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  1. So this community is oddly toxic towards guys whom want to gain, when I say this I mean start, why the fuck is this? What did I or anyone else in my position do to deserve it? This comes from a place of frustration, minor resentment, and damaged self-esteem

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    2. JesusofSuburbia


      Gainer here myself: Curvage is traditionally a place for women, or people that identify with a more feminine form. FFAmbrosia is what you're probably looking for, it's very centered around men who want to gain weight. 

    3. Sneakysnake


      Theres a dude section for it. It's annoying to us when dudes post where the girls are supposed to post

    4. PreyToGod


      few factors here'

      1) This community is (At a guess) comprised of 75% males, and geared toward women

      2) You were (apparently) posting in the wrong section

      3) I'm biased but i feel gaining isn't quite the same with men. This might be due to some atavistic psychology which links back to primitive times when the fecund women were the voluptuous ones, whereas the most physically superior men were the most muscular/athletic ones? That's one theory anyway 

  2. Hello everyone