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  1. Luv4pears

    Jessica Simpson

    OK OK. I'll be the first to say it. "That would be great if she ate all that food! She would be huge!!!" Then again that would be great!! 😋
  2. Luv4pears

    Kelly Brook

    Yeah. Wow. She's gorgeous with that extra weight. Makes her face look fuller and her body well padded. Especially that booty!
  3. Luv4pears

    Christina Hendricks

    Love that second picture. Big breasts, big round belly and large, fat ass all sitting on tiny, teeny ankles. She is so sexy!!!
  4. Luv4pears

    Alex Guarnaschelli

    Wow. She keeps getting better and better!
  5. Luv4pears

    Rachel Nichols

    Gee. I dont know if that is her and I don't care but she looks unreal. Again, is that real or is that photo shopped or something? That is the perfect body to carry massive amounts of weight gain. I would say her maximum would be 500 pounds. She would like a dream if she got that fat!
  6. Luv4pears

    Hilary Duff

    She is getting there. Wow! She is so fat!!!
  7. Luv4pears

    Kelly Brook

    I disagree. I think she should be with me. She would be waddling around, turning sideways through doorways all the while wearing a white body suit, in no time!!!!
  8. Luv4pears

    Bebe Rexha

    Sorry. I don't know otherwise how to leave a quote.
  9. Luv4pears

    Bebe Rexha

    She is unreal! She's borderline fat now. I like it! Let's hope she gains another 60-80 pounds as I know her body will place it all in the appropriate places. Lovely shot of how she's grabbing her fat ass and letting everyone know she likes herself.
  10. Luv4pears

    Kelly Brook

    "Hint" of a double chin? I thought she was wearing a maternity dress she looked so big and sexy. Beautiful!
  11. Luv4pears

    Bryce Dallas Howard

    She's just lucky!
  12. Luv4pears

    Hilary Duff

    Finally she's starting to show some size! Now let's see some pictures of that juicy booty, thick thighs and wide hips!
  13. Luv4pears

    Bryce Dallas Howard

    While BDH has one of the most scrumptious rear ends I have ever seen, who is that with her? Surely she has a noteworthy back side as well!
  14. Luv4pears

    Nigella Lawson

    Love this video... When she looks back, she can only move her upper body as her bottom half is just too fat to move and kind of "anchors" her to that spot. Beautiful!
  15. Luv4pears

    Nigella Lawson

    Found some great pictures! Look how that belly starts spilling out across her fat thighs. That back side doesn't curve in when she sits down either. It spreads out nicely. Wow! She lost some weight, too bad, but she didnt lose all of it! I could only supply the link:
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