LOT more to come.  

      Simply amazing and legendary.

  7. So I watched Shar's latest video in which she measures herself and drinks a double weight gain shake. I realize that she is gaining so fast that she is catching up to the morphs that I have done. I am attaching another morph here, but I suspect that this simply catches up to where she may already be.  Regardless, she looks great. She commented about liking the way her ass looked in a previous morph, so I picked a photograph that would display her bigger ass. This was tricky since it is a double photo. I tried to affect the images so that they would be consistent with one another. 


    Shar Morph 30-2.jpg

    1. arch329


      In the video, although she is sitting down, Shar measures 43 inches around her upper belly and 46 inches around her lower belly. In the morph, I was going for 48 inch bust, 42 inch waist in the seam between the upper and lower belly, and 50 inches around the hips and ass. I also figured that this would be at around 230. Anybody with more experience think these numbers are off? There is only one way I will be able to know if my relationship of dimensions to weight are correct. Shar is going to need to get to 230 and take her measurements.

  8. Version 1.0.0

    Ok, firstly I take some new measurements. I measure my upper belly, lower belly and thighs. Filmed from two different angles (front and side) I decide to make up huge gaining shake.. I talk about my new love for gaining shakes and gulp it down as fast as I can. I then talk a lil about my gain, jiggle my belly and show you some new stretchmarks. Note: This clip is filmed in portrait! GS x X


  9. I hope you are doing amazing you beautifully plump babe!

    1. Goddess shar

      Goddess shar

      I've missed youuuuu! 🙆🏽💜

    2. KyraKane


      I miss you too!!! I’m here, just a ton of my stuff can’t be uploaded here! And being pregnant makes everything crazy!

  10. Since Shar seems to have closed in on the previous morphs that I did, I decided to take three of her more recent pictures and see what could be in her future, if her appetites continue to dictate. I think it should be encouraging that, if she is already coming closer to 220, 250 could be on the horizon without a compromise of her beauty.



    1. Zues718


      your sexy 

    2. RemcoS


      Please stop posting your morphs

  11. Keep eating, keep eating.

  12. Fucking brilliant your wed dress vid loved the merry berry cake joke. 


    You look amazing in that dress.

    And good girl having beer much better than wine hahaha xx


  13. Few pics 📸







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    2. Fatequalssexy


      What is your current weight?😍

    3. hanginglow


      Your belly is amazing but damn your legs and thighs deserve some praise!!! Damn they are looking soft and delicious 😍 

    4. jim beg

      jim beg

      💋 perfection

      keep going

  14. Goddess shar

    Psycho Gem

    Version 1.0.0

    23 Minutes long!! My biggest burps ever!! Meet Gem! Gem's not really a psychopath..her husband to be 'John' just likes to call her that because she tends to flip her lid over silly things. Chavvy looking Gem is about to marry lovely John and you're probably wondering what does John see in chavvy Gem, right? well, you are about to find out! It's Gem's big day tomorrow and she has somehow allowed John to pick her dress. But what the fuck was gem even thinking cos not only has John picked one of worst dress's he could possibly find in the shop but he's picked a dress that doesn't even fasten around Gem's fat body!! Gem is livid!!!! She calls her mum.. her mum offers to come round and fix the problem but Gem tells her its too late and that John has ruined her big day! Pissed off Gem cracks open a few of John's beers, she starts to ravage open presents from the guests.. she talks about when she first met John and how he's turned her into his perfect fat house wife.. she scoffs cake that's been left by one of John's family friend, she starts to diss John's family..she even goes as far as mimicking John's mum!! But Gem just needs a minute to calm down.. she takes deep breathes before realizing it's probably just John's fucking beer's that are getting to her head. Gem scoffs more cake and continues chugging more beer, she lifts her dress up and tells you what it is that John really does love about her 😉 By this time Gem knows she's gotta fix up for her big day tomorrow! Gem attempts to stand up.. but something starts to tear.. guess what??? Fat Gem has only gone and torn her fucking dress aint she!!!!!