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  1. 📸📸📸













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    2. Ebi


      I have No words😍

    3. PreyToGod


      I'd definitely be willing to face death by snu snu 

    4. Carolinaboy


      The pick in the gray dress my gawd 

  2. @Goddess shar

    I am so happy, because i follow you since you weight 11-12 stones and i am wondering how much you have gained😍

    I hope that we can see a nude video of you in your future clip4sale page. 

    Good Luck for reaching all The weight goal that you Dream about😘

    1. Bebe


      She's gained over 50 pounds lol and she started from weighing 9 and half stones. Coz I've been following her right from the beginning since she first started gaining in April last year. I've gotta say it's been tremendous to watch! 😍

  3. Version 1.0.0

    Shar has a family event coming up and she has booked herself into a hotel. Shar wants to find something to wear, but she's been stupid and packed all the wrong clothes!! She's packed clothes that no longer fit her! Stressed Shar spends several minutes trying to find something that will button around her fat belly.. Shar gets out of breath and tired from this but finally manages to find something that just about still buttons.. Shar heads into the living room area where she gulps beer, scoffs burgers and burps uncontrollably. This is how Shar spends the rest of her afternoon before heading out to a family event with a huge fat belly. GS x X


  4. Version 1

    Your working away and you have asked for a sexy update on my growth recently. You have asked for it to be homemade and personal so here it is.. Posing for you in my underwear, I show you how much my ass has grown recently. It's nowhere near big enough yet.. you know this and I know this, so I rub some butt enchancement cream all over it, give it a wobble and talk with ya about our goals. I get dressed for you, but my favourite hotpants barely fasten anymore.. they squash my ass and push fat out in other places, but you think I look sexy in them and tell me to keep them on.. Showing you a wider angle of me (just like you asked ), I go into the dining area where I decide to cook some food.. I stuff myself, talk with you and tell you how much more fatter I wanna get for you! **NOTE** There are parts in this clip that are not filmed at full HD quality, I have therefore priced this clip lower. GS x X


  5. 🐷







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    2. r3nuk


      I do love how you almost hide your shorts under your fat rolls ... you are starting to look amazingly hot now.

    3. J_smith


      I know you need the money from your videos and I bought a few, but it would be cool if every now and then even if it was short,  you released some bids for free 

    4. Tiki67


      WOW! your face has gotten round. Looks great :D

      Also, that last picture is one of the sexiest things I've ever seen. You remind me of a fat Lana del Rey.

  6. Jus found these.. sharing is caring 😽



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    2. Someone123


      Ur still so thin lol

    3. StuffitInn


      Its amazing 😉 Shar soon you will be 200+ that is such an achievement especially from where you started! You can have it all babe! Keep up the gluttony 😍🐷

    4. r3nuk


      Love the squirty cream pic ... I really love how big your belly is getting ... wonder if it will cover your leg tattoo when you sit?

  7. 📸📸






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    2. Someone123


      Those poor pants 

    3. Goddess shar

      Goddess shar

      @Hm11111I'm not sure why this is.. perhaps maybe try and load them through the homepage 

    4. Gabbo


      Click on the image (that would usually blow the image up), then right click & choose ''open link in new tab''.

      Works for me.

  8. Version 1.0.0

    Sophie has a dream. Her dream is to become a Weight Gain Model. Sophie is extremely shy, She's a lil clumsy, and her dress sense is totally off point, but that's something Sophie knows she can work on over time. Firstly, Sophie would like to introduce herself, she would like to tell you about her staggering 50lb gain, along with her future goal. She would like to show you what she looks like in her underwear as she shyly undresses herself. She then goes on to show you what she looks like as she eats ice cream. Sophie takes a seat, but the seat falls through and Sophie almost goes with it. This is an embarrassing moment for Sophie but she continues to eat ice cream in hope that it's forgotten about. Sophie wants to impress and later goes on to stuff more food. Will Sophie get your approval?! GS X x


  9. Your belly 😍😍 princes sexy goddes shar ❤️

  10. Hi Dea, I love you and your body! 😘 I want ask you what say you people, your friends and your family about your weight gain! Do they like or disapprove? What do they say!? I love you and good dinner


  11. You are very beautiful !!! I lobe your belly !!😍😍🤤🤤

    1. Maximus420


      Shar - beautiful girl........ sexy........very sexy

  12. 📸






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    2. Hotty2fatty


      Love that hot fat ass of yours Shar

    3. ZZT


      Do you still fit in the tanning bed? @Goddess shar 

    4. Goddess shar

      Goddess shar

      @ZZT yeah, I just try not to move around on it as much 

  13. Bloated belly 






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    2. Tiki67
    3. bsmith762001


      Your face grows even more beautiful as it becomes rounder and rounder.  Your breasts are simply a work of art!!

    4. johnp0971


      amazing and completely a sexy goddess check inbox please 

  14. Version 1.0.0

    Shar is determined to get that fat beach body before summer approaches, her mission to reach 200 has begun! she's back on the shakes, but this time she is adding more than just weight gain powder and milk.. she is adding allsorts of fattening ingredients! Filmed over two days, she chugs two and a half gainer shakes in outfits that barely fit her anymore. Shar removes her top and chugs until her belly begins to look pregnant. GS x X


  15. Hope you don't find it weird but I went ahead and made a before/after collage from the start of your gain till recently. Enjoy! 


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    2. Hotty2fatty


      What happened to goddess Shar?

      Loved Watching you pig out and pile the pounds onto that hot slim bod, but your just another fat chick now Shar and you can't stop eating can you.

      What did you really think about all the fat girls on this site when first joined as slim, hot bodied Shar? Your one of them now.

    3. KFD


      @Tom7548 please tell me again why you are here...?

    4. johnp0971


      Please respond to my message