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  1. tonynai

    No way to gain weight faster?

    It does. I read that having such an eating lifestyle can be a shock to your body. But I do believe that the body is extremely adaptable. I guess I just have to be patient which I'll admit is very hard. What would be the most one can gain in a year with a high metabolism and with body stats similar to mine?
  2. Maybe this sounds rather naive and unrealistic. I guess I've always been drawn to quick fixes to everything. But I guess I'm just frustrated with lack of progress sometimes. I try to be accepting. I do. If things don't work out, they don't. In this case, I've been trying to gain some weight. Now, conventional wisdom does say if you want to gain weight: just eat a lot. I'm 5, 9 and a half, 147 lbs but I'm trying to gain at least 30 lbs of fat. But with my metabolism the way it is, it's very difficult to put on weight. Also, I work two jobs where they are technically intense physical activity like lifting boxes, etc. So no chance of gaining if I lose the fat while lifting. Whatever weight I gain, it goes away just like that. I guess I'm just wondering with the exception of high calorie foods like pizza, ice cream and burgers and cakes. Are there other alternatives as far as food goes? Like a shake? Some other food I don't know about? lol If there is a shake, I don't want it to have to be GNC related. I don't want to have to go to GNC and buy some weight gainer because the ingredients in those products don't agree with me. Better yet, how many times do I have to eat to gain at least 10 lbs in a week? So yeah I'm sorry if this sounds desperate but I'm really tired of being skinny.
  3. tonynai

    acne from dairy

    Whenever I gain weight, I have to use dairy products for the boost. This includes milk, cheese, eggs, ice cream, etc. But I've found out that dairy products cause me to break out in the face. I also used weight gainers before which made my acne even worse because of they whey content, which also makes me break out. It's getting to the point where I have to stop eating dairy altogether but I don't want to because it's delicious and effective for weight gain. I wish there was some allergy medication for dairy acne. There's none, is there?
  4. tonynai

    Is this where we're heading?

    I hope something is done about this. It seems some other countries are more healthy than the U.S. But yes, unfortunately fast food is big business. Why is it we don't get healthier options in ads? I don't see fruits and vegetables in the mix, sad to say.
  5. I was thinking long and hard about this after I ate with a friend I hadn't met in a while. She always knew me as thin. She's a bit on the plus side. And I had gained a lot of weight throughout that time. I was a bit worried that she was going to start becoming turned off by my new size. She was the one who suggested we go to an all-you-can-eat buffet. I was very hungry (as always) so I agreed wholeheartedly. I had forgotten about my worry about her seeing as I was chunky. After the meal, which took over 2 hours. I ate a lot. She herself ate enough that the restaurant had to offer. Outside of the restaurant, I felt elated that I ate that much and so I thanked her for suggesting the idea of a buffet. Then she said, "I can tell you liked it." She then patted my stomach lightly and laughed a little. I realized my jeans had popped open at some point and my belly was oozing out, I was a bit fatter because of all the food I had eaten and I felt a bit embarrassed. I had forgotten throughout our meeting that I was fat now. But she said it's OK. She said I was never going to be thin forever. We all love food and people can count calories and work out as much as they like but they will never be perfect because no one is. She also added that she knew I would gain weight one of these days, that it suited me and I shouldn't care what people think. Besides she added, chances are most people in this country, if not all. are going to be either on the level of chunky, fat, overweight or obese. That night I went to bed thinking what she had said. There are restaurants serving high-calorie food anywhere. It's like there's no end in sight. (at least in my town.) I see less people in the gym. Even fit people don't stay thin for long (Myself included) This might sound like it's a big conspiracy and in a way I don't mind. I love eating tasty food. It makes me happy. But is this what we're really becoming? Is the media trying to lead us somewhere with the commercials and ads? What about health risks? My theory is maybe we're meant to be a certain level of fat. Am I wrong for thinking that way? I kind of hope I am. I don't mind being fat, just not really fat. Or is she just saying 'Get fat and be happy'?
  6. tonynai

    Hello. How is everyone?

    Thanks. Sorry for the late reply. I'm still somewhat new at this. Even a bit skinny. I think....Does skinny-fat still mean chunky?