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  1.  Be sure to check out my new video of me trying on different pant sizes ☺️ And don't forget to check out the pizza stuffing video with RabbitMagick ✨



  2. From Size 14 to 17!

    Version 1.0.0

    I can't believe I went from a size 14-17! These pants fit just fine in January and now the smaller sizes are getting pretty tight! Pants squeezed me so tight my belly pops out, and my ass can hardly stay in. At the very end, I give a cute little surprise for not having my smaller sized pants available. I hope you enjoy this!


  3. New photoset! This one is a little naughty! ;) Enjoy! 

  4. BlackMermaid Loves Pink

    Version 1.0.0

    In this photoset, you get to see a softer side to BlackMermaid. She's naughty in pink, and I think you'll be surprised to what you see! A photoset of 8 for 7$ with tons and tons of curves for you!


  5. Don't forget to get my latest video! ;) lots of belly! 

  6. Belly Oil Rub

    Version 1.0.0

    In this video you get to see BlackMermaid all oiled up! I show off my awesome chubby belly, and my thick jiggly thighs! You can see up close AND in slow motion. Enjoy *muted*


  7. New Donut eating video pending approval with RabbitMagick ✨


  8. Version 1.0.0

    Rabbitmagick and BlackMermaid are hungry after a long a day of bossing weak men around. They are bruising balls and taking names! And now you've been under arrest, buy this clip and watch us devour these donuts! *muted*


  9. New video coming soon!!! Trying on pants from size 14-17! 😝


  10. I'm full of pizza! 😜I'm a happy girl! 


  11. Thighs for dayssss. 😏


    1. regbill


      You look absolutely gorgeous!!!:)

  12. Donut video coming soon with RabbitMagick. BBW PD coming soon!

    Snapshot 9 (8-4-2017 10-41 PM).png

    1. John Smith

      John Smith

      I accuse thou!!


      To indulge thouself so your stalking assets turn thick and shiftly!! 😁😍

  13. Waiting approval for me and RabbitMagick's video together of us eating yummy Enchiladas! This is part two from her first video!

    Snapshot 22 (8-4-2017 11-19 PM).png

    1. regbill


      One photo,two gorgeous women!!!:)

    2. billow
  14. Version 1.0.0

    Watch part 2 of Enchilada stuffing with RabbitMagick AND BlackMermaid! You also get to see how big and full we are! I hope you enjoy this as much as we did!


  15. STOP! You've been placed under arrest 😉


    1. John Smith

      John Smith

      I am guilty, agent.


      Guilty to loooooo-ve these bodacious overalls from yours! ^^

    2. regbill


      I wouldn't ind being arrested by you.:D