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  1. Ahorsewithnoname

    who has the best double belly

    To paraphrase the OP's question: "Which model has, specifically, the best double belly, generally?" Now, how the hell do you expect anyone to answer this question?
  2. Ahorsewithnoname

    explain it to me like I'm simple, why do you like me fat?

    For me, nothing to do with humiliation or no one else wanting a girl. For real, the biggest trunoff over anything would be learn a girl I was with felt humiliated. Not a turnoff because its unattractive but it's cause I would feel like the worst person ever that someone who loved me couldnt lover themselves because of what they were doing being physically attractive to me. That hurts deep. But what's attractiveof it? The curves. The softness. Honestly it feels as natural to be attracted to a heavier girl as it is to be attracted to boobs. It is just as innate as the rest of my sexuality. But also, I don't need anyone to gain weight as part of the appeal. I'm not so sure where I fall in the fetish category but if gaining weight gets you to a point for me where you're soft and curvy then yeah the gain is attractive. BUT if you're already at that point then no need to gain. I'm into outgrown clothes tho. But if you just bought too small clothes it works just the same for me.
  3. Ahorsewithnoname

    How to make my GF fat

    Yeah, lots of people gave you advice. It's obvious you didn't read it, though.
  4. Ahorsewithnoname

    not sure how to feel

    This thread is old, but here's wise advice. tell her b4 u marry. even if the day b4. If u tell her after...you'll never know if she stayed with u bc ur married or bc she's ok with it. If she marries u anyway, she may not be totally ok with it, but she had a chance to get out with minimal damage and chose u, anyway. u WILL feel better telling her b4 u get hitched.