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  1. StuffitInn

    Pizza Piggy

    I love how talkative KP was in this! Every word she says is so sexy, I loved every second of this clip. She talks about how greedy she is and how she’s a pig 🐷 I can tell she really loves her food and it’s such a turn on🥵 one of my favourite stuffing clips so far!! I love how she pushs herself too eat more!!
  2. StuffitInn

    Vacation got Me Fat

    Shar looks great coming back from Vacation! I missed her but she’s back with a vengeance she has been growing. She looks squished into her skimpy outfit but all the better for it!! She soon eats her way out of her clothes but still she greedily eats more. Love these stuffing clips Shar it’s so great seeing how much your able to consume 🐷❤️🤫
  3. StuffitInn

    Cake Addict 2: Double Stuffed

    You two are simply amazing together pushing each other too new limits and levels of gluttony! Watching you guys eat like this is my favourite thing on the planet 🌎 Excellent clip I will watch again and again.
  4. StuffitInn

    Fat Tutor

    You two are amazing together! Love seeing KittyPiggy and you really pig out! Such awesome burps too! Can’t wait too see where this goes! My two absolute favourite models on here!! How could I not love this!
  5. StuffitInn

    Getting Chubbier

    Yes Lexxy should!! Be proud of the gluttonous piggy you have become your not gunna stop for them! 🐷❤️☺️
  6. StuffitInn

    My goal to 250

    So great too hear things from your perspective Shar! You should definitely try writing a book if you ever feel the urge. I would 100% buy that! Excited for the future Gains! But still enjoy the now! Ever little calorie goes too making you a little thicker and that is an excellent thing. So much love for this greedy Girl❤️❤️🐷
    Amazing clip I really enjoyed watching you devour all that food. It will add some pounds for sure. Your just as perfect as I remember and I am excited too see you grow and for your appetite to grow aswell!! Lets see if u can eat more next time 🐷🐷
  7. StuffitInn

    Cake Addict

    Love watching you eat. I’d like too see you really shove that cake into your mouth 👄 great clips I really enjoyed them so far but I would love to hear you talk abit while your eating even if your mouth is full please just burp and be a total piggy I see a lot of potential and I am excited too see more content from you!
  8. StuffitInn

    1400 Calorie Snack Break

    Really see a lot of potential I can tell you love to eat 🐽 I would love too hear you talk about how fat you are getting from all your little snack breaks and stuff. If that’s a snack I’d love too see you take down a whole meal 🐷
  9. StuffitInn

    Through the Mirror

    Shar declares that she wants to get up too 250 pounds. She says she wants too see how fat she can get, as she guzzles down heavy cream! Watching Shar put away the calories is one of my favourite things to do. She’s becoming such a greedy lil piggy. I love seeing her jiggle and grow into the big fat Girl we all love ❤️❤️
  10. StuffitInn

    Party Stuffer

    Been waiting too see Shar really indulge herself. And I’m very excited about where this is going ❤️❤️🐷
    Loved hearing about the daily life of GS She reveals some new stretch marks, she’s been growing. She tells us about her gluttonous ways. She is a good piggy 🐷 Looking so amazing Shar. Your last clip with the donuts was my absolute favourite.
  11. StuffitInn

    explain it to me like I'm simple, why do you like me fat?

    I’m also not into humiliation. I don’t know why but greed and lust, go hand in hand for me. If a girl starts talking about how she wants something or she’s craving something it is an instant turn on. I love a voluptuous figure that suggests her appetite has gotten the better of her. It has nothing to do with other people at all it’s all about the gluttony and indulgence for me.
  12. StuffitInn

    Shake N Cream Chug

    Absolutely incredible, after her appointment with her doc, Shar is chugging calories with a vengeance. Shar is a delight to watch in all her videos hit this one features some very impressive burps and honestly she is so swollen these days it’s too much to miss!! Treat yo self
  13. StuffitInn

    More Cake Please

    Such a fun clip Lexxy is growing so quickly and she clearly loves to shove food in her mouth 👄, fantastic clip lots of eating dancing around and ass play. Love her unique style of clips❤️