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  1. MikeWill93

    Cecily Strong

    looking big. lots of pulling at her dress in the beginning... and a nice view as shes walking away at the end
  2. MikeWill93

    sorry posted in wrong forum .delete please

    Sorry wrong forum. Please move or delete
  3. MikeWill93

    Biggest celebrity gain

    Raven symone- This is one of my fave celeb gains. First is the first season of her show. It ran 4 seasons and by the 4th season she blew up to 180lbs. I watched the show when I was younger. That's when I realized I was into curvier chicks The comparison pic is a movie premier when she was heavy, and the pic on the other side is her at her current weight (skinny unfortunately)
  4. MikeWill93

    Hillary scott( lady antebellum)

    Sorry my mistake. I searched her and nothing came up. Thanks for letting me know
  5. MikeWill93


    I have a few published poems. This one is about my bitch of an ex. I am a spoken word performer as well. https://issuu.com/collectivereflections/docs/core_2016_-_full_copy pg 110
  6. MikeWill93

    How to edit posts

    Well that's a bit of a pan in the ass,but thanks for the info
  7. MikeWill93

    How to edit posts

    So I see an option to edit my first post in a thread. Is there a way to delete following posts I don't want... Other than reporting them
  8. MikeWill93

    Nicole Sullivan

  9. MikeWill93

    Nicole Sullivan

    I hadn't seen a thread on Nicole Sullivan, so I thought I would start it. She kind of got chubby, in my opinion in her "king of queens " days .i Was just watching "disjointed" on Netflix. She's looking heavy and looking great . According to IMDb, she has a reoccurring guest spot on the show. I'm only at episode four, which is where she first appears
  10. MikeWill93

    Intro post from mike

    Hi as the title states, my name is Mike . Been lurking(for lack of of better word) for a while now. Made a profile about a month ago. Looking forward to contributing soon.