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  1. Ohhh I forgot to add a pic of my backside and one that really shows my added plumpness: 




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    2. regbill


      That booty of yours looks awesome.;)

    3. abclapastera


      You are definetly getting rolls and getting softer !!


    4. mrman1980uk


      Your figure is increasingly amazing.

  2. Can you see me getting thicker? 






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    2. hush


      Well you're already hotter than just a few weeks ago if you want my opinion

    3. fattony20


      I love that bulge that's building up at the waistband of your shorts.  I think they call that a muffintop.  🤣

    4. regbill


      You look gorgeous,young lady!:)

  3. Trisha Paytas

    I think she could have borderline personality disorder.
  4.  Mornin! I have quite the hangover so think I'm gonna spend most of my day laying in bed and eating 😋




    1. regbill


      Sounds like a great plan.

  5. Trisha Paytas

    Who the fuck cares if there's been alterations? You know you want that thick chick!
  6. Trisha Paytas

    Ok, I got one thing to say: who would not want those luscious lips sucking on their dick? And that big booty shaking in their face? That's my point.
  7. You do not need a diet plan to keep your figure
    1. NaughtyNicole


      What do you mean vague  vampy...?  

  8. Sitting here scarfing down chocolates and looking at pics of me from 3 years ago,  when I was at my fattest.  Thinking,  do I really want this again?  






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    2. vampy007


      it´s nothing ,

      Kitty you knov what everybody wants :P

    3. NaughtyNicole


      You're right.  Don't think I can do it!  I mean I practically have Marilyn Monroe's body,  minus the big tits.  Why would I want to screw that up?  I'm happy with my figure.  So after much thought, I've decided I'm a stuffer,  not a gainer. If you like to watch a cute,  sexy girl get horny from feeding her belly full with fattening treats,  then check out my vids! If you want to see a big gain,  don't bother my friends.  I believe in being real,  not a tease.  Now my agenda is clear 😺

    4. extra_m13


      it is a good thing that you are honest

  9. Just Shar

    Just gotta add, Shar's booty beats Kim K's any day! And it's all natural 😃
  10. Just Shar

    I admire you sexy lady 😘 Great video, with a cute ending!
  11. Version 1.0.0

    Here I am indulging again. Pigging out on greasy, super fattening foods and loving it! Not a huge gain, but you definitely see I've gotten a bit chubbier. P. S. I've lowered the price of this video, since I don't plan to gain as much as just stuff my belly to the brim. I credit the many other ladies on here who are actively gaining, and I personally think they deserve more $$ for their "hard work" 😉


  12. My first time stuffing myself on Curvage ;)

    Hey Vampy007, Thank you for the compliment :). I am pretty happy with my current weight as well, but I am also willing to gain a little. However, I'm more into the stuffing myself aspect than the gaining part. I do not plan on gaining a large amount. Why do I do this emotionally? Well it just turns me on is all. Don't ask me WHY it turns me on, it just does haha!
  13. I went out with some friends and got drunk last night.  Came home starving and feeling frisky.  I was too drunk and lazy to do a video but I took some pics of me pigging out on a bag of onion rings and like 10 chocolate donut holes.  You get a nice view of my growing love handles spilling outta my pants ;)






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    2. NaughtyNicole


      Hush,  haven't lost complete control,  but I might be liking how I'm  getting to eat all of the fatty things I've always wanted a little too much.   It's gonna be so hard to stop.

    3. regbill


      If you keep eating like this you will have the figure of your dreams in on time.;)               Thanks for sharing your late night fun with us.:)

  14. How much do you want gain?

    1. PreyToGod


      KFD was here. WTF, man??

      Edited by KFD
    2. NaughtyNicole


      Really I'm more into stuffing myself full to the brim,  because that's what turns me on.  But I estimate I'll put on another 10 lbs just from these stuffing sessions and from not being super careful with what I eat,  like I have been my whole life. So if your looking for some extreme weight gain,  you won't find it in my videos.  But what you will find is a very sensual woman losing all of her inhibitions,  indulging so deeply in fattening treats that her belly expands. 

  15. Ok y'all, so I made another video of me stuffing myself,  and my bimbo blonde ass accidentally deleted it when trying to edit and trim it 😑.  Nevertheless, gorged on two Crispy Buttermilk Mc Chicken sandwiches,  a thing of large fries,  I also added ample amounts of fatty ranch dressing to my sandwiches,  which I also dipped my fries in.  I followed with a dessert of 9 sugar cookies and a few mini chocolate candy bars. I was so stuffed,  and to prove it I wanted to show you a little before/after.  (Sorry the pics are a bit blurry).  I also have noticed a bit of a new roll that has developed,  which sticks out when I sit down 😏.  Not to mention my bulging love handles.  So here are the pics,  hope you like them.  And I will make my next video very soon! 


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    2. Ronaan94


      Good job. Turning out nicely

    3. Tommy Smith

      Tommy Smith

      Those jeans aren't going to fit here shortly! Keep eating like a piggy!

    4. abclapastera


      Insane , so beautyful