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  1. LetsLoveBellies

    How much food can be eaten?

    There are exceptions to the rule, some people are naturally capable of eating inhumanly amounts of food, some competitive eaters supposedly learned to ignore the stomachs cries to stop eating. One can achieve more then the other would ever achieve just because their body is build differently.
  2. LetsLoveBellies

    How much food can be eaten?

    It all depends on the person. Normally, nature gave you this, your stomach says “stop filling me up!” After about a liter, maybe 2. That is the full feeling you get when eating. Let’s say you have always obeyed your stomach, between 1 and 2 liters is probably you max. You know you have reached tou max when it begins to hurt, you feel the urge to vomit coming up and you slow down with eating or drinking. This is all to prevent your stomach from exploding/ripping. Your stomach would not ‘explode’ because before that, you would have to go through immense pain and you will literally vomit. But you can increase your capacity, your stomach is basically a sack made out of muscle. It inflated and deflates and it can be stretched by regularly stuffing yourself, going past the feeling of being full. So eating more and more often will result in a bigger capacity. The absolute max of a ‘normal’ stomach is around 4 liters.
  3. LetsLoveBellies

    Advice on girl BF being into feederism(?)

    I know what it feels like to get friendzoned, it suckes. But the fact that she likes to be teased and is gaining when you enable her to pig out on food and tease her about it is incredible! Sure it sucks she isn’t your gf but you have a best friend that is gaining! Just see it as being friends with benefits feederism style. I suggest just keep teasing her and giving her food. Maybe join going to the gym? Don’t be too afraid on her losing weight, unless she says she wants to lose weight, she probably is just going to the gym for a sence of being healthy. As long as you counter that with fattening foods you should be good!