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  1. I've been MIA for a bit but I'm hoping to start posting again in like 2 weeks! 

    1. sirfeedulots


      Great news, pretty lady... Looking forward to it all!

  2. Finally feeling better after being sick for like over a month! Can't wait to taking more photos and videos with my new camera! 

  3. Screenshots from my new jean try on video (;

    Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 2.30.37 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 2.31.52 PM.png

  4. New video! 


  5. Can't wait to have a huge stuffing tomorrow! 

  6. Hello From Boston!

    LOL Thank you very much!! (:
  7. Hello From Boston!

    Thank you! (:
  8. Hello From Boston!

    OMG!! Thank you so much this made my day!! 💖
  9. Hello From Boston!

    Hey!! Aww you are so sweet, thank you so much (:
  10. Hello From Boston!

    Thank you!! <3
  11. Hello From Boston!

    Thank you (:
  12. Hello From Boston!

    Nice to meet you too! I don't yet, I just have some silly little photos I have taken myself. I'm looking at companies to sign with atm (:
  13. Hello From Boston!

    Hey everyone! (: I'm pretty new here but this site seems pretty cool. My name is Kenna, I'm 21yo and from Boston, I'm an up and coming BBW model and I spend most of my time watching netflix in bed. I love music, I can play the guitar and sing at the same time (takes skills I know) Can't wait to get to know you all and learn how to use this website LOL
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