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  1. Vekelvy

    Old Youtube video "Getting Fat"

    It's not the stuffing one where the blonde can't fit through the door at the very end is it?
  2. Vekelvy

    Another New AGT Model - Ayesha Perry-Iqbal

    If it's AGT, it's gonna be good.
  3. Vekelvy

    Anyone has pics of thickening blonde?

    Give it time, once this stuff blows over and everyone has forgotten about it, her pics will reappear again.
  4. Vekelvy

    Is this a camgirl or someone else special?

    Thanks for the quick answer.
  5. This image was recently posted to ^ and I was wondering if anyone knew who this was? It has a camgirl vibe about it, maybe because it reminds me of Katie Cumming's shows in her kitchen. Regardless, anyone have a name?
  6. Bottom heavy pinups, I can really get behind that. I like the line art on the blonde with boots but I also really dig the colors you used on the redhead in green. It's so vibrant.
  7. Vekelvy

    Weight gain art, anime style

    Thanks for sharing, I hope she keeps getting positive feedback.
  8. Vekelvy

    Aloysius Erotic Art and some of Artwork

    I'd follow you on DeviantArt, but I think I already do.
  9. Vekelvy

    Correct tone vs humiliation

    I would agree that this is the core of what the community should strive for. I guess it is true that this is a public space, now that you mention it. I've actually seen posts on other site boards that talk about how a woman might not be "big enough" or posts like "if she gained 50 more lbs, she would be perfect" and I think that goes along with "fat shaming" even though it's kinda the reversal. I never really liked those posts, because they come from the perspective of "this woman isn't good enough yet" and (to me) are just as bad as saying a woman needs to lose weight to look pretty. Everyone can have their preference, but we're still talking about models who are real people.
  10. Vekelvy

    Correct tone vs humiliation

    Some people like that aspect of weight gain. There's something about a woman who can't stop herself from gaining weight that's exciting. It doesn't mean I'm going to mock her about it or actually mention it to the woman, but finding it enjoyable isn't wrong. I tease my girlfriend about it because she has repeatedly told me she likes it when I tease her about gaining weight, so there's nothing wrong with the "fat shaming" aspect as long as: A.) Both people are into it -or- B.) It's not brought up to the person in question. This forum loves to turn on itself whenever someone starts to get unconventional. It's true that Katie has gotten bigger, it may be due to the fetish cartel videos, it may be due with becoming lazy with all the camming, or maybe her metabolism has just been slowing down. If someone wants to get off on the idea that she's helplessly turned into some lazy pig who can't stop gaining weight, they should be able to voice their thoughts on the forum as long as they're not actually telling Katie (or any other model) about it.
  11. Vekelvy

    Anyone know who this is?

    No name, but it's something.
  12. Vekelvy

    Sophie thick 19yo college friend

    Talk about hips and booty.
  13. Vekelvy

    Tight in Latex

    Hot damn!
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