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  1. Do you think you would ever reach 200 pounds+

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    2. dudeyo1985


      Saw a comment by @John Smith, I must have missed something, but weight LOSS was mentioned? When did this happen, recently? I'm so confused, I must be missing something, LOL. Lovely as always though, Shar, you seem so sexy and confident. 

    3. John Smith

      John Smith

      @dudeyo1985 I don't know which comment did you specifically quote about, but I think that you confuse my words. She didn't plan to losing any weight, and the "weight loss" thread you out-of-context mention is about her years prior to her subscription here, when she was already overweight.

      She spoke about it into her blog.

    4. dudeyo1985


      Ahhh.. yes I was certainly counfused. And I must have missed said comment in her blog.. I was under the impression that she was always fit/skinny before now. My bad