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  1. $11.99

    Goodgirlgrow's First Curvage Stuffing


    Watch me greedily stuff myself with Taco Bell after starving for hours. I show my empty belly off, and then sit down to shovel 1930 calories of 2 spicy potato soft tacos, 2 chalupas, 1 beefy cheesy burrito, and 1 crunch wrap into my mouth like the little pleasure pig I am. As I stuff myself, I rub my belly and remark at how soft I'm getting. Once I'm done making a mess of myself, I show off my big bloated belly.
    Hope you enjoy!

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  2. $6.99

    3000c Cake Shake Challenge: Day One

    After asking about whether I should try heavy cream, you've overwhelmingly responded that I should drink some cake shakes. Well, cheers to day one of my week long Cake Shake Challenge! Watch me greedily guzzle down 3000c of cake batter, heavy cream, and whole milk. Once I've got the entirety of this concoction in my belly, I rub my softening body with lotion, and shake & jiggle my growing curves.
    Hope you enjoy!

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  3. $14.99

    (Intro Sale!) GGG's 3230 Calorie Burger King Binge

    Spend some time with me while I munch my way through 3230 calories of Burger King. I've been seeing the ads for the Nightmare King, and I just had to try it! But I also wanted a spicy chicken sandwich... and another spicy chicken sandwich... and some cheesy tots... and some onion rings. Watch me transform into the hungry piggy I am as I stuff myself full and grow a big heavy round belly. Once I'm finished with my feast, I rub my bloated chub and talk about how I'm losing control of my appetite.
    I hope you enjoy my biggest stuffing to date!!

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  4. $4.99

    Initial Weigh-In and Measurements

    I figured I need to measure myself before I blow up again 😈🐷
    Watch me weigh-in, measure myself, and play with my softening body.
    I can't wait to see how these poses and numbers look in a few weeks!

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