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  1. Cute Overload In my New D.Va Video. I'm really proud of this one! I Filmed it directly After "Taco Belle" So I was already stuffed to begin with!!!

    Snapshot 1 (10-19-2017 7-08 PM).png

    Snapshot 1 (10-21-2017 8-51 PM).png

    Snapshot 3 (10-21-2017 11-03 PM).png

    Snapshot 8 (10-19-2017 8-45 PM).png

  2. Doritos n Dew

    Version 1.0.0

    D.vas been getting a little too self indulgent after every victory she's won and has been slowly packing on the pounds along with every snack break she takes. Hasn't stopped her from playing ....yet! Watch as she proudly shows off her new curves followed by another fucking snack break


  3. Feeding time 😋

    Chips & Artichoke Dip, Pizza Rolls, Chkn Nuggies, a cookie & Rootbeer. 🤤



    1. henke26


      hopes that taste well!


    2. regbill


      You look great in that photo and I'm sure all of that food looks great in your belly.;)

    3. RabbitMagick


      It was very satisfying 😮✨

  4. My New Taco Belle video is so cute 🎀🌮✨



    1. Gabbo


      The vid isn't the only thing that's cute.

  5. Taco Belle

    Version 1

    When you get you happily ever after you begin to get very comfortable and carefree when it comes to food. We all know that you start packing on the pounds when you're in a healthyn happy relationship. Belle's been bingeing Taco Bell lately & Is blowing her belly up! Make room for the fat princess


  6. Anyone dying to meet us? 😉🥀🕊




    1. regbill


      Good and Evil has never looked so good.;)

  7. Filming 2 new stuffing vids today >:)

  8. Get me icecream & brownies asap >.<

  9. Paunchy & Raunchy 😋


    1. regbill


      I like the way you let that belly of yours hang out for all to see.:)

    2. Gabore


      When you wear that bra!  :wub:
      It looks a bit smaller !

    3. adecourv



  10. Went to 2 fast food places >.< 

    im so freaking full!!!! Can't breathe 😯

    1. extra_m13


      pure pleasure ! enjoy it darling !

  11. Is it too early to be thinking about Thanksgiving? The only socially acceptable time to get stuffed in front of your family without anyone batting an eye 😆🍞🌽🥔🍪🍺

    This is gonna be them when I'm finished :


    1. regbill


      Nope,it's never too early to think about Thanksgiving. :)

    2. fuerte42000


      How deliciously morbid :)

  12. I look cute eating cake with my face :3

  13. Cake

    Version 1

    This one is really special because I baked 2 cakes and stacked them. First of all, I made them way more fattening than a store bought. I added loads of butter and extra sugar in the frosting to plump me up. I never followed instructions anyways and I've been practicing baking a few times now. I wanted to get it just right for this purpose : to gain more weight! Yum! This was my first time eating hands free & diving face first into sweet bliss! But before I get started you know I have to show you what Im working with. My curves of course! I get on all fours and try my best to finish as much of the cake I can , chugging milk here and there. I get a lil messy and lots of frosting up my nose!


  14. Actually, I think I'm gonna upload a different version of the cake video :0

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. RabbitMagick


      Just cutting a few scenes shorter that are before I  start eating

    3. S77


      Would you like Curvage to pull down the original?

    4. RabbitMagick
  15. Who's excited? It's been a while since I made a new video. You're not gonna wanna miss this one :wub:

    Snapshot 7 (9-26-2017 11-52 PM).png

    1. Mattlovescurves


      Cutie 😍

    2. Gabore


      Wow! ....what a body! :wub:

    3. StuffitInn


      That little growing belly is not so little these days 😍