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    2. ylledeuce


      Just was thinking of you the other day, and how artistic your photos were. SO glad to see you back! That's a puffy stuffed tummy!!! 😍

    3. StuffitInn


      So sexy can’t wait too see you get all chubby again

    4. Chimaira10


      DAMN!!! You are stunningly beautifull 😍😍

  1. Where are you Maria!  Are you still Alive and eating well?  Sure do miss you!

    1. Maria Alive

      Maria Alive

      Barely alive! ..But I'll be back soon with an update ❤️

    2. S77


      Can't WAIT :D

  2. Ate two Italian pizza's tonight, it was incredibly delicious but extremely bloating :P




    More pictures in my Curvage thread 💗 

    1. henke26


      Amazing pics at a fat curvy woman! so Beautiful and nice. I'm sure that pizza did well to you!:)

    2. jarhead78


      Being this slim will soon be a distant memory to you., Enjoy the journey to jiggly joy you bingeing ballooning gorging goddess. Savour every decadent step 

  3. Look who's finally getting some chub on that belly! I ate so much last week but this was by far my favorite stuffing.

    Can't wait to do more hamburger challenges in the future, the cake and donuts were a nice touch though :P





    More pictures in my Curvage thread 💗 

    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Definitely starting to get nice and plump! Hope you continue to do that sort of challenges too. :)

    2. adecourv


      A round, chubby belly just looks so good on you





    I'm ALIVE! ...and eating well 🐷

    More pictures in my Curvage thread 💗

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    2. Maria Alive

      Maria Alive

      @snapper Thank you, took many bites to get it that big ;) 

      @ylledeuce A lot of stuffing every day and some wishful thinking! 

      @LORDSHEOGORATH , @Manitoba27 & @regbill Thank you! 


    3. Chimaira10


      You are stunning 😍😍😍 are you going to gain a lot more

  5. your big belly is awesome maria

  6. 5a3d562c7fd67_beforechr04.thumb.png.e084c2451130dc48266ee5d0cae82e0a.png5a3d563e389a4_beforechr03.thumb.png.ea08f283b779e7e6ee3ec2e89b265889.png 5a3d59dac63b6_WhatsAppImage2017-12-16at18_10_07.thumb.jpeg.77646277a99e918cd4550a9c8c4ec707.jpeg



    Wishing everyone an early Merry Christmas ! 

    More pictures in my Curvage thread 💗


    1. adecourv


      Your beautiful face, plump booty and round belly are making me a lot merrier

  7. 5a22e6750b085_06-1-poot.thumb.png.e9a152ce790a00424a125b88673e8f59.png5a22e679b2b64_06-poot.thumb.png.027aeba1433d344ce6076267947b6591.png 



    Loving my bloated, oiled up belly! More pictures in my Curvage thread 💗

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    2. adecourv


      We have something in common - I lover your round belly too

    3. Gabbo


      Looking fuller, curvier, rounder, and well, just all-around amazing Maria.

  8. 5a155f403fceb_thnx-08.thumb.png.62f38159d3402beaf5663cdc85b55a7e.png5a155f2cef252_thnx-09.thumb.png.deb814c3c6116f1b62004918f0e93769.png5a155f184ffef_thnx-10.thumb.png.50549c9f264436a01379d1240378a377.png5a155f045d1fe_thnx-11.thumb.png.2b79b03445f7cf66d6dc7f60f1202ff6.png5a155eef535e1_thnx-12.thumb.png.dfcc94e92bcf342d2ad87bf352e535da.png5a155ce7b49d2_bfrundftr.thumb.png.3987f44c2781a3b6cedf27ac1314b5d1.png

    My topic 

    My belly went from 30 to 34,5 inches this Thanksgiving, I've never eaten this many calories in one hour! 



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    2. John Smith

      John Smith

      Your overall built has gotten chunkier so fast. Incredible. 

    3. Gabore


      Love that bikini, you look so sexy wearing it and after getting stuffed it's even better :wub:

  9. Version 1.0.0

    Happy Thanks giving - 5341 calorie stuffing - Mashed potatoes - bacon - chicken - Oreo ice cream milkshake Let me start of by saying Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, I'm of course not from the US but I'm from the Netherlands. But I still wanted to join in and make my own Dutch version of this festive meal. I got myself a whole lots of chicken, creamy buttery mashed potatoes with pieces of bacon, and an Oreo ice cream milk shake for dessert. If this doesn't add on the pounds, nothing will. I start off by measuring my belly, we're at 30 inches. After that I decide it's time to put on my booty shorts, wiggle them on my thick ass and start stuffing myself... My goal is to pop these buttons off. After eating a few bites I let you hear how hungry I actually am, my stomach is gurgling and growling while consuming a whole lot of these mashed potatoes - 3572 calories to be exact... After I finish my mashed potatoes my belly already grew by 3 inches and I'm starting to feel it. I'm feeling super stuffed already in these shorts.. but after some rubbing I continue eating two chicken legs. My face is getting al greasy and I'm constantly letting out burps to make more room for food.. I even slip out one little fart, whoops. Now there's only one thing left for me to consume and that's 10 oreo's mixed with whole fat cream and vanilla coconut icecream, one of my personal favorites. I've started to gag a little bit and it shows how much I've actually eaten that my body is starting to reject it. I keep it in like a good little piggy and finish the weight gain drink. Now, I've consumed 5341 calories.. I didn't even pop the buttons on my booty shorts. As my punishment I'll rub mysself with creamy butter and show you all my curves in my tiny shiny pink bikini... My belly ended up 34,5 inches round and it might not be my biggest growth wise but it's definitely my biggest calorie stuffing within an hour. 348,9 grams of fat, 178,2 grams of protein and 355,9 grams of carbohydrates all inside my poor stuffed stomach. Please leave a review if you enjoyed the video! CALORIE BREAKDOWN Mashed potatoes - Potatoes - 3 lbs - 1026 calories - bacon fat “spekvet” - 200 grams - 1010 calories - rapeseed oil - 60 grams - 539 calories - butter - 110 grams - 811 calories - whole fat milk - 300 grams - 186 calories Whole chicken legs - grilled chicken legs x 2 - 736 calories Oreo ice cream milkshake - vanilla coconut icecream - 200 grams - 881 calories - 10 oreo’s - 506 calories - whole fat cream - 75 grams - 107 calories ____________________________________________________ a total of 5341 calories 348,9 grams of fat 178,2 grams of protein 355,9 grams of carbohydrates


  10. Version 1

    It was a normal day, like any other... I went to the bathroom, got undressed and hopped into the shower, I'm always looking at myself in the shower, to see if I gained any weight and just generally, like to touch myself... but this time I felt weird when the water touched my skin. After a while I start to feel dizzy and collapse. I feel my body changing and, only a few moments later... To find out, that I became a mermaid. There's only a few things I desire now and most of all, that's to fill my belly up with delicious sea food. Now I've become a mermaid I want to roam the sea and eat all the delicious fishies I find along the way, but you can't do hunting on an empty stomach! I attempt to eat as much sushi as I can possibly manage and two cans of coke to wash it all down. I'm starting of with a 30 inch belly while enjoying these delicious pieces of fish. My belly grows and grows through out the entire clip. I'll burp, massage, and stretch my belly button with chopsticks so you'll get a decent view of what's inside.. After getting up to 34 inches I can't bear being dressed any longer, and take my seashell bra off while playing with my boobs. Ultimately I end up eating 36 pieces of sushi, 3 shrimp sticks, those made my belly a whopping 34,5 inches... after measuring I drink up the last of my coke and definitely reached the 35 inches. My belly is incredibly tight, the largest and roundest it has ever been! My pregnant looking gut spills over my entire lap and rub that smooth belly some more with oil.. my stomach has been quite noisy through out the entire video so I decide to lay down and enjoy my large belly producing loud digestion sounds... to be continued xx.