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  1. Eating pretty cake whist jiggling my big belly

    You are so beautiful! Loved the vid!
  2. Version 1.0.0

    Its Saturday evening and I'm in such a happy giddy mood.. I'd usually be out on the town with the girls but I took a pass on it! I knew I had ASDA delivering my food shopping at 10am the following the day and that's way more important right now!! I get all my food shopping delivered to my door now its great! I cook a gigantic rack of BBQ ribs and a whole heap of seasoned French fries.. I scoff these effortlessly.. I mean I scoff the whole lot and actually want more!!! My appetite is rapidly growing and food just seems to be constantly on my mind! These BBQ ribs are like sex I honestly cant get enough of them! I start to get a lil hot and sweaty and I can feel my arse cheeks heating up.. FFS I'm actually sweating up like I'm running a marathon as I'm eating these..is this even normal ?! What the fuck is this?! Fuk it! I'm enjoying these way to much to even care and carry on scoffing my face! I show you my poochy tummy in high waist leggings from all angles. GS x X


  3. These jeans won't fasten no more 🙄



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    2. Noffy


      You are getting so fat 😍. You must be feeling a big difference in your fitness with all that extra weight?

    3. xcrunner503


      @Goddess shar you should try to pop the button on those 😂

    4. Goddess shar

      Goddess shar

      @noffy I'm a lil lazier now.. Not sure if it's affected my fitness levels yet tho.. I'd have to try n run up a hill or climb some stairs to find out 🙈

  4. More pics 🐷





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    2. Goddess shar

      Goddess shar

      @John Smith I'm not sure.. I was bigger all round last time with broader shoulders and fatter arms etc.. I'm still a lil toned on the upper half now, no fat has gone to my arms yet

    3. jim beg

      jim beg

      Good pudge 👍🏻

    4. r3nuk


      Love the very soft belly roll, its getting so deliciously soft and sexy looking. I am sure with enough food your arms will start to get chubby! I am really looking forward to that :)

  5. Version 1.0.0

    I start by taking some measurements.. its been a while since I took measurements and I'm shocked to see how much I have actually grown! I jot my measurements down and then have some lunch! Mid way though I let out the loudest burp ever .. OMG this was so accidental so please forgive me. I then show you how much I've gained recently by filming all angles of myself, I've formed so many stretch marks recently and I show you.. I bend over and tense my arse cheeks, cellulite is so visible and I'm shocked at how big I actually look! I finish this clip with 4 minutes of talk about the reactions I've had from my friends and family, the disaster I had in the sunbed shop busting my jeans and how my mum is now telling me to slow down on my weight gain. GS x X


  6. Do you think you would ever reach 200 pounds+

    1. Goddess shar

      Goddess shar

      I don't plan to gain that much.. I honestly can't stop eating tho 🙈

  7. More from yesterday 




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    2. xcrunner503


      @Goddess shar just stay at it eventually you body will give and you'll blow past that number 

    3. MadDog


      That's fantastic!  That's almost a 30lb gain!  Impressive!!   That means your around 160 now... (for our American friends).  Keep it up, you're progressing well. You'll get past this plateau with ease.   Just keep eating!  :rolleyes: 

      14.3st (200lbs) is a very achievable goal for you at this point.   Can't wait to see you get bigger!!

      Cheers!!    :wub:

    4. StuffitInn


      Counting down the hours to the new vid!!

  8. That coulda been me .. but I love food too much 🙄😂✊🏼


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    2. Jordan1385


      Need a stood up side view in those!!

    3. johndoe1982


      Wow. So hot. Speachless...:.

    4. Gabbo


      Wow, those jeans look like that they could give at any moment.

  9. So many pics 😽🐷

    also got a new clip coming.. 📝🐷






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    2. Melonhea


      Just keep eating junk food and the weight will come


    3. Gabbo


      That belly looks so soft & squishy...

      Looking like a very well fed & spoiled princess.

    4. Bag1980


      This was an Awesome video. Now can't wait to see what the upcoming Holidays up bring! ;)

  10. Thighs 🙃😘



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    2. xcrunner503


      Love the small stretch marks on the back of your thigh, they are huge

    3. Gabbo


      Ohhhhh fuck!

      You would make an amazing Mileena from Mortal Kombat.

    4. Hotty2fatty
  11. Oops 🙄


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    2. Gabbo


      Oops alright. Oops you only had the one burger...or did you have more?

    3. Hotty2fatty


      Oops alright, how did that happen so fast?

    4. Goddess shar

      Goddess shar

      @GabboI only had one burger.. followed with onion rings,wedges and chicken strips 🙈

  12. Some more pics 😽




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    2. Gabbo


      Damn Shar, really looking plush these days.

    3. TheBuck


      Oh wow... you're beautiful.

    4. Hotty2fatty


      Such a sexy, fat ass and that belly keeps growing along with the those incredible breasts that I've noticed your showing off a little more these days.

  13. Somebody has just sent me this..so thought I'd share it with you all ☺️


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    2. Themagicman900
    3. JellyKat


      wow you look so sexy thicc girl dont stop!

    4. John Smith

      John Smith

      Blossomed into Godhood. :wub:

  14. Slutty Susan

    Version 1.0.0

    Slutty Susan is a real life slut. She works in an office and spends the majority of her time flirting with her co-workers. Susan often turns up to the office wearing no knickers under her tight figure hugging leather skirt. Susan has big fake lips. Susan's co-workers don't like her big fake lips and often talk badness about her behind her back.. Slutty Susan doesn't give a fuck though.. She knows what her big fake lips are good for.. SUCKING! sucking on milkshakes and eating fastfood. Susan has a hidden fetish and often fantasizes about being fed and fu**ed!! Susan lets herself go.. GS x X


  15. Will upload in the morning 🤓😽






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    2. Goddess shar
    3. xcrunner503


      More cushion for tge pushin' 😉

    4. unknown_id988


      @Goddess shar how? Do you like standing suspended or hanging garden p.? You look damn hot btw.